Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, April 21, 2017

Wisteria in Watercolor

My finished watercolor Wisteria and Hummingbird 

hi, I finished  my wisteria watercolor this week. To me the flowers  flowed better, I just added a little  detail  and that felt right. The 2nd photo  is me and the 3 paintings  I have at the Norfolk Academy Art Show.  The big opening is this Saturday April 28 from 6 to 8 . You all are invited if you are nearby. The 3rd photo  is my Sadie.  Tonight we are having  a small thunderstorm and she and I have been out in the rain, me watching the beautiful sky, she tending to important doggie things.  Love to you, Diana

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wisteria, Happy Easter Wisteria

Hi, Sadie, my Lab,  and I enjoyed the nice weather and sat on the back porch sketching today. I love being  outside.  No hummingbirds  here yet. I hope the little  ones are ok. This Saturday  I  teach  at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Wisteria, tulips and Hummingbirds.  Luckily  my dear friend Mamie has some wisteria,  the garden has tulips. I hope you all have a blessed  Easter, my love to you.Diana