Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glads and ES Historical Society's Ker Place Art Show Coming Up.

HI, Here is a new watercolor, I've done recently. These glads are from Mama's flower garden. I love to paint them.  I've got a show coming up at Ker Place in Onancock,Va. Sept. 12 and 13 so I need to paint, paint ,paint..  They chose one of my heron paintings for their advertising and mailings. I'm so tickled.  Heron Grace. It's thru the Eastern Shore Historical Society. 

Here is Sadie, she had a bath today. She doesn't like them. I leashed her to the back steps. Not realizing of course she would go under the porch to get away from the water. So I went under the porch with her and scrubbed her down with puppy shampoo and then she and I rinsed off.. Ha ha.. Talk to you soon, Love to you,Diana

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tree Frog and Pickerel Class !

Here we are today at class -Susan, Renee, Me, Patty, and Raina. Look at what gorgeous work they did. I'm so tickled. We painted Tree Frogs and Pickerel.  Everyone has their own style and I'm so pleased, this is what I want for them to be their best at their painting. We ate lunch in the Hummingbird garden outside the classroom. Beth, my dear friend came with me to NBG. She took the photos and helped me so much. Here is a Lotus Blossom from the Japanese Garden. I wish you could realize the size of this. It's bigger than a dinner plate. Gorgeous. Going to paint this too. A wonderful time with dear students who are friends, I"m zonked but happy.

 Have a great rest of the weekend! love to you ,Diana,

 Sadie, my dear lab, is right here by my feet. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tree Frog, Luna Moth, Gorgeous!

Here is a  Luna Moth from my backyard. Isn't it gorgeous. It was huge. I'm going to paint it from this photo sometime.  Tomorrow I have my class at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Tree Frogs and Pickerel will be the subject. I know it will be fun.
Here is my new Tomatoes and  Tree Frog watercolor. I did glaze the frog with iridescent watercolor medium after he dried so now he glistens.  These are tomatoes from Mama's garden. I had one for lunch with an avocado and red onion.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love,Diana
Here's one of Sadie's Baby Puppy photos!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Beach Vacation and Sadie's too!

Sadie was worn out from our beach trip. She had to go to Puppy Camp. A dear friend keeps dogs and makes them her own while people are away, she took Sadie and about 5-6 other dear doggies to the beach for a romp every day.. Sadie slept for 3 days off and on when she got home. So much partying.. but she loved every minute of it.  John and I and Clay and our family went to the beach for a week. I painted each day. The salt water and the waves pounding greeted us.. so beautiful. We all read 2-3 books each, played cards, ate all the wonderful food we could hold and had a great time. Love to each of you,Diana

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Back!

HI! Sorry I haven't been on my blog lately. I've missed everyone. I've had computer trouble as you know. We had to get a new computer and I'm getting used to it slowly.

 We went to Rodanthe,NC for a week with the family which was great. I painted each day on the beach. So beautiful there, miss hearing the waves and smelling the salt water.

 When we got home I taught a wonderful watercolor class at Norfolk Botanical Garden. I had 7 students and we painted monarch butterflies and milkweed. They all did beautifully.

 Sadie, our dog, is doing fine. She is by my side all the time. I'll be painting today. I want to finish a gladiola painting, the flowers are finished but I'm going to add a butterfly or hummingbird.
I saw a tree frog this morning on our back door. They are so precious. Here's a painting of one I did ! love and hugs to each of you , Diana

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Help Pass this on!

hi,  Well the computer is gone. It doesn't work anymore. So this minute I'm borrowing this one.  I need your help. Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested: 

Diana M.Davis Watercolor Workshop. This Saturday, July 26,10am-3pm at Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk,Va. Call 1-757-441-5830 ext.338 to register as soon as possible. Monarch and Milkweed will be the topic! I will help you draw and paint these amazing butterflies! Cost is $74 or $56 for NBG members. Thank so much!!! looking forward to seeing you. Love,Diana

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Roar Continues but a Quick Technique I just tried!

Trying to quickly show you this. I drew my hummingbird and flower then wet the w/c paper. Put Saran Wrap on it and loaded a tiny brush with color put that under the plastic wrap and look. It is delicate and fun.. after it dries I removed the wrap and painted. Sadie is not happy either. The computer is still crashing. I hope Clay can do something, we have virus protection but now it says we have 10 or so viruses.. Thank you Maywyn so much for your support. davisart@verizon.net     of course I may not be able to get it. I'm signing off, this roaring is draining. love and hugs to each of you. Hope to talk soon.love,Diana