Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost Home Mini Watercolor

HI, I just put the final touches on this new Eastern Shore Mini. I used quinacrodone burnt orange in the trees and in the grasses. This is a color new to me. I like it instead of Burnt Sienna sometimes because it is brighter,almost a reddish orange.

I got the Christmas wreath made and on the front door. It's a doozy. I used a grapevine I had made a few years ago and put fresh loblolly pine, cedar, and american holly woven into the vine. It was lopsided so once I got it on the front door I simply took the scissors and trimmed it into a round! Welcoming yes, beautiful no. It smells good though.Nice bow.

I named my little painting "Almost Home" because it is a scene from the Shield's Bridge which is 3 miles from us and on the way to home. talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dusty is Famous

HI, Guess what, Dusty is now Famous. Haha. She is featured in the Onancock Pet Rescue Calendar!!! I sent in her photo and she was chosen! These calendars are on sale around Onancock,Va. now in various stores. and She and I are invited this weekend to a Christmas pet party/open house.. I'm sure you could come too at the Southeast Expeditions in Onancock. Sounds like fun! talk to you soon, Diana

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Afternoon Painting-Relaxing Time

hi, Well these are lovely photos of the Coffee Shop on Friday showing me there drinking my coffee with my paintings. Today was the last day of the special show this weekend at the Bear and Cub Coffee Shop although my paintings will stay a little longer.

I went over after church and had an Oyster Roast Coffee (one lady actually asked if there was an oyster in there-this was at another show).This is one of Eastern Shore's local coffee and no,it contains no oysters.:)

I painted,working on a small landscape of Shield's Bridge in Belle Haven, in the sunshine in this adorable shop. Amy was busy with lunch and coffee and scone orders. Her husband Joe was there too.Customers and friends came in and out. It was a nice relaxing time.

I bought a few Christmas presents on Friday while I was there. Hope you got by if not their hours are Thursday,Friday and Saturday mornings.Talk to you soon,Diana

I think we all had enough turkey to eat that we didn't feel up to painting one!! I didn't either.. :)This is referring to the previous post. Speaking of turkey you know I never did get enough cranberry sauce.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Painting Challenge!!

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving with lots of food and loved ones and God's blessings. I've got the ham, and turkey in the oven.It is a tight fit.At one point the ham was sideways.. ah but it sure smells yummy in here. We're going to our niece's for dinner tonight and my family tomorrow.Our son is here, we miss our daughter but she lives so far away and promises to be home in Dec. for a weekend.

I miss Gran so much and have thought of her a lot today.She was and is a large part of our lives, how blessed we were to have her and how blessed we are to have the rest of our family and friends.

After your dinner if you like pick up your paint brush and paint this turkey. This is Ivana's turkey and I dare not ask how the turkey is today but don't think about that just paint and enjoy your turkey and this turkey. Please if you do this make a comment and tell me where to look on your blog to see your turkey. Something fun with no calories.. But they don't count today. Go for the cheesecake.. Blessings to each of you, Diana

ps Don't forget to stop by the Bear and Cub Coffee Shop this weekend-look up in the right hand corner for times or the last post!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Showing Art at Bear and Cub

Hi, this upcoming weekend Nov.26,27,and28th, I will be showing my original watercolors at The Bear and Cub Coffee Shop in Pungoteague,Va. I just dropped my paintings off to Grace and took a few photos of the shop inside..The paintings aren't up yet except my Owl.

It's so adorable, such a warm loving place to be.I hope you can stop in and have a cup of Eastern Shore Coffee, a muffin and browse.Personally I think they have the best iced coffee I have ever had and I'm a big coffee fan. Just wanted to give you a peek at this adorable place.

I've got a small painting -- a new Eastern Shore mini I've been working on this morning. This little Monarch Painting will be there with 24 other watercolors.Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love and blessings,Diana

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ESAL Member Show Opening

HI Everyone, last night was the member opening of the Eastern Shore Art League. Here are photos from the event. The show is open to the public find the times in the right hand corner of the blog... Pictured are Ivana V., artist who made 300 cookies for this. They were wonderful!(We all made goodies if we could but Ivana really did so many delicious kinds! Always good food at the ESAL along with Great ART) Fred and Susan giving out the awards, John S., Sue, Susan M. with Emma the lab, Monelle N.,Marg. and also pictured my Lady in Blue, which won 3rd place in watercolor and my Two Dear Piglets won Honorable Mention. I was pleased to receive these awards.Lovely show and a wonderful time. talk to you soon, have a great weekend, Diana

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Falling Leaves Finished and Screech Owl

HI, last night at 11:15pm I took the dogs out in the backyard and there was a screech owl sitting in a sassafras tree. He was adorable, I walked up to him within 10feet from him and there he sat blinking at me and Daisy. He then flew off between the trees of the forest.. so amazing!! Today I painted before breakfast then, took a walk, and cleaned some. Painted some more and finished my little autumn leaves.. I glazed the leaves a few times to intensify the colors and am pleased with it. I'll frame it for my next show.I love that so many bloggers have painted leaves and all so incredible and beautiful and so different, check out Kathy's at Katsart and Milly's at Drawing from Nature and Barbra Joan's at Art Heart Place. Tomorrow night is the Member opening of the ESAL Member Show.. take care, talk to you soon,Diana

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Falling Leaves

HI,well the dogs and I took a walk this morning. Yesterday it rained late and was windy so many of the gorgeous leaves have started to fall..They were falling while we walked and were so amazingly beautiful I picked up a good handful and started this little painting. The yellow leaves are ginko. They came from my parents yard but the others are sweet gum and I think hickory. I just wish I didn't have to stop to fix supper. I need to glaze them to increase the intensity of the colors and the leaves will start to shrivel up by tomorrow.. take care, talk to you soon, Diana

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stage Door Gallery Christmas Show

HI,well today I traveled down to Cape Charles,Va.
Today was change your art day at the Stage Door Gallery.
This is the gallery. Here are my 5 new paintings waiting to get hung tomorrow morning early.

This is Evy C. who does beautiful stained glass and the last photo is Ellen, she is the manager who runs the Stage Door.

It was so nice to visit with Ellen, Evy, Ebba while delivering my watercolors and I did get to get one Christmas present.

They have so many beautiful things made by local artists. There will be an opening this Saturday, Nov. 20th at 6 for the Christmas Showing of our work, this will be available to see and purchase for the remainder of Nov. and Dec. Hope you get by. take care, talk to you soon,Diana

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Esal Member Show and 3 New Little Paintings

Hi, well the bazaar was a success, chicken salad is gone, the white elephant table did well and I sold a few paintings.. pictured are 3 new little paintings which were at the show today. The Eastern Shore Art League, ESAL is having it's member show this upcoming weekend. I have been a member for over 32 years.. I have put the info in the right hand side. I will have 2 original watercolors there, Lady in Blue and Two Piggies. Have a great weekend, talk to you soon, I'm zapped and going to rest! Diana

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finished Rosebud

HI, here is the finished Rosebud,I used negative painting under her feet to make the grasses and define the belly of the pig. What do you think? I like her! take care, Diana --oh yes the bazaar is Saturday. I'm getting ready for the show and White Elephant table... the info is in the upper right hand corner.. talk soon!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When in Doubt Paint a Pig

HI, when in doubt paint a pig. I love to paint pigs and have been looking for something to really inspire me.I have this wonderful photo and so now I have Rosebud! I'll show you the finished product soon -- I did finish my little pig. Take care, Diana

Monday, November 8, 2010

Terry's 50th Surprise Birthday Party!!

Hi! Well the surprise I was going to on Sunday was my sister,Terry,'s 50th birthday party. Her husband gave her a wonderful surprise luncheon at a restaurant in Richmond,Va. We live 3 hours away so my parents and I traveled to Terry's home and spent the day with her and family wishing her a Happy 50TH! She is pictured with me and her daughter, my father and mother, her husband and son and my father and my son. Lots of pictures.. I did begin a painting today but will leave that for another post.. I did so want to show you her fun birthday.. take care, talk soon, and happy Birthday Terry! Diana

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bazaar-Watercolors and Chicken Salad

HI, here is my fall wall. My gallery wall getting ready for more shows. Next is Craddockville Methodist Church Bazaar(this is my church) next Saturday, November 13 from 8am on. Which means if you want the most wonderful baked goods and homemade chicken salad to die for- you had better be there at 7:45am and poised with arms and feet in the running position.. haha. ok.. I'm exagerating but really just a little.. these women are serious and ready to get Miss Charlottes homemade rolls( they melt in your mouth) and Gran's chocolate pound cake( this will not be there as Gran passed away in May-- but her love will be there- she loved this church and bazaar).A silent auction with one of my originals will be there as well.. all the money earned will be given to the local folks who need help.

I will be there manning the White Elephant table-- selling odds and ends and such.. and also

I will have my booth of my beautiful watercolors there.Hope you can come. It will be fun it always is. Lunch can be hotdogs with onions and coffee and donuts..

The other photos is a tip.. for watercolor artists. When you want to dry your watercolor and do not want to use the hairdryer which can move the paint around if it's super wet I use my clothes dryer. Just put the painting on top and as you are drying your clothes your painting dries. This is great too for masa or rice paper application to your watercolor paper.One of my students as I had suggested put her masa paper applied to her watercolor paper outside in the sun to dry.. unfortunately it blew away and she still hasn't found it. That was a few years ago..alas.. the problems of a painter.. take care, have a good weekend.. I'm doing something special tomorrow but I can't tell until later.. it's a surprize.. don't tell.. Diana

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Which One?

HI, Here is a little painting I did yesterday, the top one from looking out my window. I did it quickly and loosely and as you see got lots of bleeds and enjoyed it. Just trying to get the colors and feeling of fall. Today I decided to go back(the Bottom one) and do it again and tighten it up some.. Which do you like better?? I'm leaning to the new one although I do like the looseness. Talk to you soon. Enjoy all the beautiful Fall leaves and colors.. Diana