Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, August 29, 2011

What a storm!

We made it thru the storm. We lost power three times. The last time it was for 30 hours so I had to throw out most of the food from the refrigerator--Daisy got upset when I did this and watched and groaned! The freezer food is fine. No one got hurt although my daughters family's home was flooded in New Jersey. They are fine but it's a real mess for them. Our son is fine,he lost power for 12 hours. Our electricity finally came back on but the pump has lost it's prime so we have to have the plumber come. Hopefully today. We're tired but thankful.

While the storm raged I painted at my art table. I worked on my ES mini Landscape of Davis Wharf Marina. This is from a photo I took many years ago. I realized why I chose a detailed painting. It focused my mind on the painting not the howling wind or crashing of trees in the forest outside. I almost got carried away with the details but hope I stopped it time. How did you spend your time in the hurricane? I hope all your family and loved ones are safe and sound. take care, Diana
ps. I forgot and left a hummingbird feeder out during the storm, one little female came and perched on the feeder and spent the afternoon waiting it out with us. She was in the porch. I moved the feeder to protect her under the roof of the porch. Tried to take a photo but it didn't work. She was adorable!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting by Candlelight!

HI, well Hurricane Irene is almost here. It made landfall in NC this morning and is heading our way. When we woke up,we had coffee and breakfast and then the electricity went out. No shower, no hot water,hurry drink the coffee while it's tepid... ha ha.It's 11 am. I started a small sketch. Why I chose something detailed I don't know. I had a candle on my art table and the window is there but it's darker than normal with the rain and wind coming down. The candle didn't help much. So anyway. I had just laid in the sky/background tree wash and the power came on.(This is Davis Wharf,Va. a few years ago). I ran to get my shower while we still have power. I'll go back to the painting in a minute! Living in the country we don't always get the power back soon. I'll add more trees to redefine some lines,still a lot of work to finish it.. Keep safe and good luck in the storm. Talk to you soon, Diana ps Maybe Daisy has the right idea, she hasn't moved all morning..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hang on During Hurricane Irene!!!

One of my students brought a photo of this little frog,she painted it and so did I.I worked on it today. I thought it was perfect(unfortunately) because here comes Hurricane Irene, from the looks of her,this storm could be worse than any I've seen in my lifetime--we'll ride it out here-- winds could be up to 100... So hang on, blessings and be careful to each of you(Let's keep our heads above water :), Diana
I'll glaze the background again, I see it needs to be darker..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Creating a path for the paint to flow..

Hi! This week I've done a small demonstration and here it is. How to do a simple flower painting in watercolor. First I draw the flowers,then paint clear water around the flowers and leaves using my 1/2 inch flat(you know,that's my favorite). Afterward I have mixed up 3 or 4 colors of green on my palette,and flow these around the flowers into the wet edge. I only use viridian green because I prefer to mix my own.It's more fun that way and I can control the color and intensity. After all of this dries I paint the flowers and leaves. I tried to show you how I paint the petals of the vincas- I paint clear water on a leaf, then just a touch of red rose deep(Da Vinci Paint) in the inside corner, I then use my pencil and draw while it is still wet from the center to the outer edge of the leaf. This creates a little path for the paint to flow into and creates a vein.. I just love watercolor! But it has to be wet while you do this or it doesn't work. Let me know what you think. I enjoy your comments so much. take care and have a wonderful weekend!.. ps.. here is my bigger vinca painting.. I worked on the left side today! talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, August 15, 2011

Class at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

HI! Saturday was my class at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. We had a wonderful time and class. This is the building where the classes take place. I also was just working on my vinca painting.I still have more to do but will continue in a few minutes.As you can see I've used negative painting around some of the blue flowers,I like the abstraction.So I will pour some more coffee, and get back to painting. Take care, Diana

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Framing A Cat

Some new frames arrived-- Rudy was asleep in the chair. She decided when I wasn't looking it was too good to be true.... so there she is!! I'm getting ready for my watercolor class this Saturday at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I'm excited.. so many flowers to paint!! take care,Diana

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a Few Blooms..

Hi! Today has been a busy day. My sister and her daughter came to visit from Richmond,Va. She'll be starting college in 2 weeks, her Junior year. Time does fly doesn't it. So I didn't get much painting done. I plucked a couple of pieces from my basket and brought it inside..and have continued to sketch and had to start on the blooms. Just a few but a beginning. This painting will evolve, which can be risky! ha ha. I know it will need a butterfly or bird under the flowers, what do you think? talk to you soon, Diana

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2am. Painting

Hi, I couldn't sleep last night. So I painted. I had drawn this wonderful pepper earlier in the evening. J. had been to the vegetable stand on the highway and bought some fresh vegetables. We live in the forest so my vegetable garden didn't get enough light to produce good vegetables. I've tried a few years! Ah well. This pepper just had to be painted. and so I did. ( at 2 am) This morning as I ate breakfast I put in the darker yellows on the pepper using Cadmium Yellow Deep and Burnt Sienna.Now we can eat it! take care,have a wonderful Sunday. Diana

of course,there is my constant painting companion,my Daisy.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sketching Vinca

Yesterday I went up to Parksley,Va. to Annie's Restaurant, I had to pick up my paintings because Matt is having the restaurant painted inside. On the way home, I stopped by Hortico Garden Center.. oh no.. and everything was on sale..

I bought some pale pink Bee Balm, and two other tall perennials the garden expert told me were very invasive. I said, "No problem I like invasive.. one is pale blue, the other bright red. I know the hummers will love them. Also I bought this gorgeous hanging basket I couldn't resist.. it was on sale for $10 and it's magnificent. Of course after I brought it home it drooped terribly and I thought I had killed it already.. but no I watered it and it looked so much better.

I started to draw it today and asked my dear husband to photograph me with the plant while I was drawing. (That is the photo of my feet- He took.)I didn't include the one of just my body, no head and no flowers.. ha ha. oh he tried. So I will be painting this vinca basket... Hope the painting does justice to the amazing beauty of the flower! talk to you soon, Diana--

Look at the Eastern Shore Art League T shirt I have on! It's an antique,on the back it has work by Doris Hoffmaster, Jane Hinds, Mary Ann Clarke,Joan Trapp,Me and more!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Iridescent Medium on Hummer

HI, I've been working on some wet in wet backgrounds today. So I'm showing you a piece I had done, which is one of my favorites. I love the curve and composition of the pour and flowers and the way the female hummer is flying to enjoy them. The close up of her shows Winsor Newton Iridescent Medium. This I glazed on her after I had finished painting. I just use the cap of the bottle. Put a drop in it and wet an older tiny flat brush which doesn't hold much water and glaze it. The painting is hanging on my gallery wall and I thought you might enjoy seeing this clock by Gary Young, I bought years ago at an art show in Richmond,Va. It's wonderful,isn't it and the painting under it is an oil my daughter did when she was little. I love that too. Both stay on the wall while everything else changes..
Take care, talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, August 1, 2011

Painting Favorite Brushes

Painting brushes.. my favorite ones.. Happy August first! Can you believe it.. it felt like the summer was just beginning..take care and enjoy every second! Diana