Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tiger Swallow Tail Watercolor continues

Butterfly in watercolor continues

Butterfly watercolor workings

Sadie sleeping at night.

Resting Sadie. (Wish I looked that good with a cone on my head.)
Hi, I've been working on my butterfly watercolor today. It takes a long time with all that detail but I do so love butterflies. I love painting,it's so soothing to me.

 Sadie,our puppy, slept well last night as you can see her in her crate! Ha ha.. she does get in strange positions even with the collar on and here is her resting now by my art table. The collar doesn't seem to bother her, and she's taking her antibotic for the infection of her stitches.

Glad we don't have to go to the vet today.I'm going to make some more coffee and get back to the butterfly. I saw one go by earlier. We have so many especially the Spicebush Swallow Tail (black ones) on my pink phlox. Sadie does love to leap,snatch the butterfly,and mash the flower on the way down. All happens in a second.. I should have taken photos earlier! ah well.. ha ha..  my love to  you,Diana

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Poor Sadie!

Sadie has an infection of her stitches.. We went to the vet and he said yes.. and put this E collar on her. The sockies keep her from scratching. Already the socks are off..  She has a course of antibotics too of course. I did get 1/2 of my butterfly painted before we went. It's been one of those days..Take care and love to you,Diana

NOISY here!

"Froggie Baby",original watercolor by Diana M.Davis, $99, 8x10

Beth,Addy and Anna

Sadie and the Truck

Butterfly watercolor beginnings
So much to share.. Friday I got by and saw my friend Beth and Anna ,her daughter, and this is Addy,her granddaughter. Jackson her grandson,4 years old, was snuggling in bed. But we all got to visit and enjoy being together before they have to go back home to Montana.

Here is my Frog finished. He was so much fun to paint. Funny or happy is good.

Sadie, this morning,is looking out the window at the well truck. Bundick is here to drill us a new well. We can hear the drilling as it's going into the earth.. They had to cut a holly tree down to the ground..ah well. I've been trying to work on my tiger swallow tail.. got one wing done.  I've turned on the music loud.. Helen Jane Long blasting.. ha ha.. sounds good. Sadie's had some redness and weeping of her stitches .. no wonder she won't hold still.. so later today we're going back to the vet for a recheck..  Take care. Going back for more butterfly painting. love,Diana

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sadie's Doing Well and Frog Inspired Watercolor

HI! Sadie is doing fine from her surgery. She has to be kept quiet for 10days so I'll be walking her around the yard on the leash. She got some sleep last night..me not so much..  Today she hasn't been happy to have me attached to her every time we go outside.She chased a frog. .She ate a butterfly,2 locust shells..she was happy..and I tried to grab inspiration --ha -- and decided to paint the frog!(I didn't bring him inside.)  Tell me what you are painting.. what inspired you..silly is fine..-- I'm so tired.. I need coffee-- love to you,Diana

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sadie's operation is today and Maplewood ESAl Paint out.

Yesterday was the Eastern Shore Art League Paint out at Maplewood Gardens in Nassawadox,Va. I went and enjoyed painting a quick watercolor of part of the big house at Maplewood. This is the breezeway and office that connects to the house. Everywhere was flowers as you can see I got some good photos of the hibiscus and canna too. Here are Monelle and Sue and some of us around the pool there. Such a lovely place. I bought a few vinca to plant in my flower gardens. Sadie helped she ate or rather shredded one. Here she is with an ear of corn, from my grocery shopping. Today Sadie gets her spaying operation. My heart is in my throat and will be all day. I'm such a sensitive one.Keep us in your thoughts..love to you,Diana

Monday, July 22, 2013

Watercolors of Rodanthe

Here are some. I counted and I have 45. Some are not keepers,some are fine. I just tried to enjoy the moment and keep moving my brush. Some are the sound which was quieter and paler it seemed except when the wind picked up. I had one day my feet were swollen from sunburn so I stayed on the porch at the house and painted at the picnic table. It was quiet with such soft colors, the girls and John brought me wildflowers and I painted them too. We had beautiful peaches. It was a nice time. What are you painting? I've missed checking up with you. I will this week. love,Diana

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rodanthe 2013...We were at the Beach!

HI, I was gone for a short week to Rodanthe,NC.I painted during the days on the beach with our family,16 of us. We enjoyed it so much. Very relaxing. The house, we rented, was right on the sound this year. The porch was a perfect place to see the sunset so I painted every sunset but 2. Jacob painted one night with me. He did 2 beautiful paintings. I got to try a Sup.-- a standup paddleboard. I did well for a few minutes then dove into the sound, mistakenly so,in 1 foot of very warm clear water. Ha ha. We feasted ,read juicy novels, got sun burnt and I painted each day!!. Here is me on the beach painting,the family on the steps, and a sunset right there from the porch. Gorgeous. Sadie stayed with Laura,a friend who boards dogs in her home.She treats them as if they are her own. Sadie had a great time visiting with lots of other labs. I'll show you my paintings from the beach tomorrow. Love to each of you,Diana

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunflower Class Today!

Here are 2 photos from class today. I had 8 students. We painted gorgeous sunflowers in the checkerboard style. Everyone did a great job and we hope to have some of my students work in the Education Hall at Norfolk Botanical Garden in a few months. When I got home I had to take a photo of Sadie. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm zonked. love to you,Diana

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lilies in Watercolor

HI, I'm in a slump. A painting slump..  But I decided to push and do this yellow day lily, Sherrie I held the blackeyed susan up to the painting but it was too small and didn't fit with the lilies. So tell me what you think. I added the burnt sienna under the yellow day lily to define it some more. It became lost next to the bolder ones. I'll look at it for a few days to see if I'm finished..

  Here is a lily from my garden. I'm in awe that it's here and it's so gorgeous. I've tried not to look at it when Sadie was looking. I can just see her running around the backyard in glee with my stargazer lily in her mouth. ha ha. Not so far!! Thank goodness. Here is Sadie on the Eastern Shore News.   Talk to you soon. love,Diana

Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Color

HI, I am tickled. My flower garden is blooming.. always a gift to me! We have calla lilies, which I picked and painted with the hummingbird. I added a new color to my palette Opus in Da Vinci or Opera in WN. It's a vibrant,shocking pink so I had to add it to the hummer and lilies
 I've worked on the day lilies too and now can't decide wheither to put a hummingbird,yellow black eyed susans or a yellow lily in the painting. What do you think?

 Sadie is doing well.. she found a dead vole yesterday and was so very proud to carry it around the backyard. I took it from her(isn't it fun!) and on to the next adventure -- burying ice cubes.. ha ha..

 Pictured too are some Loblolly pine trees in our backyard.. Love to hear the soft whoosh as their needles sway in the wind, and smell the warm pine. Talk to you soon,Love,Diana

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth and New Boat Watercolor

"Here Comes the Rain" 8x10,framed $99,original watercolor.

HI! Happy Fourth of July!!! Hope you are having a nice holiday. We are taking it easy,not doing much. I've painted some which I always enjoy. Here is what I've been working on a small boat painting. I especially love the sky.. I took the dark and pulled it down to the horizon to appear to be rain in the background. The boat is from Davis Wharf,Va. Marina, like a mile from my house!  Here's Sadie,with those amazing brown eyes.. looking like an angel.. however yesterday she disappeared into the trees and I went after her.. Not looking down but just at her I ended up in 3 feet tall poison ivy... I 'm fine. I smeared up in hydrocortisone cream.. good grief and yes I got her -- she was after the feral cat. Mama Girl, the cat is fine and Sadie and I are too. She and I both were exhausted after our jaunt in the woods.. It's gorgeous.. but I prefer a slow walk..:) Have a wonderful day!! love,Diana