Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cherry Blossom Class

Bette,Renee and Raina from my watercolor class.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

My Sadie trying to find something.

Roosters of mine.
hi, Yesterday's class was so nice, I had 8 students at NBG(Norfolk Botanical Garden). We painted cherry blossoms and pussy willow branches. Some added Common Blue butterfly to their painting. The blossoms of so many trees were out and gorgeous at the garden. Colors everywhere... so amazing. Pictured above are Bette,Renee and Raina,3 of my students and friends. Everyone did a good job. I showed them how to do a wash with mingled blue and pink and then come back into it and add water to create backwashes for pink flowers. They also drew some of the flowers. and painted them as well as the pussy willow branches... Kathy ,one of the students and friend,brought me some Lenten Roses for my yard. I've planted them and they look great!! Thank you so much Kathy!!!

Sadie stayed with John and was so fluffy and clean when I got home. He had to bathe her-- ha ha.. she had rolled in something smelly... ha ha.. poor John.

The rooster is just the beginning of a watercolor I started this afternoon.. I loved the sketch I did in my sketchbook so I thought I'd paint the rooster.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love to you!! Diana

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pansies and Violet Watercolor

New Pansies, original watercolor,8x10,$99.

HI, Tomorrow I 'll be teaching class at NBG.(Norfolk Botanical Garden). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and the gorgeous garden. I know it will be beautiful. We will be painting cherry blossom branches and pussy willow. I might add a bird into the painting for the fun of it at class we'll see what we want to do.  I just finished  this afternoon--a little pansy watercolor and violets,I found 2 wild violets in the yard. I have planted some pansies in these old barrel planters one in the front yard and one in the backyard a week ago... So now I need to clean out my huge bag with all the supplies in it.Got my iced coffee and  I hope Sadie cooperates.. She has had spring fever today, running around and around the backyard, leaping in her tiny blue pool,trying to eat her bed.. I don't need the rascal eating my pencils or paint tubes..ha ha..  Today is perfect day,sunny and warm.

 Have a great weekend. Tell me what you are going to do this weekend.

 Love to you,Diana

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cream Puffs and Watercolor

Purple Finch and Japonica,original watercolor,8x10,$99

My Table during the demo at Virginia Beach.

Jeanette and Susan, ESAL members and a members painting

My Sadie with a recycled bottle she decided to play with

The best Cream Puffs in the entire world, made and bought from the Corner Bakery in Onancock.
HI, Lots of photos today. Here is my newest little watercolor of my parents Japonica, or Flowering Quince, and a Purple Finch they had in their yard.  The table from my demonstration, which went well. Chesapeake Bay Watercolorists were very sweet. Kathy Spacier of kathyspacier-artist.blogspot.com. is one of the officers and a dear friend, check her blog out when you have time,she does beautiful work. Two Friends,Jeanette and Susan, from the ESAL, today was pick up day for our work from the Spring show at the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock,Va..so I was there in the morning.  Sadie, got in the recycled plastic and decided she had to drag the bottle around until I caught her this afternoon. Last but not least,cream puffs, made at the Corner Bakery in Onancock,Va. If you ever get here on the ES you must go there. The smell is amazing, the taste divine, oh my goodness.the best in the world ,my opinion... but I'm right! ha ha. a treat to enjoy!!! I had to stop and buy a few on my way home.

Hope you are having a good week.. The sun is shining here. I"m so glad. Talk to you Soon,love,Diana

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Demonstration in Va.Beach,Va. Tomorrow!

I'll be doing a demonstration for the Chesapeake Bay Watercolorists tomorrow from 2-4pm at the Kempsville Library in Virginia Beach,Va. Wish me luck. I'm honored to be doing it. I'll be showing them my pouring technique and how I paint hummingbirds in watercolor! love to each of you,Diana

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Barn OWL Finished

Here's the Barn Owl Watercolor,8x10, just finished. Sadie's enjoying a stick in the backyard. I'd better run. Lots of sunshine today. I'm so glad. love,Diana

Monday, March 31, 2014

Barn Owl Watercolor and Night Creatures on Eastern Shore of Va.

Little owl watercolor in works.

Sadie's napping... ah to rest so completely like this..
HI, You know I love owls. I only have one owl painting now available so I started this Barn Owl. I haven't heard any owls this week here. Frogs at night. I did see our two rusty colors bats that fly around the backyard at night during the summer flying last night. I've seen one flying squirrel too so far.. so anyway.. spring is coming.. I love hearing all the wonderful wild things in the night. We have no street lights or large lights outside so we can see thru the pine trees  to clear dark blue sky and so many stars.. This owl is the Barn Owl and I'm painting it on hot press fabriano 140lb paper.We are lucky sometimes and get to see an owl in our yard. Gorgeous!!

Here is Sadie being good for the moment. She has been a mess this morning..eating a pamplet from the pocket of my purse, getting plastic containers out of the recycling bag and running with them in the yard..me just slightly chasing and of course wallowing in some dark unknown substance that smells... oooh.. ah what a dog.( I do need to clarify that she was doing the wallowing, not me. ha ha..) How blessed I am to have her and to get to paint today.

Tell me what  you have been doing, love,Diana

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Checkerboard Daffodils

HI, I 've been painting all morning. Enjoyed it so much.. Here's what I decided on the background and here's Sadie.. wanting to go play ball. love to you,Diana