Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

KUNE Kune Pigs from Perennial Roots  in Accomac,Va. 8x10 watercolor 

HI,  well John helped me set up today for the art show.  I framed 9 new little  paintings this week. I did a new camel, new angry chicken,  and new pig. Tomorrow  I am cooking.   Turkey  and all the fixings.  I made 2 apple cakes yesterday, one for dessert and one for the show. Hope each of you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving,  love to each of you! Diana ps. Jelly Bean , our new kitten  is now running and playing with Cupcake, our older kitten. Sadie is enjoying  company  this weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Landscapes for Show!

HI, I have been painting little landscapes for the upcoming show.the top 2 are near home,in BelleHaven, VA.the 3rd photo is of Bayford , a tiny town south of here.You will probably like the last photo best. Our new kitten,Jelly Bean, she adores John. It is so cute to see them together.  I am still trying to get a few little paintings done before the show. I just sketched a new owl, so l will work on him tomorrow.
Poster for the show! Love to you, Diana 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Eastern Shore Artisan Guild Tour Nov.27 and 28 from 10am-5pm

HI Everyone, Pictured above are some of my watercolors. I had a webpage for about 6 years, a friend of mine made it for me and she died. She was a dear,missed deeply. So last  year when it came up for renewal, I didn't renew it. I've found facebook creates more interest than a website. Sad but true. These were a few of my work from the website.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. I have an art show in 2 weeks.. Eastern Shore Artisan Guild Tour. I will be at Ker Place in Onancock,Va. with about 5 other artists.It is the day after Thanksgiving... yes I'm cooking. ha ha.. my plan is to have everything ready for the show the day before T. We will see.  Hope to see some local folks drop by!
I'm zonked today.. Definitely going to have some more coffee later.  Love to each of  you,Diana

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Two new little watercolors,turnip greens and jelly bean.

Wild Mushrooms  original watercolor, 8x10, 99 dollars. 

Little  Chickadee, 8x10, 99.
Hi  eveyone, this week I picked up my work  from the Eastern Shore Art League  Member  show. I picked up Monelle s work too.  

John brought me a huge bag of turnip  greens so that took 3 hours to clean, pick them and cook them. Whew... it was a job. But they will be for Thanksgiving, Christmas  aND a tiny bowl for now. They are yummy.

I worked on both of these little paintings this week. We have mushrooms popping up everywhere in the yard. No idea don't  know which ones  are  edible but these are not.. the Camilla was growing in my parents  yard and smelled so sweet. Cupcake  plucked each petal off the blooms after I got it painted.

Our  little black kitty is coming around,  very loving. John named her Jelly bean. Sadie has had more knee aching this week but I give her a pain pills if she needs it.

Sending  you love, Diana

Monday, November 2, 2015

Saturday at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Renee and Raina with their dear pet portraits.. 2 other students not pictured.
Norfolk Botanical Garden, my ability to catch a photo with a tree or post in the center is RIGHT ON! ha ha
almost on the ES from Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Gorgeous drive!

Sadie as a pup demo. beginnings
HI Everyone, Here are some photos from Saturday. I taught a class over at NBG, Puppy Painting. Here are Renee and Raina with their dear pets, Clementine is the orange kitty and forgive me Raina, I can't remember your dog's name.. I know she has another dog and 4 kitties too... and we had 2 more students. One of the blessings of teaching is making dear friends!! It was a fun Halloween for me. They all did a great job painting and drawing.

I've got to get a photo of the new kitten... but haven't done that yet. She is a purrer and I think it's a she. Name suggestions are Needed!!! Bible Study tonight. I've done my homework.  Happy Monday!! love to you,Diana

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An Artist's Day

Glads and Hummingbird, 16 x20, $330 original framed.  Now at Stage Door Gallery.

The sweetheart dog visiting Stage Door today.
Vera, Clelia and Michael, accepting artwork for opening of "Magic" Holiday Art Show at Stage Door Gallery.

Mama, Vera, and Clelia, as John Nyberg is taking down his vibrant paintings from last show.
HI , sorry I've been so long in writing. I had to take some new watercolors to Stage Door Gallery , part of Artscenter in Cape Charles,Va yesterday. Mama went with me. Pictured above is the gallery, with Clelia, Vera, and Michael accepting the new artwork for the Christmas and Holiday Show. It's always a very festive and lovely show with ideas for gifts small and larger. So I took down  some work and they now have 9 originals of mine. One of which pictured above.  Hard to believe it is getting that time of year. Isn't it??

On the way back home we stopped at Appleseed Nursery, a delightful and happy place. So many pumpkins, it just makes me happy to see them all. I bought one little yellow pansy and a tiny pumpkin for me and Mama.  This is in Cheriton.

Then last we stopped at Machipongo Trading Co. for lunch and discovered Gertraud Fendler, a dear friend and she is a jewelry artist of Sea Glass, was there so we visited as we ate yummy grilled sandwiches and iced coffee. It was a nice day.

Sadie, our lab is doing fine, Cupcake, our kitty too.. We have good news. We caught the last Feral Kitten, a tiny black one, we have given away 2 kittens recently. So very glad this is the last one. She is precious with big green eyes. We have her in the bathroom adapting to life as a domestic kitty, so lots of petting and purring going on.

Wishing each of you a wonderful week. love to each of you,Diana

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Class at ESO THIS THURSDAY!! Ker ART SHOW and Janet Rogers Class

 Diana M. Davis Booth at Ker Art Festival this weekend.

Saturday at Ker Art Festival

More of Saturday

Janet Rogers shows us how she paints. Amazing , inspiring workshop. So Glad I GOT TO GO!!!
hi, WOW.. so much to tell you. First I am teaching at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. this Thursday Oct. 22 from 10am-1pm. Cost is $80 bring your supplies, or buy for $10 that day.  We will be painting Great Blue Herons!!!

I was in the Ker Art Festival this weekend. Thanks everyone for your support. I'm wiped out but pleased with sales. Thank goodness my dear husband helped with the set up and break down.

Monday I took a workshop in Va. Beach taught by Janet Rogers, an amazing watercolorist.. ooooh it was very loose and so inspiring. I was blessed to get this opportunity!! you can see some of her demos on you tube. I tried a few colors I have never used tried her technique--- It will take lots of practice, hope to absorb some of her spirit, and enjoyed it so much.

SO tired and my back is the pits but that is the way it goes after an art show. Next one is in November. love and Hugs to each of you... Diana