Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pink Roses Finished.

Pink Roses coming along

Pink Roses finished. Clay, our son brought them to me.
HI Everyone, here is the finished painting. Looking at the roses in the vase they were all the same height so I got the idea to paint them all in a line. I drizzled Permanent Rose in drips down the paper with hints of green and drew each one. I love flowers so very much. I'm afraid these are drooping so now but the petals are still gorgeous. The Christmas tree is very dry but smells so good and I don't want to take it down yet. How about you??

It's rainy today. Clay, our son has gone home. Laura, our daughter didn't get here this year for Christmas.

Sadie is sitting on the back porch wondering why I'm not playing outside with her. It's cold and raining.. I'll put on some beans for supper and do the dishes and wonder what to paint next. Tell me what you are painting!

Love to each of you , Diana

Friday, December 26, 2014

HORRORS and Roses

My new Rose Watercolor... beginnings...

HORRORS...Sadie , my dog, was eating this under my art table... I managed to get these pieces out of her mouth.

Do you know what it is?? A Bic disposable razor. I gave her some Maalox tablets and looked in her mouth, and have been watching her.  She is ok. All razors are there. My heart was in my throat. What can she get into next... I think she's had too much Christmas...

Here is my new roses painting, I started today. Clay, our son, brought me pink roses. They are starting to droop so I've got to paint fast now.

 Hope you are continuing to have a great Christmas/ Holiday. love to you,Diana

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Love to Each of you!!!

Sadie, waiting for Christmas by our tree.

The painting I was working on at The Eastville Inn. The orchids are from NBG.

Here I am at the Eastville Inn demonstrating.
HI Everyone, Wishing each of you a Blessed Christmas and Holiday!! and a safe and Happy New Year.

I've got the turkey cooking in the oven. Cupcake, our new kitty, and Sadie, my Lab are enjoying chasing each other. The tree is lit and a pot of coffee on. Family is coming. We are blessed. Talk to you soon!
 Love  to each of you,Diana

Friday, December 19, 2014

Newest Blue Crab Watercolor in the Works and THE Eastville Inn Opening~!

My newest blue crab, I've been working on this week.
HI~ I did a little drizzle of water and then color in the background and drew the crab after this was dry. I've still got to add a few more legs and finish him. It's been fun.

I just walked Sadie, our lab, around the backyard. She wandered into the woods but thank goodness did not bring me anything today(yesterday it was a smelly treasure ugh) and she came back pretty quickly.

I then walked into the nursery across the street but it was so cold I didn't dilly dally as my grandmother used to say. I was moving faster than usual. Picked up a few Ginko leaves and came home, there was a pine branch in the driveway so I''ll put that in the living room somewhere for the lovely smell.

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning but did them in bars. Funny they don't seem to taste as good. Ha.  What have you been doing today?? love to you,Diana

PS> Don't forget Come to The Eastville Inn tomorrow night, Dec. 20 anytime from 6-8pm I will be showing my work in this gorgeous restaurant.  Hope to see you if you are nearby. Thank you!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eastville Inn One Woman Art Show

My art at The Eastville Inn in the main dining room.

More of my work there

Copper Creations Christmas Open House, my display there on Saturday.
HI Everyone. This Saturday I was at the Copper Creations Open House in Melfa with my racks. John helped me load and unload. We kept everything in the car because today I took my work to The Eastville Inn in Eastville,Va. for a month long One Woman Show. The opening is next Saturday and I wish each of you could come. It's from 6-8pm.

  The Eastville Inn is a Historical Building in the center of the town of Eastville.  It's a lovely place and a lovely restaurant. There is a beautiful old porch and of course the old brick sidewalks surround the building and an adorable herb garden in the back. I'm delighted to be there.

 So this week after resting for a few days I have to clean and buy all the Christmas presents. I'm not going to think about it now but just go lay on the heating pad with a cup of tea.

 Love to each of you. Diana

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Copper Creations Christmas Open House This Saturday!! Dec. 13.

Copper Creations in Melfa,Va. is having their Christmas Open House here are some of my new originals for the show!! .

HI Everyone, I'm still working on the little rose painting. I hope to have it finished by Saturday. That is when Copper Creations Christmas Open House is. I've got baking to do for it. I always make a Fresh Apple Cake, some cookies, and some cornbread. Donna Drew has 2 kinds of soup, and every other artist brings food too, so come and munch and buy some art if you are nearby. Just to see you will be a treat. 10am-4pm Dec. 13.

My dear Sadie, our Lab is napping finally today. Its been rainy and cold outside so I played ball for awhile but not long enough. She has been trying to get my attention all morning. So far she's eaten a Halloween sock, a small bottle of powdered iridescent paint, and 2 plackers, the tooth pick/cleaners. I've pried them out of her mouth and she didn't swallow much. Thank goodness. I want to work on my rose painting.

Our Christmas tree is up and fat and short. I love it. But I don't know how much else I'll decorate, I have 2 more shows and am trying to paint as much as I can. Pictured above is the 5 new watercolors I have for this show, but I have to frame them. Anyway it's a blessing to have so many things coming up.  Hope to talk to you soon, love to each of you,Diana

Next show is Eastville Inn , Artwork there on Dec.14, Opening Dec. 20, 6-8pm, One Woman Show. Diana Davis.  I'll be painting a demo there too!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Norfolk Botanical Garden Watercolor Class, Dec.

Here is my Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus Class at NBG. They did a gorgeous job. Each of them did wonderfully!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great BLue Heron Painting at Smiling Dolphin Open House Sat. noon-4pm!

Heron with Ginko Leaves, I'll have it framed this week.

HI, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or weekend if you aren't from the USA. Clay, our son came home. It was so nice to see him. Laura, our daughter lives too far to come. We talked to her on the phone for awhile.

I've been painting this Great Blue Heron. I love Ginko leaves and they are all off the trees so I picked these up in my parents front yard the other day and have added them to my painting. The nursery across from my home has 3 rows of them and I always try to walk thru them when I get the chance. They are so beautiful. 

This week I have 2 classes, one at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. on the Eastern Shore and one at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Two art shows, one at Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles, and one at the Smiling Dolphin Christmas Open House both on Saturday. I'll have new work everywhere but Saturday I'll be at my class in Norfolk unless we don't have enough to sign up. The weekends do get so busy this time of year. But that is a blessing in itself. 

Love to each of you and peace this Christmas. Hope the bustle doesn't get us!! love,Diana

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Turkey Watercolor and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Head Watercolor, $99. Framed.

Heron Watercolor, $99 framed. Both paintings 8x10

Not for Sale but Sadie eating a catnip mouse. I saved it barely.
HI, Wow, I've spent each day over to Mama and Daddy's. I painted there too. They have a wonderful birdfeeder that is on the window and so many tiny birds come I did paint a Purple Finch. I've kept painting.. throwing away and then paint some more. Daddy is doing ok. He has exercises which are helping his legs. He had a stroke, and his voice is better. But he is very wobbly --so sad but I'm so very thankful it could be so much worse.

I've always wanted to paint a turkey head! ha ha.. so I did. and I started the heron sitting on the floor near him while he was trying to nap with his Emma, little dog, in his lap on the couch.

I'm tired. I've got supper in the stove and am looking forward to the recliner and a soft blanket over me. Stay warm. Wishing each of you a Blessed Thanksgiving Day and week. Our son will be coming and I'm cooking! Love the leftovers best of all. Love to each of you.Diana

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ER and Brusho

HI, Well it has been a not so good week. Daddy had to go to the emergency room on Sunday and stayed in the hospital for a few nights. He is home now and Mama is with him, but I was with him as much as possible and am going back and forth over to their house too. He is ok. But of course I've been worried sick, yesterday I painted for awhile and tossed all of them in the trash. Ah ,when I'm upset it shows so much in my work. But this morning I've done this little coneflower and added a little brusho to the center. The bottom one I did last week with just brusho and water. Painted the water on and then sprinkled on the brusho, I did touch it with the brush a couple of times as you see the edges and the shadow. It was fun. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with it but play is good. Sending you all a hug, and taking one back from you. love,Diana

Sunday, November 16, 2014

WON Ribbon on Heron Watercolor

I won 2nd Place in Watercolor last night at ESAL Art Show at Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles,Va. on my heron watercolor "Memories", a beautiful ribbon and a check!!! Yeah!! I"m happy!! The judge described it as delicate, sensitive, and great composition!

love and hugs to each of you,Diana

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Paintings for the ESAL Member Show

HI! Well I just got the heron watercolor framed. I got the iris watercolor done yesterday. I used the liquid paint to pour the iris painting. The flowers are impatiens  over top of the heron...My sunset class was today at ESO in Belle Haven.   Sadie is watching for John.  He brings her a yummy each night.

It has turned winter. I've got 2 sweat shirts on. Ha ha.. I tried to take Cupcakes picture a few minutes ago but it frightened her and all I got were her back legs and tail. She is sweet but so afraid. It's going to take some time to get her comfortable I'm afraid.

I've made some coffee.  I'll make a meatloaf and then paint a little. Talk to you soon. Love to each of you,     Diana

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

As Good As it Gets.

Cupcake, our new kitty!

Here's Cupcake, she is still living in the bathroom but lets us pet her and rubs our leg so she is doing better. Not with Sadie, our dog, she doesn't like Sadie at all. We've got to work on that.

Saturday, I was invited to "Cream of the Crop", an art auction at Artsenter Theatre and Stage Door Gallery. I gave them one of my Heron paintings, " Wachapreague Herons". It was such a lovely evening. I went by myself, John doesn't like Art Functions much. He's been to so many. Wine, Jambalaya, Sweet Potato Bisquits with ham, ham, Mixed Salad, and Apple Pie ... Lots of wine. I know I said that. This was the menu. Larry and Trina Veber did the auction and were wonderful. We sat right in the theatre by the stage. That is such a lovely place. The money earned will support the Artsenter Theatre and Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles. Here's what I wore. Ok I almost didn't show you because I look huge. But I'm starting a diet now.!! YES.. and then I look around and realize the holidays are almost here..

This weekend is ESAL Winter Art Show at the Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles. I've got to make an Apple Cake for that to server. I'll be there with my 2 new paintings.

The leaves here are gorgeous, such oranges,yellows and peach... and the smell in the woods is heavenly. Sadie and I walk there every morning for a little while.
Take care , love to each of you,Diana

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Phooey--Artist Block

hi, Ir's been one of those weeks where I've painted each day but have had a painter's block. Just not turned out what was me at the time. Here is finally what I'm pleased with-- so far. I'm not finished. I want to touch up the impatiens briefly and add the Heron's back. 

I wanted to tell you about our new addition.. It's Cupcake. Our new kitten. She is very shy. Sadie -our lab-hasn't met her yet. We are taking it slowly, getting her used to us.

I've gotten in my Brusho Art Crystals. They are different. I like them but not for everything. Wet the paper and then sprinkle the crystals on it and they burst into brilliant starbursts. Don't use the brush too much or they lose the burst. That is what I've learned about it so far.

Hope you are happily painting and not blocked and grumbling like I have been.. love to each of you,Diana

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NBG Class and Northeaster on Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

My Watercolor Workshop at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Northeaster on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

HI, I'm home safe and sound. I had a class in Norfolk yesterday. We painted leaves and chickadees and cardinals. I brought Brusho . I just got it this week. Wonderful stuff. They had a ball with it and got great results. You sprinkle it on clear water and it bursts into little sprays of color. Class was wonderful!

There was a Northeaster coming!! Which is hard gusts of wind and rain for hours, this was coming early afternoon. Amy and Renee both offered me to stay with them if I couldn't cross the bridge. They were so very kind to do that and I talked to both when I got home. The CBBT closes for safety of course with high winds. It was still open but I had a grip on that steering wheel.. Gusts of wind and waves with white caps almost touching the bottom of the buildings at the tunnels. I was so very thankful to get on the Eastern Shore. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is 17 miles long with 2 tunnels and is a gorgeous place when the weather is nice.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and staying warm and dry. Love to you,Diana

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vivid Iris Watercolor

The Eastern Shore Art League is having our annual Fall show at Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles, Va. in a couple of weeks. I had to send in the names of 2 not done watercolors...ok, not even thought of. So I said "Fall" and "Memories".  These were the same names I had last year.. oh well. I've been racking my brain on what to paint. Today it hit me. Iris for one. Let's just work on one at a time. Here's this one so far..  I've taken my cooked chicken out to church for the bazaar on Saturday, then returned with Coffee Brownies for the Bake table. Craddockville United Methodist Church Bazaar, Nov. 1, Sat. from 8am-12 pm. Go if you can , I'm teaching in Norfolk but I'm excited about that too. Talk to you soon, love to each of you,Diana

Trying Brusho and Look at Our Frog Visitor

Sorry it's a little blurry. But I so wanted you to see our frog. It lives in a dried up hydrangea blossom on my hydrangea by the back porch. It has freckles on his back, just a few and a racers strip down it's side. Sadie, our lab, has no idea why I'm talking to the flower but she can't reach it so he's safe. 

I"ve gotten in Brusho Art Crystals and am going to play with them today. Anyone have any tips?? They will be such fun. Have a wonderful day. love to each of you,Diana

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hanging at the Art Show

Here I am setting up for the show yesterday.
HI! I displayed my artwork at Franktown United Methodist Church Art Show and Bazaar yesterday.  Here I am after John and I got the racks up. I should be smiling but I'm still in hurry up and get it together mode. I had at least 40 paintings to hang. I do the hanging as when he helps hang, I always rearrange it. Ha ha..so I let him go home and he comes back 15 minutes before the show ends to help pack up and carry it to the car. I honestly don't know how I'd do it without him. My back is not good. I'm still wiped out from yesterday but I slept good last night and do feel better.  I had framed 10 new watercolors the day before.
New Crab, 8x10 framed $99. original.

 Sales were slim yesterday but I did sell one larger one so that's good. When I got home my order was in from Jerry's Artarama so I got all my paper. I'm looking forward to getting a hot press sheet out! They were having a good sale.

 Lots of my friends were showing too and I enjoyed being with them. The FUMC had a wonderful lunch. Two homemade sweet potato bisquits with ham and chicken and dumpling soup for $5. I got this and it was so good!!! The money the church made will go to Local Missions(when someone locally can't pay their heating bill or their house burns down or a similar event occurs the missions pay or help with their payments--anyone can apply to ask for help), which is wonderful.

 So tell me how your weekend was. Love to each of you! Diana

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wack it With A Hammer Kind of Day and Franktown ART SHOW THIS SATURDAY

New Watercolors for Franktown UMC Art Show this weekend.
Have you ever had a "Wack it with a Hammer" kind of day?? This is the kind of day when if a hammer is near it would be lovely to wack the computer or whatever isn't working with it. Of course you have. We all have and this is one of those for me.   Oh Boy!.. I tried to get on blogger to find my address had been deleted from the computer. Then I got that straight to find my photos were where??? I had changed the batteries in the camera -- I don't know why but I couldn't find the photos... well you understand. Just took these new photos for the show this weekend. I'll send an email as soon as the email starts to work again! HA... I send an email to my friends and customers with a new photo of my newest work before my art show. I usually do it one week in advance with the information about the show. 

Here is my new sunflower painting finished. Remember the cherish the day post,well the top little painting is other treasures I found with Sadie's(our white Labrador retriever) help, of course, and painted on masa paper. My newest crab watercolor, my lotus blossom, my 2 owls, and my newest the eggplant with Raina's tomato and Daddy's Sugar Maple leaf. John, my husband brought me this eggplant this past Friday and I had to paint it first, then yesterday, I made ratatouille. Yes, actually I'm a good cook.

The Franktown UMChurch Art Show and Bazaar is this Saturday from 9;30am-3;30pm. I will be there with other artists and the bazaar too will be going on so gorgeous art and tons of homemade baked goods will be featured. I hope you can come if you are nearby. Franktown,Va. near Nassawadox,Va. on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Thank you and love to each of you and I'll be visiting your blogs soon. love,Diana

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cherish your day.

My new sunflowers.  Original watercolor. I'll have it at my next show.

Treasures from my walk with my coffee and Sadie. I'll add to it but just trying to cherish today.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trying to Paint with a Very Bad Doggie!

My chair in the sunshine, I was trying to embrace the warmth while we have it!

What I'm working on now, the lotus blossom from NBG and a dragonfly.

You see she won't even look at me for her mug shot.
HI!. It was so beautiful this afternoon I decided to paint in the sunshine in the backyard. As you can see I'm working on the lotus blossom from the Japanese Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden. It's so gorgeous there and tranquil.

 It wasn't tranquil here.  You know who... Sadie , our lab, would not stop doing bad things. She dug a hole in front of the air conditioner, three times. I've filled it up each time added coffee grounds to it, I hope that keeps her away.  She got a mouthful of crush and run gravel and looked over her shoulder as if to say-- see what I"m eating.. I got that away from her and smacked her backside. Then she grabbed my sponge off my palette, I use one to control the amount of water on my brush. it was saved in pieces. I didn't want her to hurt herself.. oh yes and she tried to eat An  Old Man in the Woods Mushroom., a black furry mushroom. What a silly dog!  I'm exhausted.

The watercolor--
I've still got to add another glaze to the water/dark-- sepia ,ultramarine blue, and viridian mix. I want this to really pop it up. The dragonfly needs to be lifted a little so it can be seen. I may add a touch of cadmium yellow dark to a few of the leaves.  So that's my day so far, what have you been doing?? love to you,Diana

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sunflowers in Watercolor

Here's where I am now on the sunflower painting.

HI! John brought me sunflowers this weekend. He knows I love them and saw them in the store so he brought them to me. That was so nice. They really make me smile, the happy brightness of them. So I did a pour of watercolor, the watercolor ink, and then the next day I drew them while sitting on the back porch.  I've been working on them each day this week. I started to paint the background and am going to do more on the flowers too.Yesterday I decided to go with checkerboard. I love to paint the squares. These are 1 inch. I've even considered just adding a few more for a more checkers for an  abstract look and stopping. What do you think??

 What are you painting now?

Sadie, our lab, just let out a loud bark, she has been watching Mike in the nursery today. She would love to go play with him but I won't let her out of the yard , too much traffic on the road.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Lab,Sadie's New Watercolor Portrait

Sadie's new watercolor portrait by me.
HI ! Thursday, I started painting Sadie as a demo. for class. When I got home I had to work on it and I had her to go by. I think this is finished. I just don't want to do a dark background and this one is for me .  This is the photo of her with the arches watercolor paper in her mouth.

The weather here has been gorgeous, and with the rain earlier we have wild mushrooms popping up everywhere. Sadie and I have been wandering in the woods this morning. I was looking and admiring the different colors and kinds of mushrooms. I found a "Man in the Woods" mushroom that is black and furry. So many colors and sizes but I won't eat them. I don't know mushrooms well enough. Sadie, doesn't pay any attention to them, thank goodness. Remember last year she was eating them, but she was very tickled to find a box turtle and then of course she rolled in a very horrible smelly I don't know what. 

Hope you are having a delightful weekend. love to each of you,Diana

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dog Watercolor Class at ESO

My Class at ESO. Patsy and Nancy. They both did a wonderful job on their pet watercolors.
Hi ! I just got home from class at ESO. We had a good time. They both did great with their dog watercolors.  I enjoyed being with them so much.

My next class at ESO will be Chickens! That will be fun too. thank you and love to each of you,Diana

ps. It's raining but I have to go play ball outside with Sadie. Now! She just chewed up a magazine.. oh boy..

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Screech Owl Painting, Pumpkins Galore, and Paint Out!

New Owl Painting, 8x10in. Framed $99. original.
Pumpkins and more at Appleseed Nurseries in Cheriton!

Beth, at Appleseed Nurseries on Monday, when she went with me to delivery my work to Stage Door Gallery.

Monelle in front and Lynne and another dear ESAL member, I can't remember her name. This was at the Paint Out this week.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two Owls,Two Pigs,Two Herons, and Three Frogs!!

HI, I am working on 2 little owls in a watercolor now. Monday is delivery day at the Stage Door Gallery. "Companions" is the title of the show. Which I find hard to fill as I mostly paint nature,sooo.. I'm taking 2 pigs, 2 herons, 3 frogs, and 2 owls if I finish them in time. I hope this fits "Companions".  Ha ha.. we'll see. Here's an owl from a painting I did a few years ago. This has always been a favorite of mine. I especially like the wet and bleeding of the paint. 

Sadie and I had a treat today, our friend Beth came over for coffee. Sadie jumped into her lap.. all 72 pounds of joyful Labrador. Ha ha. It was ok as Beth loves Sadie.

I'm tired again. I've been on the heating pad and my back is getting better. Thank you for all your kind words. love to each of you,Diana 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Art Show was Great!

Crabs, new original watercolor, sold at show on Saturday!

Sunflowers, new original 8x10, from lovely sunflowers at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

HI ! Well the Festival of the Arts was this past weekend. We had a good turn out of people. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. I did well and sold a few, around 6-7 originals. Friday night was lovely with wine flowing and the food was luscious. I had to pack up by myself in the dark that night which was a challenge. Ha.. John couldn't come... but I had a flashlight and quite a few other artists did too so we made out fine.  John did help me set up and break down on Saturday. I was so thankful he did. My back unfortunately is just bad. I've been hurting since the show and resting on the heating pad or walking slowly around the backyard to stretch it.

 I'm so thankful for such a lovely show and so many dear supporters and friends.
 Now I'll rest for awhile, Sadie was so sad this weekend when I left her. She loves John but she paints with me! ha ha..

 Wishing you a wonderful Monday. love to you, Diana