Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eastville Inn One Woman Art Show

My art at The Eastville Inn in the main dining room.

More of my work there

Copper Creations Christmas Open House, my display there on Saturday.
HI Everyone. This Saturday I was at the Copper Creations Open House in Melfa with my racks. John helped me load and unload. We kept everything in the car because today I took my work to The Eastville Inn in Eastville,Va. for a month long One Woman Show. The opening is next Saturday and I wish each of you could come. It's from 6-8pm.

  The Eastville Inn is a Historical Building in the center of the town of Eastville.  It's a lovely place and a lovely restaurant. There is a beautiful old porch and of course the old brick sidewalks surround the building and an adorable herb garden in the back. I'm delighted to be there.

 So this week after resting for a few days I have to clean and buy all the Christmas presents. I'm not going to think about it now but just go lay on the heating pad with a cup of tea.

 Love to each of you. Diana

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Copper Creations Christmas Open House This Saturday!! Dec. 13.

Copper Creations in Melfa,Va. is having their Christmas Open House here are some of my new originals for the show!! .

HI Everyone, I'm still working on the little rose painting. I hope to have it finished by Saturday. That is when Copper Creations Christmas Open House is. I've got baking to do for it. I always make a Fresh Apple Cake, some cookies, and some cornbread. Donna Drew has 2 kinds of soup, and every other artist brings food too, so come and munch and buy some art if you are nearby. Just to see you will be a treat. 10am-4pm Dec. 13.

My dear Sadie, our Lab is napping finally today. Its been rainy and cold outside so I played ball for awhile but not long enough. She has been trying to get my attention all morning. So far she's eaten a Halloween sock, a small bottle of powdered iridescent paint, and 2 plackers, the tooth pick/cleaners. I've pried them out of her mouth and she didn't swallow much. Thank goodness. I want to work on my rose painting.

Our Christmas tree is up and fat and short. I love it. But I don't know how much else I'll decorate, I have 2 more shows and am trying to paint as much as I can. Pictured above is the 5 new watercolors I have for this show, but I have to frame them. Anyway it's a blessing to have so many things coming up.  Hope to talk to you soon, love to each of you,Diana

Next show is Eastville Inn , Artwork there on Dec.14, Opening Dec. 20, 6-8pm, One Woman Show. Diana Davis.  I'll be painting a demo there too!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Norfolk Botanical Garden Watercolor Class, Dec.

Here is my Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus Class at NBG. They did a gorgeous job. Each of them did wonderfully!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great BLue Heron Painting at Smiling Dolphin Open House Sat. noon-4pm!

Heron with Ginko Leaves, I'll have it framed this week.

HI, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or weekend if you aren't from the USA. Clay, our son came home. It was so nice to see him. Laura, our daughter lives too far to come. We talked to her on the phone for awhile.

I've been painting this Great Blue Heron. I love Ginko leaves and they are all off the trees so I picked these up in my parents front yard the other day and have added them to my painting. The nursery across from my home has 3 rows of them and I always try to walk thru them when I get the chance. They are so beautiful. 

This week I have 2 classes, one at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. on the Eastern Shore and one at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Two art shows, one at Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles, and one at the Smiling Dolphin Christmas Open House both on Saturday. I'll have new work everywhere but Saturday I'll be at my class in Norfolk unless we don't have enough to sign up. The weekends do get so busy this time of year. But that is a blessing in itself. 

Love to each of you and peace this Christmas. Hope the bustle doesn't get us!! love,Diana

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Turkey Watercolor and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Head Watercolor, $99. Framed.

Heron Watercolor, $99 framed. Both paintings 8x10

Not for Sale but Sadie eating a catnip mouse. I saved it barely.
HI, Wow, I've spent each day over to Mama and Daddy's. I painted there too. They have a wonderful birdfeeder that is on the window and so many tiny birds come I did paint a Purple Finch. I've kept painting.. throwing away and then paint some more. Daddy is doing ok. He has exercises which are helping his legs. He had a stroke, and his voice is better. But he is very wobbly --so sad but I'm so very thankful it could be so much worse.

I've always wanted to paint a turkey head! ha ha.. so I did. and I started the heron sitting on the floor near him while he was trying to nap with his Emma, little dog, in his lap on the couch.

I'm tired. I've got supper in the stove and am looking forward to the recliner and a soft blanket over me. Stay warm. Wishing each of you a Blessed Thanksgiving Day and week. Our son will be coming and I'm cooking! Love the leftovers best of all. Love to each of you.Diana

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ER and Brusho

HI, Well it has been a not so good week. Daddy had to go to the emergency room on Sunday and stayed in the hospital for a few nights. He is home now and Mama is with him, but I was with him as much as possible and am going back and forth over to their house too. He is ok. But of course I've been worried sick, yesterday I painted for awhile and tossed all of them in the trash. Ah ,when I'm upset it shows so much in my work. But this morning I've done this little coneflower and added a little brusho to the center. The bottom one I did last week with just brusho and water. Painted the water on and then sprinkled on the brusho, I did touch it with the brush a couple of times as you see the edges and the shadow. It was fun. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with it but play is good. Sending you all a hug, and taking one back from you. love,Diana

Sunday, November 16, 2014

WON Ribbon on Heron Watercolor

I won 2nd Place in Watercolor last night at ESAL Art Show at Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles,Va. on my heron watercolor "Memories", a beautiful ribbon and a check!!! Yeah!! I"m happy!! The judge described it as delicate, sensitive, and great composition!

love and hugs to each of you,Diana