Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peanut Butter Sandwich , Squirrel, Another Butterfly Watercolor!

HI ! I know ,I've painted another butterfly. On to something else I promise! This one I had started in class-- but had to finish. For me it's like eating popcorn-one more piece.. keep painting--just keep painting..unfortunately.I don't feel the same for cleaning. :)

 I've got family coming this weekend, my son and his girlfriend. My sister is coming for the day tomorrow and I have a class which I'm looking forward to teaching at Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Saturday. I've made a fresh apple cake, the dishes are soaking, I should clean,well maybe.. or I could paint something else.. 

Oh, the squirrel photo, I know you are wondering. I was sitting on the porch yesterday,holding my brush. I was painting tomatoes,pausing because I was too tired from shopping. A small squirrel came and got in the bird feeder. I felt sorry for him. The dear didn't have a thing in there.  I came inside, made a peanut butter sandwich,  broke it up for him and put it in the feeder. He  ate his sandwich as I sipped my coffee. It was so cute.

so.. I guess I'll go paint. You knew it didn't you! ha ha.. I will clean a little.. talk to you soon, Diana 


  1. I know what I'd be doing, if it was a choice between painting and housework. :) Diana, I am so glad you gave the little chap some food, but now he'll probably be knocking on your door, asking for more!

  2. Oh just go ahead and keep painting..
    and that little guy is sooo cute.. I think he'll be coming back .. BJ

  3. Diana - housework will always wait - painting feeds your soul - so glad you fixed that peanut butter sandwich for your new friend. How cute. Have a great day.

  4. Nice butterfly! You made the right decision about continuing to paint. So glad you made the sandwich for Rocket J:)

  5. Beautiful butterfly. I am like you......just a few more stitches!! Love that whimsical squirrel. You are nice to have fed him, so many don't like squirrels. We do not have any out in our area.

  6. Your butterfly paintings are always delightful. A lovely story, a friendly squirrel. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. x

  7. HI Kathryn,yes that's me too about the painting over cleaning.I think the squirrel has already been back!
    BJ, I did a little more painting:)
    Debbie you are so right about painting feeding the soul.:)
    Candy,thank you! I enjoy squirrels.
    Kathleen,so right,and your work is so lovely! you have many wonderful critters though!
    Milly,thank you,we are having a nice weekend, hope you all are too, love to each of you,Diana


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