Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Painting in The Window at the RQ

Me at the Red Queen Gallery painting in the window!

What I was looking at and what I was painting while I sat there.
Just a brief hi! Today I painted in the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock,Va. In the window, thank you all so much for coming and supporting me!! Love to each of you and Happy Weekend. yes I'm wiped out, but I enjoyed it! Diana

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art on the Farm Show and PIGLETS!

Me hanging my work at the show. John helped me so much!

A Gorgeous day !

Perennial Roots Kune Kune Piglet, they brought 2. They were adorable!
HI ! Wow, it was a lovely show. I sold 12 originals. I was so pleased to see everyone and thank everyone for their support.  I had a good time visiting the booths next to me. Perennial Roots www.perennialroots.com was near by and brought 2 little piglets. I naturally was talking to them and petting the pigs throughout the day.  I love animals. These I'll be painting more of, isn't that a sweet face. There were a lot of people there so I was busy all day. John and Clay came and broke me down and packed up for me. I'm still exhausted, but it was a very good time.

Clay is visiting this weekend. Here in the USA it's Memorial Day Weekend. I'm so glad he got to come home for a long weekend. He brought me my mothers day and birthday present-- a tablet. I've never had one before and it's so wonderful to have the men watching tv while I play on it. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It's wonderful.

Sadie.our lab, has pulled a muscle in her leg, but she is doing ok, Cupcake, the kitty, is enjoying looking out the windows.

Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings and love to each of you,Diana

Friday, May 22, 2015

Art and Music on the Farm in Machipongo,Va.

Last two to frame for BIC Fine Art Show tomorrow, don't touch that brush Diana.
HI, I'm finished framing. Ah I do have trouble stopping painting, but I must for now. I'm telling myself this more than I"m telling you. I've been known to jump up in the middle of the night before a show and whip off an inspired but not detailed little one for a show. Not tonight, be good, right!!  Love to each of you and have a good weekend!!

Show is Art and Music on the Farm at Barrier Island Center, 10am -4pm cost is $5 adult, free for children. Juried Art, Music, Great food, Beer, Wine, Iced Coffee ( I will get some of the Iced Coffee it's so good!!) flowers, plants, a little bit of heaven to enjoy in one day~! come enjoy with us!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Painting an OWL in Watercolor

When I put in his chest feathers, it was such fun!

The beginning of Beauregard, the Barred Owl.
HI, This week I started Beauregard. Remember the owl I saw at Norfolk Botanical Garden, this is him. I actually got to pet his back, it was so very soft. Later I looked and he had put his head on his caretakers breast and fallen asleep. How adorable.. You know how much I love nature!!

Anyway, I sketched him first and have dry brushed and then dabbled water where I wanted the colors to bleed. This creates such a soft feather! I hope to work on him today. It's warm and sunny maybe I'll paint on the back porch again. I love being outside with the hummingbirds zooming thru the porch, now the baby Carolina Wren has left the nest in the eves over where I paint so no more visits from their family. We do have 2 new kittens which need homes.. both tuxedo cats. Sadie and Mama cat are having a feud, Sadie, our lab, wants to see and play, and Mama cat is protecting her babies..

Wishing you a happy weekend. Next weekend I have an art show. Barrier Island Center Art and Music on the Farm.  Love to each of  you. Diana

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

New Painting!
My Sadie, trying to help with the laundry as I paint, isn't she sweet.
Wishing everyone a beautiful, loving mother's day or Sunday. My love to each of you,Diana

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beautiful students and beautiful flowers!

Raina with her completed watercolor. She did Great!!

Yesterday at Norfolk Botanical Garden, I had 11 ladies in my class.We studied hummingbirds and peonies. Gorgeous peonies. The azaleas were blooming, what a wonderful day. Everyone did a great job painting and we had a fun time together. Thank you all so much!

I've been painting on a watercolor of peonies today that I started yesterday. Just made some coffee, another beautiful spring day!! Happy Sunday.

 love to each of you,Diana

 ps. Sadie,my lab,has been by my side, our kitty, Cupcake has been delighted to find a few windows open so she could get closer to the hummingbirds!!