Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Kune Kune Piglet Watercolor and ESAL

Here is the beginning of a new Kune Kune Puglet from Perennial Roots.

Hi Everyone, today I went up to the Eastern Shore Art League Gallery where we took down our Spring Member Show. I didn't sell anything but they did sell a few so that was good. Monelle went with me and we enjoyed seeing some other artist friends, including Bentley who is Lois's dog. Lois sometimes brings him along to spend her day at the gallery. Can you see Sadie there, she'd eat or chew on everything!!! ha ha.. Have a great weekend. love to each of you,Diana

Friday, March 27, 2015


Look it's a photo~!!!

My daughter, Laura, who is a genius naturally helped me fix it.. Thank you Laura so much. Love you Ma!!!

To Feel the Brush Move

I just lost the post. Blasted. ah... well I was just telling you about The Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles,Va. having an Art Opening tonight. I have 5 new paintings there. The subject of the show was a lovely poem about the Eastern Shore, oysters, water, and the beauty we have here. It will be a lovely show. It lasts for 2 months so you have time to stop in if you can't make it tonight. I'm afraid I can't.

The week has been busy with my Bible Study, Drs. appointments, and errands. I just need to go paint now. To feel the brush in my hand and the smooth glide of it on the paper.

Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend. Still check out Facebook to see photos of my newest work. I'll get this working soon. I hope. love to each of you,Diana

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kune Kune Piglet!

Well I lost that post. Ah well. I can't get the photo up yet but am pleased I changed the Painting in my studio. Look at that.  It's next to the post. It is a  Kune Kune Piglet from Perennial Roots www.perennialroots.com . This is a farm in Accomack,Va. North of us on the Eastern Shore of Va. They are very nice people.

My art show this weekend was so so. People and friends were great but only 2 little sales. I was hoping for more but that's the way it goes sometimes. We did treat ourselves to pizza last night, I was wiped out. 

Please check out my Facebook page and like it if you will. Photos are there. This will get fixed.

We got our new dryer. The delivery man could not go under the house to install the hose so I did. Ha ha.. I did it and it works!!!

Talk to you Soon and love to each of you,Diana

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dryers Broke too! But I'm painting!

HI, I'm still trying to  fix the photo problem. When my son comes home I hope he can fix it, if I haven't figured it out by then.  I'm not a computer expert by a long shot.

This week Cupcake Mayhem, our new kitty, had her hysterectomy surgery at Dr. Bailey's. She did fine and is now sleeping on the bed resting. She's doing fine.

 Sadie ,our lab,and I had a wonderful play date with Beth and her puppy Charlie. I wish you could have seen them running in the water --Occohonack Creek--toward a flock of Canadian Geese!! The geese were taking off and the dogs splashing.  It was so gorgeous. I said it looked like an L.L. Bean commercial.  Two Labrador Retrievers!

I've been painting some small landscapes of the Eastern Shore. Today the painting is of 3 old boats floating in the creek. I need to add more color to it and tighten up my lines of the boats.  This Saturday is the Eastern Shore Community College Heritage Festival. I'll be there showing my art. It's a fun day, I hope By the Bay Alpacas are there, I love to go visit with them. Copper Creations will be there and so will Gertraude Fendler with her Sea Glass Jewelry and Mama Girl with her Folk Art so it will definitely be a day with good friends.

 Take care and stay warm. There are signs of spring here. Crocus and my Hellebore are in bloom!!! I need color  , the greys have been a downer. Our clothes dryer died last night, so I have clothes hanging everywhere in the house to dry. Wonder if company is coming to visit?

 love to each of you,Diana

Thursday, March 12, 2015

HI, I am having trouble downloading my photos to my blog. So sorry. Frustrating for me. I wanted to tell you we had a wonderful class on Saturday at Norfolk Botanical Garden, 12 students and they did a wonderful job of painting pansies in our baskets. We had to use my sad pansies and guess what now they are blooming beautifully. NBG also supplied us with gorgeous photos so there was plenty of materials to paint from. 

ESAL, Eastern Shore Art League is now having our Spring Art Show at ESAL ART GALLERY in Onancock,Va.  Come in and see our work. I took Daffodil paintings. Monelle and I just delivered our work and then she treated me to lunch at Janet's. They make delicious sandwiches! I had the roast beef and horseradish!!!

My next art class is at ESO in Belle Haven ,Va next Thursday from 10am-1pm. Cost is $80. Chickens will be the subject matter. So come to have fun and please call 1-757-442-3226 to register asap!! Thank you.

What a gorgeous sunny day!!! love to each of you, Diana and I'm working on the photos!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Canadian Goose Watercolor

Here is a Canadian Goose I painted. A dear friend of mine bought it.  Today it's supposed to snow/sleet after it rains. Now it's raining with a touch of ice crystals in it, I'm trying not to grumble. Ok, I' m grumbling. Summer is coming. I'm looking forward to the days getting longer and they are !! More sunshine .. please.

 I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. Love to each of you,Diana
We had a little possum visitor to the birdfeeder. Sadie our lab missed the excitement. She was napping!