Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Owl Watercolor

HI! Finished my owl painting. Just now. Daisy snored the whole time! talk to you soon! Diana

Monday, July 25, 2011

Glazed shell

hi, I added more shadow to the shell and punched up the peaches and pinks in the background, also glazed the sand shadow too.. so it's finished.. tell me what you think..thanks, Diana

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sea Shell Watercolor

HI, here is a little sea shell painting. I've just started it today. I know I need to darken the shadows some and I thought I might add some rice paper in places on the painting just for fun. I'll tear it and glue it to the watercolor painting.. I'll show you when I do it. I used some Daniel Smith paints for some of the shadows in the shell, this is Luna Black and it's granulated. Which is great for sandy things!

On my walk, yesterday, I picked this Sensitive Fern. It was growing in a ditch bank and so beautiful..It's super simple study, just wet the paper without drawing the fern just where I think the fern would be and let viridian green, thalo blue, and cadmium yellow flow into it.. I did add a touch of burnt umber with the viridian to make it more olive. This was while I was on the phone and it's just a little study.Do you sometimes just need to paint? I love to feel the paint brush in my hand!

The weather here is hot and hazy and humid! Wishing for some rain to cool things down a bit. Have a lazy- but cool-- Sunday. Talk to you soon,Diana

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Norfolk Botanical Garden Class & Wildflower

Hi, Here is a little painting I did at the beach from 2 little wildflowers I picked there. I believe it's Painted Lady.. it was everywhere. Then we had a wonderful tomato that Pete brought and so I had to paint it.

Yesterday I went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I had never been. It was amazing. Everywhere I looked was a gorgeous landscape to paint.. so many gorgeous plants and well needless to say I was just in awe of the beauty. I went to see my classroom and meet with the director about my upcoming class in August. We will be painting some flowers cut from the garden just for us! and the room looks onto a lovely landscape so that is another possiblity for painting. It's going to be fabulous. If you live near Norfolk,Virginia Beach or the Eastern Shore it would be a great time to learn watercolor or enhance your painting and enjoy all that beauty! August 13, on a Saturday from 10am-3pm. Supplies included and so is a box lunch. Cost is $105 or $85 for members of the garden. Call 1-757-441-5830 to register.I've got the website connected to the side where the classes are so you can look and see. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.. and I only saw a small part of the gardens. well I guess I'll go start a little painting. talk to you soon, Diana

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More of Beach Vacation!

hi, more photos of the wonderful beach vacation and some of the watercolors I did there! talk to you soon, Diana

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting at the Beach!

HI, Guess where we went! We went on a family vacation to Rodanthe,NC. It was gorgeous as you can see.

Eleven adults and 5 teenagers and kids too. We enjoyed the beach each day,sitting, soaking up sun, warmth,salt water with waves big enough for kite surfing. Days of relaxing, playing corn hole, playing cards,eating seafood and savoring ice cold drinks on the sand. I painted each day on the beach! We waded in the sound which was ankle deep with clear warm water.

So grab your paint brush and head out,you will love it. I found I prefer hot press for beach scenes on location. I used mostly one brush per painting as I was doing this quickly and I did enjoy trying out my new rounds. Colors of the beach were thalo blue, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, a touch of sepia.. the white of the paper for the spray and waves. I'll show you more beach paintings and photos soon. Take care and as always it's nice to get home! Diana

Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing with brushes...

Hi, well the show at Red Queen Gallery is over. I picked up my work yesterday, the gallery kept 10 originals. Great! including my new "Blue Bottles and Luna Moth"-I framed that yesterday morning.

Today I have played with some new brushes--( just swirled them in color and used scraps of paper.. and doodled..) that I got yesterday.They are a small set of sable brushes that were on sale for a great price.To me, sable brushes are the ultimate luxury, I love the way they glide across the paper. My favorite brush of all times is Cheap Joe's Magic Dragon 1/2 flat sable.

I've been cooking for a family time, today, I made 18 cups of chicken salad, 24 cups of pasta salad and 2 dozen brownies.. that may be why I've only played with my brushes.. ha ha... take care and talk to you soon, here is a photo of My "Day lily" painting at the Red Queen now. The lilies are gorgeous now, hope you get to enjoy some. Diana

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pear Painting

HI! Today I drove down to Cape Charles,Va. to Stage Door Gallery to take these three paintings for their show this month. I finished framing them this morning.

My showing at the Red Queen ends this Wednesday. It's been a great show.

It's been hot and humid today. Stay cool and talk to you soon,Diana