Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peanut Butter Sandwich , Squirrel, Another Butterfly Watercolor!

HI ! I know ,I've painted another butterfly. On to something else I promise! This one I had started in class-- but had to finish. For me it's like eating popcorn-one more piece.. keep painting--just keep painting..unfortunately.I don't feel the same for cleaning. :)

 I've got family coming this weekend, my son and his girlfriend. My sister is coming for the day tomorrow and I have a class which I'm looking forward to teaching at Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Saturday. I've made a fresh apple cake, the dishes are soaking, I should clean,well maybe.. or I could paint something else.. 

Oh, the squirrel photo, I know you are wondering. I was sitting on the porch yesterday,holding my brush. I was painting tomatoes,pausing because I was too tired from shopping. A small squirrel came and got in the bird feeder. I felt sorry for him. The dear didn't have a thing in there.  I came inside, made a peanut butter sandwich,  broke it up for him and put it in the feeder. He  ate his sandwich as I sipped my coffee. It was so cute.

so.. I guess I'll go paint. You knew it didn't you! ha ha.. I will clean a little.. talk to you soon, Diana 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tiger Swallowtail Watercolor with Rice Paper

HI, I did finish my tigerswallow tail watercolor.The background, I decided to go frothy. I glued rice paper with gold metallic strips in it to the edges and stained them with thalo blue and cadmium yellow light. I'll put an oval mat on it.Here's the rice paper with it.

Now I'll work on the other butterfly. That was a spicebush swallowtail.I'll wash my old glue brush first..fill up the coffee cup and here I go..happy painting today!

Talk to you soon.Diana

Friday, June 22, 2012

Demonstration from ESO Butterfly Class

HI! Here are my 2 demonstrations from my Butterfly Class yesterday at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. The top one is the Spicebush Swallowtail and the bottom is my favorite the Tiger Swallowtail. We had 4 students and they did a beautiful job.. each painted a Tiger Swallowtail ( I hope they frame them) It was a fun day.I hope everyone has a great weekend. My sister is coming this weekend with my niece.(Somehow I'll squeeze some painting in!) Happy Weekend! talk to you soon,Diana

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Need Coffee Kind of Day!

HI, It's been one of those "Need Coffee"kind of days. Here's my coffee cup with iced coffee in it and my eraser and a quick little painting of it. I just used my angled brush. I didn't sleep very well last night.I only got 4 hours if that.. ah well.

 The lady loved her tulip painting. She got it today.

Talk to you soon.Diana  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finished Spider Tulips Painting

HI! Well I just finished. Here it is. I haven't signed it yet- will do that in a minute. It's propped up next to Daisy's rugs. I still haven't moved them. It's been 2 months and 2 days since she died. My sweet girl..

I'm so glad to be finished with this one. I hope she likes it. I'll give her a call in the morning. I want to wrap it in plastic and back it for her.

  I was surprised and happy to see my coneflowers. They actually came back and  are lovely in the morning light.. wow.. I may have to paint them.Are you painting things from your garden?

 The weather here is nice, which is a blessing as our air conditioner broke down this week. The part to fix it is coming in 10 days...It'll be humid and hot in the blink of an eye! :) hope not --ha ha.

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend..talk to you soon,Diana

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aunt Lizzie's Method..sorta

HI, I've just put one leaf in and started supper. I propped it up so I could look at it while I dice the onions and peppers and make the chili. The leaf needs more yellow and I have to put some straight viridian green as that is one color she wants in it. I've been using Aunt Lizzie's method.. :) ( no she wasn't a painter--) This took place when Gran( J.'mother) came over to help me fold clothes many years ago. The kids were little.It was that long ago. We would pile the mountain of clean laundry onto the bed and she would stand on one side with me on the other and fold. Both of us were within easy reach of our coffee cups. Gran said Aunt Lizzie would fold a little then put those few away,then fold a little and ..well you get the picture. So I'm painting a little on this one then stopping and.. I still hope to finish by tomorrow.. well maybe.. Talk to you soon,Diana

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spider Tulips

HI, I've been working on this commission today, sitting on the back porch with the gentle rain coming down.  I've run out of energy so I'm going to read for awhile.I love to read, do you? I hope /plan to finish this painting this week. Hold me to it, ok!

Talk to you soon,Diana

  I'll go fix an iced coffee.( I freeze my leftover coffee into cubes and then add to the iced coffee it makes it stronger plus I don't waste the coffee.)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tall Ships Festival Photos

HI, Yesterday was the Tall Ship Festival in Cape Charles. Lovely day,nice breeze, so many people came,I could smell the salt water. It was only 15 feet behind my booth. Pictured are my booth(I left the rack covers off to keep the breeze coming thru.. it did get hot later in the day.)Some of the ships,one coming in from a sail.Friend and artist, Albert Buck Doughty, he makes amazing metal works and my neighbor(booth) friends,Janet and Hayden and Vince and Dawn. All such nice people!! One sale but ah that's the way it goes sometimes.. lots of interest.. Have a restful,sunny weekend, talk soon,Diana

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Tail Feathers and Swollen Ankle

HI, today I've been getting ready for the Tall Ship Show.. Tall Ship Festival at Cape Charles. I will be there tomorrow showing my work from 9am-6pm. I finished this little rooster and added tail feathers.He's all framed and ready to go. The car is mostly packed.My foot has been sore for a few days and I just looked at it and swollen ankle.. should make for a good hobble at the art show. oh well..

  hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon,Diana

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tree Frog and New Tiny Brushes

HI, This morning Hampton Roads Wholesalers came by at 8am. Fred is the owner and delivers here on the Eastern Shore for them once every 3 weeks. They bring supplies and frames for $8 and deliver right here at my house! He delivers all the way to Chincoteague,Va. which is 30 miles north of here.

 I,then, went to the grocery store and got home,fixed an iced coffee, and headed for the back porch with the zooming hummingbirds.I finished the little frog painting. J. had ordered me some tiny brushes(Amazon had them) and I got them today. They are so tiny!! They'll be perfect for butterflies and cutting around edges.. but I can see now-- I enjoyed trying some of them out on the froggie.. got to be careful. I must use Large Brushes too so I won't tighten my work up anymore.. we'll see what happens..

I love these sweet little tree frogs they cling to the side of the house at night sometimes and have the largest voice for such a tiny creature. I held one one day. It was such a dear moment.

Well ,can we have leftovers again?? It's almost suppertime.  talk to you soon, Diana

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fresh Frog and Painting with Monelle

HI! Today I spent the day at my friend Monelle's painting. She was working on a steer, and an orange kitty. I worked on this little frog painting. I've still got plenty to do to finish him. One rooster is almost done.We had lunch out at China Chef and enjoyed painting.

 J. brought me some veggies from a farm stand. I know.. we live in the country but here in the trees we don't have enough sun for a vegetable garden. I've tried-- but there are lots of farm stands! Only problem is I usually have to paint them before we eat them- Do you do this?

 Here is our kitty,Rudy. She's 17 years old but decided to crawl in this bag. She's always been J.'s kitty. Daisy was mine. She is a nice kitty but we've never been very close,now she purrs in my arms---as if to comfort me. talk to you soon, Diana

Monday, June 4, 2012

Flower Patch and Hummingbirds

HI! I just wanted to show you my flower patch in the backyard. I enjoy it so much. There is no order to it just random spattering of whatever my eye likes. I've been collecting wild daisies from the fields and planted them in here too.

The hummingbirds zoom thru my back porch all the time. This is fun -- they almost seem to try to get as close as possible. I took this photo yesterday as the little male was eating.(sorry about the dog pen in the picture.. Daisy never would get in there.. ) We only have the Ruby throated Hummers here but they are magnificent.. so very delicate. Do you have hummers where you are? What kind?

 take care and enjoy your day, Diana

  Going to paint outside now with my coffee and some chocolate...I'll need an extra extra large moo moo for the beach! Ha Ha...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quinby Landscape

HI, yesterday I went up to Onancock. The Tall Ship,the Sultana, had arrived the night before.Here's a photo of it. Next weekend many Tall Ships will arrive in Cape Charles,Va.,this is 30 miles south and there will be a Tall Ship Festival.The following weekend I think they will be in Norfolk,Va. I'll be showing my artwork on Saturday in the Tall Ship Festival at Cape Charles.

I've painted and finished my little landscape pictured with it I have 2 photos of the Quinby bridge one I took years ago(top) and one last week(right side). I have 3 more commissions to finish,one of tulips and 2 angry chickens. The chickens are taking off. (Sorry I couldn't help myself!! Ha HA) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope to rest some,I'm still tired from last weekend. Take care,Diana