Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, January 31, 2011

Adding Greens to the Stems

HI,well late this afternoon I've been working on the leaves and started the glass vase. I've used negative painting around some of the stems wherever I see it works. I love to paint around something and make it pop out.

So here are some of the stem leaves... It started sleeting a minute ago.We've had some winter weather! Daisy is better, not totally well but getting there, thank you for your concern.

stay warm and talk soon,Diana

ps Thought I'd show you how lovely the tulips are now!!!! Just Stems!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tulip Petals and Sick Daisy!

Today,we've had trouble.

Last night, after Dr.Johnson, had closed his office, Daisy developed a fever of 103.. Daisy, as you know, is our lab. Normal dog temperature is 101. I knew the way she was looking at me she was ill. So this morning as soon as we could, I called Doc and he said bring her. That is to Pocomoke,Md. which is almost an hour away but off we zoomed to discover she has a uti and throat infection.. so 2 antibiotics, a shot and more-- we zoomed back home.

This afternoon as she snores nestled near my feet, I have painted tulip petals. This is so relaxing after our morning (and night). I need to get them painted as the flowers are slowly bending to the table, so first I paint the actual blooms. Then if they fall off I still have the stems to paint!!(Doc said Daisy should be better by tomorrow-I hope so.) stay warm, talk to you soon,Diana

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On to Tulips!

Hi, I finished my little daffodil painting just now and here it is. I'll have this framed and in my next show,the Heritage Festival at Eastern Shore Community College.

I've already started on a new painting. The lovely tulips and as you can see they are gorgeous now but that means hurry and paint. I could take photos and I have of the tulips but I feel it gives even more to the painting to paint from the actual flower if I'm fortunate and have one. Don't you!?

So stay warm and take care, we may have flurries tonight, just flurries-- that will be lovely,just to see it fall! Talk to you soon,Diana

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting Daffodils

This morning I've been working on my new little daffodil painting. I've added some shadows and been working on the petals. Now I decided to put a dark green background behind the daffodils, I debated a thalo blue for fun but decided on the dark green. I use only one green(viridian) and mix it to make whatever green I like. For this I am using my viridian green and sepia and a touch of ultramarine blue. This makes a rich dark green... although I see I will have to glaze it again to get it darker. I want contrast, haha,afterward I will go in and darken some of the shadows on the flowers. Talk to you soon. Stay warm,it's cold here, Diana

Monday, January 24, 2011

Things that Brighten my Grey Winter Day

Things that Brighten my Grey Winter Day

1. A walk in the stillness of the air that precedes snow! ( just a tiny snow!)
2. Feel of a paintbrush in my hand
3. Warmth of a gas fireplace
4. Yellow
5. Daisy's (our lab) snores as I paint
6. Dusty's (our second dog) polka dotted nose
7. My husband's laugh
8. Hot Coffee
9. Beginning of a new daffodil painting.. that makes me think of spring!

What are somethings that brighten your grey winter days?? Talk to you soon, here is the beginning of a small daffodil painting. Take care,Diana

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Feathers are on the Bird

HI, well I've been working on the heron and I just finished it.(He's a Great Blue Heron.We have them everywhere here on the Eastern Shore.) I like it, I didn't like the black feathers coming down his side in the first photo so I used more than one photo for reference and really do like the way it turned out. It has a wonderful backwash in the black feathers. Watercolor seems to me to capture feathers and fur better than oil. What do you think? take care and talk to you soon, Diana

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ESAL Paint Out

Today, I went to a paintout of the Eastern Shore Art League, here are a few of the ladies present with some of the beginnings of our paintings. Susan McGuire invited us to her lovely home to paint together and we all took a dish for lunch.We met her lab,Katie. I painted her oranges on a lovely blue platter, you can see it with Susan and her painting of flowers(first photo).No photo of me, I'm taking the pictures..haha! A warm day in a cozy home painting with friends..Talk to you soon, Diana

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Admiring Owls!

Owls!! Dusty and I were just hunting. It's dark here at 7:12pm on Sunday evening. Hunting to see/admire only.This is the only kind of hunting I do. We were out in the backyard, really the forest and I heard a Barred Owl, with one answering in the near trees. So out we went with flashlight, Dusty,one of our dogs, was more interested in sniffing weeds( our backyard)while I was looking for the owls. I followed the owl voice to the front yard, then to the side yard..Waiting for him to answer the other owl, and finally back to the backyard.. and gone. Ah well, he was amazing even if I only got to hear him up close..

Now last night at 11:30pm we had a little screech owl very close to the house. He was only about 6 to 7 inches high, quincrodone burnt orange and white and browns. A delight to behold and to watch,I was just 10 feet away. Isn't nature wonderful!!!

Here is a painting of a barn owl I did a few years ago.I named the painting "Mona Lisa Owl" because of her pensive expression. I believe I sold it in Williamsburg,Va at a show there. I do have one owl painting now but I may have to paint another soon.

Take care and enjoy your evening. Talk to you soon,Diana

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opening at Red Queen-Gallery O

Hi, I just got home from delivering a brand new original to the Red Queen/ Gallery O gallery in Onancock,Va.Each artist will have only one painting in this show.. This is for their Art Opening of their new location on Main St. a Special Opening SOON! Renovations of the new building are almost completed.I'll let you know when the date is set so you can see it.

So I'm home now back in the studio and the sun is shining!! It's still cold outside but I have my new coffee pot and I'm getting a cup and picking up my paint brush. talk to you soon, Diana

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painting a Heron

Hi, two nights ago I couldn't sleep. I was up and wanted to sketch a little so I started this heron. Today I've started painting him. Here is the photo of the final sketch and what I've gotten painted so far. I've been enjoying him. The colors remind me of winter.

Speaking of which we are getting an icy rain now with promises of ice tonight.. a good day for hot coffee and the blasted coffee maker broke!!! Ah well, J. called and he bought a new one and will bring it home after work..I love strong coffee and don't know what I'd do without out it..

I'm getting ready for the Heritage Festival. The title of the show is "Treasures of the Eastern Shore", a heron definitely fits.

Stay warm and dry and have a lovely cup of coffee, talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, January 10, 2011

Antique Bottles and Farm Glass Watercolor

Hi, here is a painting of some old antique bottles we have found in nearby fields and forests.I have been working on it this morning and just finished it. The little blue bottle I bought from a little store near Silver Beach.The other pieces of glass were found near an old farm house. I love to paint glass trying to save the whites and adding the different colors from whatever is around the glass is fun and challenging.

We are expecting more snow tonight and cold bad weather tomorrow. Daisy is laying by the fire snoring. Take care and stay warm, talk to you soon, Diana

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rambling buds

Hi,this morning I finished my cyclamen painting. This is the one I started before Christmas.

I painted most of yesterday afternoon and ran into the situation.. the composition needed something but I wasn't sure What.. I liked the way the pink flower came down on the left side and didn't want to change that.. so I sketched 2 rambling buds and cut them out and placed them on my watercolor and That was what I needed. Sometimes if I'm unsure I'll paint an extra flower on a scrap of paper and then move it around on the painting to determine where it's needed or if it's needed. This is a very good and easy help for your paintings.. I don't do this always but when you get in that "What does it Need Now, Mode".

So what do you think? Take care,and now on to the next painting.. humm.. what will it be! talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Exhibition at Stage Door Gallery

Today I went down to Cape Charles to deliver paintings to the Stage Door Gallery for their new exhibition. This is one of the four watercolors I now have down there to be displayed for the Winter Exhibition, "Characters of the Shore" will be showing from Jan.8-30. I took my Lady in Blue, and the" Young Artists Show" will be Feb.6-27. Those of us considered older.. but not old,mind you, just not a teenager as required for the young artists--any more will still be displaying our work there at this time( I have 3 in this show, one of which is the Antique Egg Basket with Wren from other posts). So that has been my day, I did paint a little this morning. Daisy's,our lab, arthritis is acting up since I got home so one of us will go up to Pocomoke to Doc tomorrow for more medicine. I wish I had some now but for tonight she'll curl up by the fire and I've just given her some bufferin.Take care, talk to you soon,Diana... I added the photo of the orchid because you haven't seen that painting,this Pink Orchid watercolor will be here in the studio not at the show..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be Careful What You Do on New Years Day!!

Hi, Happy New Year!! I want to wish each of you a wonderful new year and thank you for your comments and support thru this blog. You are my friends and I have enjoyed visiting with you! Thank you!!

This Christmas for me was especially hard without Gran. I still miss her so much. We all do. Christmas Day it started snowing here and living on the Eastern Shore we don't usually get much snow. It was a blizzard, 16 inches of snow. We were snowed in for 2-3 days. I posted a photo of the snow falling!

Here are some of the wonderful Christmas cards I received over the years from artists friends. Guy Wilkins, Ruth, and Barbara Schmidt. Also pictured is the inside of Guy's card this year which is what we all should wish for this upcoming year, Joy in each day!!

Yesterday when I got home from the grocery store J. said come quick.. I knew something was wrong. He said you won't believe this but we have a deer under the back porch. Dusty had broken out in a howl so J. went to see what it was and found 3 small dogs under the porch growling and barking, he frightened them away and a deer head appeared beside the porch. The white tailed buck had a puncture in his leg and I went out and stood next to him-while he was laying by the porch,I talked softly to him, hoping to soothe him. He was gorgeous, his eyes clear and very much afraid but still.. such an amazing animal. He had one antler, the other had fallen off. He ran off into the woods and we followed for awhile but he appeared to run well and we hope he is all right, I've thought of him a lot today. It truly is wonderful to be near nature.

Last night at 1am I worked on my cyclamen painting for awhile. I've added a few leaves and drawn some more. I feel a painting must evolve.. so I'll see where it goes. You know Gran always said whatever you do on New Years Day you will do the rest of the year.. so be careful what you do!! Hope you will be painting or creating! Happy New Year! talk to you soon, Diana