Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Painting Wachapreague

We all had a blast painting-This is mine from today.. The Eastern Shore Art League spent the day there and painted and we had a terrific lunch.. Mine was fried oyster poorboy sandwich with sweet potato fries.

We were at Island House in Wachapreague,Va.
Here are some of the ESAL painting! A relaxing day of enjoying the sun and water,so gorgeous there.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Been one of those weeks..

HI, The show went well. I sold 5---,4 were little eastern shore landscapes and the fifth was my Emu. I was wiped out afterwards,my back is not so great. Monday, I had to go to Cape Charles,Stage Door Gallery to exchange my work. It's a lovely gallery but in the morning I had to take our Rudy --our 20 year old kitty,to the vet. We found out some bad news. She has cancer, the only help is to keep her comfortable. We are,and have been,she is spoiled so very spoiled as she should be..  She is moving less but is happy. A lot of purring going on. Today I found out my dear friend is in the hospital with some health problems. So I took her paintings and mine to exchange at The Hermitage in Onancock,got all that done. It's been one of those weeks I haven't gotten any painting done and feel as if my head is in a bucket. But spring is on the way, the trees are budding with new leaves... I'll go  pick up my paint brush, we've already played ball (Sadie and I). Love to each of you,Diana

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just one more painting for the show and Sadie's Birthday!!

Silly Emu, 8x10 framed original, $99

Sadie and tomorrow's her Birthday!!
Hi, you know me. I just had to paint another little watercolor before the show tomorrow.(Eastern Shore Heritage Festival 2014) So I sketched this silly emu last night and have worked all morning on painting him. Balancing the thalo blue in the white squares and the darks on his feathers(are they feathers?) finished him up. ha ha.. Hope he sells tomorrow. I will have silly paintings there--over 45 originals..

Still have more framing to do and I've put it off long enough,I'd better get to it. Groan.

 Sadie is under the oak rocker( notice the teeth marks) and tomorrow is her one year birthday so all this weekend.. celebrate life and puppy love!!

Wishing you a great weekend, love to you,Diana

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eastern Shore Heritage Festival

Eastern Shore Heritage Festival is this upcoming Saturday, Feb.22 from10am-3pm. I'll be there with my original watercolors and there will be other local artists, displays about the Eastern Shore of Va.,and good food! If you are nearby please stop in. Oh -- it's being held as usual at the Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa,Va. and I'll be in the Atrium in the building to the Left.

I'm looking forward to it. I send out an email before each of the shows I'm in. Here are my latest work which I lay on my dining room table and take a photo of teetering on a dining room chair.. to get an above shot.( Yes Sadie's usually standing by the chair!) Then I send this photo off to my email list of customers,friends, and students..It helps me show them my newest work as well as advertises. It's a good idea to help with your shows. Keep the email list and send out a photo of your latest work to your customers. ( I'm more artist than merchandiser but we must keep our work out there.--I hope this helps you in some way.)

I've got frames coming in tomorrow. Today I'll be painting. Not sure what yet but I'll be painting.
Hope you all are warm and have a lovely day and sending you my love,Diana

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cow Lick, a Cow Watercolor

Cow Lick, original, 8x10, $99. framed

Sadie during the rain.
Hi, here is my new little cow watercolor. I named it cow lick as I seem to have one now and was complaining about it the other day and of course thought that would be a great painting.. ha ha..  I finished it a minute ago. I added a little pink to the tongue and some Ultramarine over the right eye. I plan to have him framed by next weekend.  I hope I still have time to get some new frames in here.. That will be Eastern Shore Community College Art and Heritage Festival in Melfa,Va. Saturday,February the 22 from 10am-3pm.. It's always a fun day. Lots of local artists,dear friends, old tractors --which you know I love,local displays,good food.

We are having some rain now- a cold one- but thank goodness it's rain!!! Sadie is snuggled into her bed next to my art table.  Hope you all have a nice weekend, stay warm. love to you,Diana

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Pig Watercolor

Hi, Here is my new pig painting I've been working on today. Sadie has her eyes closed!! ha ha.. Hope you have a warm and wonderful Valentines.love to you,Diana

Monday, February 10, 2014

Painting Iris in Watercolor.. No Housework Monday!

HI, I just drew three of the gorgeous iris on this painting. Started the one in the corner first. I just wanted to paint... Sadie is asleep for now. I know she' ll need some playing ball when she wakes up.. Housework,nope--forget that.. I'm going to paint!~ ha ha. Have a great Monday, what are you doing?? love to you,Diana

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Iris Class and Shadow Painting

HI, my Iris Class was yesterday in Norfolk at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. I had 7 very sweet students, we enjoyed shadow painting, pouring in a more controlled way,and painting our iris.(Shadow painting is wonderful, take your flower and put it over your paper with a strong light to create a clear shadow,paint the shadow with water and now add color to the water wash.--they turn out very loose and oh so gorgeous, try one!) I found the iris in Tasley at Basket and Bows Florist and so Friday I drove up there to get them.

The iris have finally opened all the way. I did a demo there but will do more here. Here they are on my art table, such a beautiful color.

Sadie,our lab, is doing great she brought in a 4 foot stick to knaw on under my art table.. I took her photo before I took it from her. Ha ha.. she loves to chew.She is sitting next to me now so I can scratch her neck while I type.

It's been a busy weekend.Hope you had a lovely one. love to you,Diana

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pears in Watercolor

Whimsy Pears, 8x10 framed, $99.

Coming across Shields Bridge near Belle Haven,Va.
HI, this morning I've been finishing my pears. Sipping my coffee and painting is so relaxing. Sadie is napping in her crate and doing great. Still a little stiff when she moves but I'm so happy she's doing fine. This photo is from Shield's bridge. It's about 20 feet long and we have to cross it coming from Belle Haven to get home. Always so beautiful there.

I want to start another painting. I've got class I hope tomorrow. Still waiting for the final word, do we have enough.. so I'll be getting ready. The class is on iris, I'll call around to the florist and see if they have any.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm.
 Love to you,Diana

ps what are you doing this weekend??

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter in Watercolor

Winter on Eastern Shore, finished watercolor 11x14

Playing with Pears, watercolor in process

Sadie taking a rest,she's doing good.
HI, I've finished the winter scene this morning and started on a fun pear watercolor. I did the wash earlier and am enjoying the colors and shape of the pears. 

Here's Sadie,she is napping,or has been. She is very energetic now and I'm still watching her closely. I just don't want her in the front yard.

It's rather a grey,cool day. Stay warm and tell me what you are doing.. Love to you,Diana

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sadie is doing good and new Snow Watercolor

Here she is Maywyn, Yes please help me watch her. She is doing good, stiff but really pretty good. I'm so glad. We are really blessed. It definitely scared me terribly but she is doing good. Thank you all for your wonderful loving messages.

I've started a winter scene. It's pictured above. I wanted to do a snow scene before the snow melted.. but thank goodness, it is almost out of here. It's been in the 50s today..  Sadie is resting near me. We've been in the backyard.. the weather is wonderful.We are so blessed she is doing good.

 Wishing you a happy Sunday and if you watch the super bowl, enjoy. John is. I'm looking forward to the commercials. love to each of you,Diana

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Sadie,our puppy, was hit by a truck..

 Sketch of Sadie after she ate her first snow!
Painted on ice in 4 degree temperature.
 How do I tell you-- Sadie was hit by a tractor trailer truck yesterday afternoon. She and  I were in the front yard. I heard some large trucks coming down the road and grabbed her collar. Two went by, I didn't hear anything so I let her go. Another truck came down the road. She ran and I screamed No,, She ran right in front of him and he hit her on the side. She flipped totally over and ran. RAN.. I ran, screaming NO NO.. fell in the snow.  The truck driver stopped.. He was trying to stop when he saw us.. He came out and apologized, I told him he couldn't help it.. he was so very kind. She came to us, I got her in the house. and took her to the vet. They watched her for hours and I waited. She is ok. She's sore and has one little cut but it is a miracle that she is fine. I'm still watching her and trying to make her rest but she is doing fine. OH it scared me so badly. You know how dearly I love her. If only I'd brought her in sooner.

I was going to show you this wash I did the other morning. I took my paints and water outside, I poured water onto the paper..before I could put the brush filled with color onto the paper the water had froze onto the paper.  I was painting on ice crystals.. it was amazing. Unfortunately it didn't dry so well when I brought it inside. I had planned to paint yesterday afternoon.. but that didn't happen.

Wishing each of you a safe and warm weekend. love to each of you..Diana