Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painting Together Outside

Daisy and I painted together on the front porch today. She pressed up against me as I started painting this geranium. I had sketched it last week when it was gorgeous. Now I need to use my imagination a little to fill in the blooms.. hopefully it will come back as lovely as before. As I was painting a female hummer came and hovered about a foot away. I plan to add a hummingbird to the bottom corner of the painting. It suddenly turned dark and started rumbling so we had to move in. We do need the rain but it's so nice to paint outside and enjoy the day. talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day of Cleaning

HI! It seems when I have a show, afterwards I have lots of laundry, straightening everything, and with the pollen on the breeze and the windows open it's floating or rather blowing in.The show was nice but sales were off. No one was happy with their sales. But we must just keep on painting and hang in there. I don't know about you, but what else can we do. Quitting is not an option.

Hope you all had a nice Easter and holiday, I did make it to preaching and Sunday School.(I was tired and sore but I got there!) Here is a photo of the cross from our church in Craddockville, on Easter morning. It was a lovely Easter service.

I finished my Geese watercolor and framed it in time for the show and got lots of lovely compliments on it. So here it is. Well I'll go dust off some pollen.. maybe if I open windows on both sides of the house it will blow thru. It's a lovely spring day! talk to you soon, Diana

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian Geese& Chincoteague Decoy Show

HI! I've been working on these lovely Canadian Geese, here is the sketch with the beginning of the first goose in watercolor,as you can see the other too are sketched and ready to paint. I saw some fly over yesterday. Such grace.

I've got to pack the car and get everything ready for the Chincoteague Decoy and Art Show. I've decided to set up in the morning... instead of tonight. It will help. It takes an hour to get there from here. The causeway into Chinoteague is one of the prettiest places I've seen, a treat. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and Holiday. take care, Diana

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Whippoorwill Sings and Orchid Blooms

My orchid is in full bloom. Amazing isn't it. 12 blooms.... and I hear the first whippoorwill-- yes-- right this very minute singing in the woods. So amazingly beautiful.. this week has been way too busy with blasted machines.. I need this moment of beauty.

Take care,Diana

Monday, April 18, 2011

Computer Problems and Sketch of Hummingbird

Hi! Computer problems today.. We had a malware.. blasted creature in our computer..I have wiped the computer clean and reinstalled information and now have no photos but what was in my camera .. it's amazing isn't it how we become so used to computers.. ah well.

I wanted to let you know I have an art show this Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23 in Chincoteague,Va. Please go to the link in the right hand corner of the blog and click on it and it will tell you so much more.Unfortunately I seem to have lost some of my address book and may not get my show email out as planned. If you would like to be included in my show emails let me know.. it's davisart@verizon.net.

Here is a sketch from my sketchbook. The hummingbirds arrived last week. They are gorgeous. I included a photo of some of my art books.

Well I had hoped to paint outside today but... ah well. I may have to grumble just a little while longer.. I'll get my coffee and start sketching! take care friends, and keep your virus protection up to date! talk to you soon,Diana

Friday, April 15, 2011

Frog Watercolor in the STORM??

hi, Well I have to frame this new little frog painting and one more little one for the show tomorrow. Now the weather forecast is sounding BAD!! WINDS 45 and rain, possible thunderstorms.. Great, me in a tent doing the Vanna White (holding on for dear life and still attempting to look cheerful!) Well, we just have to be positive and hope for the best. Keep your fingers crossed... have a great weekend! talk to you soon,Diana Ps The show is Kerr Place Art Show in Onancock,Va. featuring ESAL artists!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kerr Place & ESAL Spring Art Show

Hi, well, on to the next show. This month I have 3 art shows(2 outside). I've been working this week on another Eastern Shore Mini Landscape. Here is a photo of what new ES Minis I have for my next show. This will be this Saturday, April 16th at Kerr Place in Onancock,Va.from 10am to 4pm,local artists with lovely works of art. The Kerr Place/ Eastern Shore Art League Spring Art Show,during Garden Week on the Shore. This is the tour of a few lovely historical homes with their gardens, lunch is available next door to the art show. Hope for lovely spring weather! Last weekend was cold and wet..but I did enjoy being with Ed and Pat Kuhn and Donna and Don Drew and Marilyn,Karen,Carolyn and Peter.

Here,too is a photo of some painting beginnings.

Pictured is Rudy, our Kitty,I tried to take her picture next to the flower garden but you know how it goes trying to get a cat to pose!!! take care, and hope to see you at the show.Back to painting and more coffee. Diana

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Checkerboard Garlic Watercolor

Hi,well I just finished this little garlic painting! I enjoyed doing the peaches last summer this way so I thought I'd give it another go. This one I made the cubes bigger. I like it. I framed 2 paintings yesterday for the show this weekend. Still have 5 more to go.. This is the Annual Thoroughgood House Spring Festival,Saturday April 9th from 10am til 2pm. As you can see I had help with the painting, there's Daisy by my foot snoring away. Talk to you soon,Diana

Friday, April 1, 2011

Downward Facing Frog

HI! Happy April Fool's Day!Hope you have a silly fun day!

Here is my new frog watercolor finished. I called it Downward Facing Frog.. J. has tried to get me doing yoga to help my back.I am trying. I suppose this is really the Cobra position. Well I'm learning! I used the pour to suggest a forest setting and used negative painting to define the leaves or suggestions of leaves.

These are some begonias I got recently. The colors in these are fabulous. Today the seedpods from the trees are drifting by the windows. So beautiful. well have a wonderful weekend, restful and peaceful. take care, Diana

ps. Next weekend is the Annual Thoroughgood House Spring Celebration (Art and Garden Show) in Virginia Beach,Va... I will be there showing my art.So I'll be getting ready for that--framing.. just got some frames in!!