Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, February 5, 2016

Camellias and Sea Shells

Hi, tomorrow  I am teaching at NBG, Norfolk Botanical Garden. I have been getting ready  all day. We will be painting  Camellias and Sea shells. Two dear friends have given me these flowers. I went over and picked them today. Aren't  they gorgeous! ! Another dear friend  lent me some amazing  shells,  2 I had to paint, you can see why the colors  and texture just drew me in.  I had  a class  this week too at ESO in Belle Haven, Va.,which is a wonderful old renovated school  dedicated to teaching art.

I am tired but ready for class. I slipped and fell yesterday  unpacking  the car. Bruised my thigh, knees, ankle, back and hip... but just my left side.. ibuprofen isn't  helping  much. I will  be  ok.. Sadie is doing better, Dr.Bailey  says we won't  know for sure  if the infection is gone until after the antibotics have all been taken. We have  been going every week to check her. John will watch over her tomorrow.  Talk to you soon, love, Diana

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What happens during a snow storm. .

Hi, well we have had a time. But things are looking up, what you say??
Sadie, my lab,  had surgery on her other knee,it has gotten infected so she  is on 2 antibotics. To help in her recovery,  I am icing her knee 3 times a day and dispensing  pills, and doing  gentle physical therapy.  As it so happened, our kitty Cupcake slipped  out the door into the world  of aggressive feral cats,raccoons and what ever dropped by. I set traps, and John and I called and looked for her but when she did see us she would run the other  way...well, she is now back in..  sardines in the trap enticed her. I believe it was the answer to many prayers.
Sadie s knee is still infectioned but better.  Tomorrow I am teaching at ESO in Belle Haven, Va. I haven't been able to paint much,however  I did finish ORCHIDS. Getting organized  for tomorrow,looking forward to  it.  Talk to you sooner than later, love, Diana

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Orchid Class , They did brillantly!!!!!

Thirteen Wonderful students at Norfolk Botanical Garden. We painted orchids. Not all pictured.

One of my pour demonstrations for background with their orchids if they wished.

One of the gorgeous orchids.. all were Moth Orchids.

HI Everyone, Yesterday was my class at NBG, Norfolk Botanical Gardens/ The Tropical House has a lovely display of orchids this time of year so I chose orchids to paint this time ... We had a full room of 13 students, all did well!!! I am so proud of their work. Some so delicate and precise, others bolder and they captured them. We did a fun 15 minute painting of the orchids as part of our warm up and gorgeous... well you can tell.. I'm so pleased with their work.  Next class there is Feb. 6th on Camillias and Sea Shells. We will do a still life. ESO class is coming next week... 5 --2 hour classes here in Belle Haven, Va. just 3 miles from my home.

Sadie, my labrador retriever assistant, is going to have to have surgery. Dr. Bailey said the Crucial Ligament is totally torn and he thinks the meniscus as well. So that will be this Thursday, I'm shaking my head as I type... but it is what needs to be done.

The washing machine broke and I broke my eye glasses in class on Saturday. SO that is 3 right no more!!! Wishing you each a happy week and please think of us on Thursday. Love to each of you thanks so much! Diana

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sadie problems. ..

Hi ,well we have a problem.  Sadie may have torn her other knee. I noticed
It over  Christmas.  We went to the veterinarian today. He wants to test tomorrow so we will know then. He believes she may need another surgery.  She is my constant companion, I don't  want her to be in pain for the rest of her life. I am so thankful  I had a good last few art shows to help pay for what we need to do. Keep us in your prayers dear ones. Thank you.

We have had some extremely cold weather so I froze this blue wash,yes, ice crystals formed. Amazing  what watercolor can do. Also I painted  this little tomato painting,  finished it up this afternoon which helped me not worry as much.  Wishing each of you a well,happy new year.  Love to you, Diana

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday trip

Painting ginkgo leaves, just had to paint.  
Jelly Bean the new kitten has found  a new friend. 

 On Monument Ave. In Richmond,  Va. The houses were beautiful decorated amazingly.

Me and our son.

Hi, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and holiday. We visited family in Richmond, Va.  On the 26th.  Lovely party and enjoyed seeing everyone.  Clay and I walked down  Monument Ave. That evening so many gorgeous  decorations  I loved it. I took lots of photos. You can tell I am a country girl.wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and blessed New Year, my love to each of you,Diana 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Camel

Me at my parents Christmas Party.

Camel Watercolor, this has a snakeskin imprint going through her face.
Hi I can not believe it is almost Christmas.  In a way I am relieved the shopping is almost over.  Now we can take more time to be with family and enjoy and remember the true meaning  of our Christmas.  I did get a call so my commission went across the bridge as it was meant to. I am so glad. Wishing you a blessed Christmas or holiday.  My love to each of you. Diana 

How did I do the snakeskin imprint?  Sadie,my lab,  found a snakeskin,  I poured or you could just wet then apply color, gently place the snakeskin down on the wet wash. There are 2 designs, the top of the snake  and the belly,choose before you place it, l chose the top for this one. I placed a rock to weigh it down and keep  it there. When the wash is dry remove the skin and rock and a gorgeous imprint is there! Hope  this helps!