Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, January 26, 2015

Painting Snow in Watercolor for R.

HI !! This is for Renee, she asked me how to paint snow. I hope it helps you. It's a really simple demo. The second photo is just a little snow scene I've used for Christmas cards. I draw the horizon line then wet the sky area and paint thalo blue and ultramarine blue in almost a flat wash using the tip of my brush or a smaller brush I dab dab dab Viridian green with some sepia to create a very loose tree shape. the water will cause it to bleed so it's fuzzy and perfect for a little tree. I add a few loose grains of kosher salt , individually for snowflakes.  I come back into the white "snow" foreground and add two lines of water and touch them with my blues and greens.. and that is it. When it dryes take off the salt, snowflakes. If it's for Christmas I add a yellow dot at the top of the tree.

The next photo is a branch with snow on it, I just pencil in a branch then draw a lump of snow going down the branch. Put the dark sepia with burnt umber for the branch and then paint the wet wash around the area minus the snow lump. Go right up to the snow with the blue. It must be dark enough to show a difference for the snow to pop out. Add snow flakes from kosher salt while wet. Then add a grey blue shadow on the side of the snowy lump to give it depth and a little definition. Hope you get to paint some snow tomorrow. Bring it to class if you do or send it to me.

I love snow. I know here on the ES we don't get much so it's usually not a big problem and leaves quickly but when we do get it, the kids get off from school and it's almost a celebration. well for my family. ha ha..

I'm happy to help with questions
hope this helps! love to each of you,Diana

The first photo is one I did last year. Lots of Thalo and lots of water to create the back washes..

Friday, January 16, 2015

Orchid Masa Watercolor Finished. Let's have some Tea...

Orchids, 8x10, just need to frame it. $99.

Sadie, but she is still up and wanting to play..
HI, I finished my orchids this morning.  This is on the masa paper. See all the little cracks and crevices the paper creates.. perfect for flowers, quilts, any kind of watercolor painting.The photo I used is from the NBG class last weekend. The orchids were gorgeous. I know I've said that. ha ha.. I've been grocery shopping today and now am having a cup of tea..

 Sadie wants to play some more. I don't. Nope , not at all. Just want to chill as my kids would say and watch the sun sink behind the trees.

  Hope you have a wonderful weekend. love to each of you,Diana
ps. It only took me about a year to figure out how to put the Facebook Badge on.. I'm learning..ha ha.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eastern Shore Landscape using Brusho

Eastern Shore Landscape using Brusho

Monelle and Willie at the ESAL Paint out at Carla's
HI Everyone, I just had a nice day at Carla's home. This was another Eastern Shore Art League Paint out. We had lunch and painted her views. I told her each window seemed to show something to paint.. Gorgeous, like the photo in the middle here. My camera stopped working of course but I got to paint, I was sitting opposite Monelle.  I painted the scene above, with Brusho. I put the warm water on then sprinkled it on.. then added a few brush strokes and watercolor as needed. It was fun. Sadie is now raring to go play and I"m tired.. ha ha.. that is the way it goes. Tell me what you've been doing. love to you,Diana

PS My show at Eastville Inn closes Saturday am so please check it out before if you can!! Thanks~

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orchids on Masa Class

Watercolor Class at NBG yesterday.

More of the class

One of the amazing orchids.

Another one.
HI, Wow, Oh I wish you could have seen those orchids. Even if you aren't a flower person, they were outstanding. We had 6 orchids in our class to paint from.  I demonstrated how to use the masa, then they did this, we did lots of washes and exercises some with Brusho Art Crystals. Then they chose an orchid to paint from and drew it and painted it on the masa paper I had prepared  the paper last week at home. It takes a day for the paper to dry so that we can paint on it. Oh it was gorgeous. The little crevices that the masa made in the paper created the most wonderful background for the orchids. I was so proud of what they painted...we were so busy I didn't get enough photos of all of the students. After class I went to the gift shop and the Tropical House with Renee and Raina.. go if you can, the orchids were amazing. There are chairs inside to just sit and gaze at them. I took 43 photos. So I have lots to paint from, I want to do a large one on the masa.

Hope you are having a warm weekend. It's in the 40's here. Sun is shining. My back is not good but-- just take your advil and enjoy the photos and the good time from yesterday--and read a good book with hot coffee... Love to you all,Diana

I have photos of some more orchids on Facebook.  Check it out Diana M.Davis Watercolor!!! please like the page! if you do.. thanks

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Orchid Watercolor, Sadie sleeping, and Cupcake!

Orchid Watercolor. This is the one I started at The Eastville Inn Art Opening.

I got Sadie to nap after we played ball outside in the frosty weather.

Here is Cupcake. She is a talker and very sweet.
HI Everyone, I've been painting this afternoon. I've gotten out my orchid watercolor and finished it. I need to erase the pencil marks and frame it.  I took the photo at the Tropical House in Norfolk Botanical Garden.

 They are having a gorgeous orchid display and it's free to go into the garden for 2 weeks.. so go if you are nearby.

Sadie finally got tired after we played a lot of ball in the backyard. It's cold outside, I had 2 coats , gloves, and 2 scarves, to keep me warm. I looked like a walking balloon.

  Here is our Cupcake. She is much prettier than this. The photo is blurry.. but the markings on her face are lovely. Ok I did say she was the ugliest kitten I had ever seen ..but she isn't.

Hope you are staying warm. I'm going to go make some Christmas Decaf Starbucks. Talk to you soon. Love to you,Diana

Monday, January 5, 2015

Playing with Brusho in Wild Wisteria

Playing with Brusho
HI, Happy New Year. I can't believe it's 2015. I've been painting every day but today I decided to play with the Brusho Inks I got from Amazon--Blick.  I bought the 12 pack before Christmas. I was disappointed it didn't come with directions... so I went to U Tube. and found I had to puncture the lid of each container with a pin to allow the sprinkles of ink to fall out.

 So here I did use the warm water as recommended and it does work better and just with my largest squirrel quill brush splashed on a wild wisteria.. I love wisteria so very much, none around now! ha ha.. but then I sprinkled, shook madly/wildly onto the wet paper the Ultra marine, which has various blues and purples in it. For the leaves- Emerald and the vine- Dark Brown. This was freeing. I'm going to try some more. I only put the water down where I wanted the color. I wish I had not put the green vine down the center but oh well. Close up you can see swirls of the color.. So much fun.

 Have you tried it?? What are doing this winter day?? Love to you,Diana