Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Butterfly House at NBG ,Class,Family

HI, Well I'm ready to put my feet up and rest! Ha ha.. Yesterday was my class over to Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It was so much fun. I had 3 students, Deb,Carol, and Dory and we studied waterbirds.I did a demonstration of drawing and painting a heron on a pour. It was a full day of painting and fun.

 After class I walked over to the butterfly house, it was awesome. So many butterflies and  the chrysalis(some actually looked like jade with gold markings) were gorgeous. The flowers were so amazing, too, in there, as well as walking back to the car.The photos above I took inside the Butterfly House!

 My son and his girlfriend came for the weekend. We ate out last night, thank goodness, I was so tired.  Classes and shows always take a lot of energy for me. I enjoy them and have a great time -- but when I'm finished it's rest up time! :)  The kids have just gone back. I miss them already!

 I did sketch a bee balm from my flowers this am.  I may paint some bee balm, love all the hot pink petals. Talk to you soon, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay as cool as you can. It's steamy here! Diana

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  1. Love the photos of the butterfly house, you;ve had a big weekend I know.. and a visit from that tall good looking son and his girlfriend. .. How nice for you ,,Got to Biloxi around 3pm. It's an 8 hour long boring drive. talk to you soon,, rest up.. !!!

  2. Diana - sounds like you need a real rest - your son - looks like he is a real sweetie - the pictures of flowers are lovely - butterflies are so wonderful - had one light on my foot this morning while I was in the garden. Take care and have a wonderful 4th

  3. Well I'm sitting here having my coffee and looking at your wonderful photos. Isn't the Botanical Gardens wonderful? I just love going there. Happy 4th of July!


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