Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

HI, Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and many, many blessings in the coming year. Sending my love, Diana

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Too Tired to Paint

HI! I've been busy as you all have getting things ready for Christmas and or your holidays.  Sadie as you can see is trying to relax. Ha ha. Yesterday I called her and she came!! Thru the woods with this bottle in her mouth, over logs, Sadie was a sight to see. She reminded me of an L.L.Bean commercial.. it always seems they have a lab or retriever in their ads. She found a beer bottle someone had thrown in the woods. It was funny and I laughed but at the same time..

 It really upsets me when I see trash laying on the side of the road. There's so much beauty in the trees and leaves and whatever... why do people have to litter and ruin it. Something they don't realize or don't care about is it draws animals to the road where they are prey for whatever vehicle.. zooms by.Sorry.

As I get time I've worked on painting a few Christmas Cards. I'm tired of shopping and hope it's all done. I've got more cookies to bake,wrapping, cleaning and some general cooking to do. My Christmas mug is full of coffee in front of me, to renergize me. I need it. Too tired to even paint.

 love to you all and Merry Christmas,Diana 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Good Show and Sadie and the Fur Coat

Here's a poinsettia watercolor I have done. Yesterday's art show was nice. It was at Copper Creations Studio in Melfa,Va. on the Eastern Shore. I sold a few originals and we had lots of people there until about 1:30 from then until 4 it was mostly just us artists but the morning crowd made all our day so we enjoyed visiting with each other and  snacking on all the goodies. I was wiped out when I got home. Donna and Don are so sweet to invite us all there. So that is my last art show for this year, wow, it's hard to believe Christmas will be here soon. I"ve still got a ton to do, shopping, cooking.. cleaning. I'll be talking to you soon,the first thing  I want to do is fix a cup of coffee and paint a little! love to you,Diana

ps. Did I tell you --Monelle came over last week and she had on a lovely full length faux fur coat with a lovely satin lining.. I draped it on the chair in the living room. I didn't hear anything in the living room as we were in the kitchen so I tiptoed in there. Sadie was laying on the satiny side of Monelles' Fur Coat under neath the Christmas tree getting ready to chew on it. Oh My Gosh. I rescued it in the nick of time!! ha ha.. Sadie is a mess!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Too Much To Do,Just Let Me Paint

Checkerboard Emu, 8x10 at Red Queen Gallery in Onancock now.

ESAL Christmas Party, Gertraud, Ivana and Evangelina

Debra and Monelle and more ESAL
HI, Yesterday I went to the Eastern Shore Yacht and Country Club in Melfa,Va. for lunch.. the location of the ESAL Christmas Party. We brought gifts for a Chinese Exchange after lunch. I took a potted plant I just wrapped with whatever tissue paper I had and reynolds wrap and a silly bow. It was the most popular present there.. it got so many laughs.. I had nestled into the plant 2 beers ( that was the desirable part).. It was a fun time and I enjoyed being with everyone there.  The present I brought home was a large bird --decoration about the size of a basketball. Sadie,our puppy,
thought it was delightful, she leaped around it and barked, until I had to hide it..Here she is with a sock, she's hiding she thinks.

I finished my silly emu watercolor, putting checkerboard in the background and a splatter of red . After the party I drove up to the Red Queen Gallery and left 6 new watercolors for the Second Friday opening this Friday. The Emu is one of the paintings there now.

 Saturday is the Christmas Open House at Copper Creations Studio in Melfa which will be the last Art Show of the year for me.

 Time is flying by and soon with be Christmas. I've got so much to do for it and really would just like to paint and sip coffee with Sadie by my side and the lights of the Christmas Tree on in the background. ah ..well.. maybe later today.

 love to each of you! Diana

Friday, December 6, 2013

Angry Chicken Foot and The Tree is Up,What a Time!!

Angry Chicken Foot,8x10,framed $99

Snowflake,8x10,framed $99.

 Sadie-- and here is the tree.
HI, I just put the finishing touches on my new "Angry Chicken Foot". The foot pose is new..each one of them has been different. I was thinking yesterday that an angry chicken was good to work on.  Here,too is the little giraffe with the snowflake. I darkened the snowflake with Thalo blue and some iridescent blue from Da Vinci so you can see it better.  This one is on 300 pound Winsor Newton cold press. I usually use 140 but I had this little piece. I prefer the 140 although this is luxurious to work on. What kind of paper do you prefer?? I love Hot Press too. It seems to develop more back washes and its perfect for plein aire landscapes..

I got the Christmas Tree. Me, by myself, into the car it went and back home. I struggled it out of the car and Sadie leaped on it. It was all tied up. Which really blew my mind as usually I pick this one then that one then oh that one.. until I decide.. but I got it from a large store and it was only $18 and all were wrapped.. So I  chose a fat bundle, I usually like fat and short trees,I tried it,and amazingly it looks good. ha ha.. Sadie and I put it up,we got it in the tree stand. I leaned it on a rocking chair. Then I got in the floor,put each leg on the side of the tree stand and put my head under the tree ,balancing the tree on my head as I screwed the knobs to hold the tree into the tree stand. Well.. of course Sadie had her head under there with me.. and I got laughing so Hard. After I got it all screwed into the stand,I laid back on the floor and started laughing again as I had a small piece of the tree in my hand, like I was holding a flower.. well you get the picture. Sadie was laying next to me eating a tree branch looking very puzzled.. So after I could stop laughing I got up, we got the lights on. I had to pull them from her as she was trying to eat them,too.. I'm not putting many ornaments on it.. I really don't want to have to take her to the vet over Christmas.. So It's up. Have you got yours?? Any thing silly happen as you were putting it up. ha ha..

Love to you,Diana

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giraffe with Snowflake Watercolor

HI, I've started painting a little giraffe catching a snowflake on his purple tongue. I used irridescent paint for the snowflake. It's hovering over his tongue. Here is Sadie, after a long walk in the nursery I'd hoped she would nap for a long time.. no such luck..she's up and ready to go again.. Painting will be on hold.. I'll be out in the sunshine with her.  Ha ha.. What are  you painting today?? love,Diana