Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday trip

Painting ginkgo leaves, just had to paint.  
Jelly Bean the new kitten has found  a new friend. 

 On Monument Ave. In Richmond,  Va. The houses were beautiful decorated amazingly.

Me and our son.

Hi, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and holiday. We visited family in Richmond, Va.  On the 26th.  Lovely party and enjoyed seeing everyone.  Clay and I walked down  Monument Ave. That evening so many gorgeous  decorations  I loved it. I took lots of photos. You can tell I am a country girl.wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and blessed New Year, my love to each of you,Diana 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Camel

Me at my parents Christmas Party.

Camel Watercolor, this has a snakeskin imprint going through her face.
Hi I can not believe it is almost Christmas.  In a way I am relieved the shopping is almost over.  Now we can take more time to be with family and enjoy and remember the true meaning  of our Christmas.  I did get a call so my commission went across the bridge as it was meant to. I am so glad. Wishing you a blessed Christmas or holiday.  My love to each of you. Diana 

How did I do the snakeskin imprint?  Sadie,my lab,  found a snakeskin,  I poured or you could just wet then apply color, gently place the snakeskin down on the wet wash. There are 2 designs, the top of the snake  and the belly,choose before you place it, l chose the top for this one. I placed a rock to weigh it down and keep  it there. When the wash is dry remove the skin and rock and a gorgeous imprint is there! Hope  this helps!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas

I have been  working  on a new Angry  Chicken  watercolor. 

Sadie, my lab, stole the beater from my cookie baking. 
Hi, well I have done it now.  I lost the name and # of the gentleman who commissioned me to paint  this chicken. I hope he calls.  I have no way of calling him. I have  learned  something,  write it large and put it in my datebook.  Then I will  have it.  I am so sorry  I hate to disappoint this new customer.  But the painting is all ready should he call. I will let you know.

I got busy and made chocolate chip cookies. These are the best I have ever made.Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips and real butter made the difference, they are rich.  John helped me clean today. That was a blessing. I still have more presents to buy and wrap....

I had a treat today I went to High Point Glassworks, Edith and Ken Platt in Pungoteague  ,Va. Ken made some gorgeous icicles for me for gifts.  He made 3 while  I watched it was amazing, visiting with Edith and Ken was such a lovely time.

Wishing each of you a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Love to each of you.Diana

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Copper Creations Open House on Saturday

Hi , today  I took 3 watercolors  to Red Queen Gallery in Onancock, Va. The 2nd photo here. Did a little  Christmas shopping and my grocery shopping, then framed the 3 little paintings for the Copper Creations Open House on Saturday, Dec.12, this Saturday.  Tomorrow  I am making my Fresh Apple Cake, Dah Corn bread and some brownies for the Open House.  

I have  got my Christmas Tree up. It is a little live one again  this year. It smells wonderful.  Sadie,my lab helped decorate it ....the kittens are rearranging it nightly. ..a lot of leaping and playing by the rascals each night.  Sometimes Jelly Bean will nestle up next to John to sleep for awhile.  ☺

I hope some of you can stop in on Saturday for the show.  There will be Copper Creations, Donna &Don Drew, Ed& Pat Kuhn, Carvings, Mama Girl Folk Art, Laughing  Dog Jewelry and Soaps, Jim and Maryann, and me and my watercolors.  Beautiful art,wonderful food, cozy warm studio in Melfa, Va.

Well I am going to make some dinner now something  easy, John has a meeting  tonight. Talk to you soon, love to each of you, Diana 
DAH was my great grandmother  from Wachapreague, Va.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hi,as you can see Sadie, my lab,and I are resting up for the rest of the day. The weekend was wonderful,  l sold 16 originals. Thank you all for your support, all my customers, The Artisan Guild, Ker Place, so many dear people, thank you.

As usual  I am wiped out, l thought we could rest in my recliner, of course,  Sadie has to bring along her chewy bone and then tosses it in the floor as far as
She can to see me try to reach it. If I don't she hangs her head like her heart is broken, I may have spoiled her a tiny bit.

I have one more  art show before Christmas, The Copper  Creations Open House on the 2nd Saturday in December. I have to slow down to revive for a few days.
I am teaching 2 classes this week if  we get enough students signed up.

Our son was home for Thanksgiving and Mama & Daddy came too. John  and Clay helped me break down at the show and clean before dinner. Wish Laura  could have been with us but so glad we got to visit on the phone.

I have my nativity set out bUT still  so much to do... I love Maywyn s post..

Take it slow,enjoy your holiday, blessings  and love to each of you, love, Diana