Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, December 7, 2018

Copper Creations Christmas Open House this Saturday Tomorrow

 Hi Everyone,  another art show, this is tomorrow Saturday Dec.8th from 10AM TO 4pm. Copper Creations Christmas Open House. It is in Don and Donna Drew s workshop, in Melfa,Va., cozy, warm, very festive, HOMEMADE GOODIES and Amazing ART.  #Coppercreations #Laughingdogjewelry #Edkuhn carvings and #Dianamdaviswatercolor,  specials, prizes,please come if you are nearby . Thank you for supporting my work SINCERELY Diana M.Davis.

Fresh Apple cake , Brownies, cornbread,soups, coffee, a wonderful day, Sadie and I have finished  framing so we are resting a bit before supper. Love and blessings  to each of you this Christmas  and Holiday  love,Diana

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Blessings, Artisan Guild Art Show this Weekend

Eastern Shore ArtisanGuild Art Show Tour Nov 23 and 24 at Stop14 Ker Place in Onancock, Va.
I have been  painting  and framing.  I just stopped at 10.45pm. More to do. Tomorrow  we set up. Here is a picture  of  Bobbie and  me at Starbucks  after my CLASS on Saturday.  I am zonked. Also cooking  for  Thanksgiving.  Thankful for so much dear friends  like Bobbie,  good husband,  our son is coming home with his fiance for Thanksgiving,  my parents  are coming  for dinner. My wonderful daughter, Our Lord God, 
 My Sadie,  so many dear friends, my painting,  wishing you blessings  and love to you  all love,Diana

Monday, October 29, 2018

Liesl Frederick Gallery Mighty Miniatures Show

Hi EVERYONE, THIS PAST WEEKEND I WAS AT THE FRANKTOWN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FINE ART SHOW AND Bazaar. It is a lovely church on Virginia `s Eastern Shore.  Lots of local artists, amazing work,  and great food, we brought home homemade clam chowder  and sweet potato biscuits  for supper.  I am wiped out as I usually am after a show. All my energy  just goes... So today Sadie  and I have been resting.
She got her head under the curtain silly girl.. next show is at Liesl Frederick Gallery in Onancock, Va. On 59th Market St. The Reception  will be Saturday,  Nov. 3 rd from 3to 5 pm. This is Mighty Miniatures,  thankfully I have them painted and ready to go. ALL are welcome to display
I can't believe  it is November  again. Time does seem to fly.. tell me what is going on in your life now. My love to you,Diana

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Catching up with you

Hi everyone,  I found  I love drawing with a gel pen in my sketchbook. I haven't  put any color on it but it was fun. Sadie is doing  fine. She is our Labrador retriever and I had a true night of terror when she got a leather chewy  2 in square caught in her throat.  I stuck my finger way down her throat and pulled it out ...was afraid  more was stuck but didn't  find more and watched her the rest of the night.  She curled in my lap all 82 lbs and stayed there. Oh boy you know how much I love her, I truly was afraid. I have been working  on a commission and I had to paint  an owl, I enjoyed painting  her. John and I have been painting  the walls in the den today. Glad that is over. I hope you all are doing great we did get 10 inches of rain before the hurricane but very little storm. So very  sorry for the Carolinas.  Love to EACH of you,Diana ps this SAT. I teach at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Luna Moth and Ferns.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to draw and paint Monarch butterflies

Hi, here is my instructions for drawing a Monarch Butterfly. I hope this helps you draw your own Monarch.  First I paint the orange on the Butterfly , on the bottom wing i add Cadmium Yellow close to the body. Use a small brush to paint the black. I go around the white dots, I am more a purist and try not to use white. After I paint the complete butterfly  I then add iridescent watercolor to only the orange.  It takes awhile but really is worth the effort.
Here is my latest hummingbird. I grew the sunflower,  yeah, I love them. And they were beautiful all gone now though.

And I am still raising Monarchs and BlackSwallowtails.   Hard finding  food for them but now 10 chryslises of Monarch and 3 cats of the Swallow tails. Sadie,our white Labrador  is asleep at my feet. We had a long walk in the woods after supper.  Love to you all, Diana

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Glads in Watercolor

Hi Everyone,  here is my new Gladiolus painting.  I went to the little farm stand near Pungoteague. Eva had these flowers and as you know I love flowers so I bought  a bunch and brought them home. I am drying  the zinnas
hoping for seeds. We' ll see. Sleep tight , love to you Diana

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sunflowers in Watercolor

Hi Everyone,  I painted this little sunflower by putting a line of red rose pink, crossed a line of thalo blue and then a line of yellow light. Drawing a bud of a sunflower and painting it with the colors where they were. It was fun. Saturday I teach at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Sunflowers. I planted 4 packs of sunflowers John cut 2 packs down mowing haha so I planted more. NBG is going to get me some flowers as well as one from my niece, and a few from my yard.Good night ,love to you, Diana 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Painting on the Beach in NC

We went to Rodathe, NC . Had a nice time with family and soon to be family!. I painted  while there every day. Some days were rainy but it was so nice being with everyone.  John and I came home today and are tired, unpacking, so glad to see Sadie and our kitties. So tickled to see I have a few sunflowers in the flower garden. My paintings aren't as loose as I usually do on the Beach ...have a great weekend, love ,Diana

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stargazer,Daddy,Lotus Blossom Class


SADIE has had some allergy problems after lots of pills she is better. 

Here is Daddy and me hope you all had a nice Father Day.

Hi Everyone,  I don't  know  where time goes. It just does. We had a pretty violent thunderstorm tonight. Poor Sylvester was terrified.  She is fine now. I am painting every day, here is my new Stargazer Lily.  Today I sent off my email about my CLASS this weekend at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Lotus Blossom and Japanese Garden.  The flowers are larger than a dinner plate, just gorgeous.  I just love them. I send an email for each class I teach and for each show. This really helps remind everyone. I am so thankful they come.
Daddy  seemed to have a nice Fathers Day.
Enjoy your beautiful  gardens and painting them, love to you, Diana 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hollyhock, and a Cowboy

CLASS I taught at Norfolk Botanical Garden 

My booth at Arts on the Farm, Barrier Island Center 

New watercolor,  just finished  Hollyhock,  

Hi Everyone,  sorry it has been so long. I have been busy. I did a demonstration at the Alanton Garden Club in Virginia Beach which was fun.such dear ladies.Then I  taught at Norfolk Botanical Garden,  the garden is so beautiful now and everyone did a great job on their watercolors. Next Arts on the Farm a lovely show so many talented artists. Here are 2 of my latest watercolors Hollyhock and John Shire'sCowboy.
Sadie has been having some allergy problems but is now on prednisone for a couple of weeks. Poor thing but she is getting better,she and I were just outside and heard 2 whipoorwill. So beautiful.  Have a wonderful weekend,  love to you, Diana

Friday, April 27, 2018

Norfolk Academy Art Show 2018 Diana M.Davis

Hi tomorrow at 6TO8PM  I will be showing 3 watercolors at Norfolk Academy Art Show.  50 or more juried artists work for sale.  This helps the artists and Norfolk Academy Art Show.  Amazing art, food, cash bar. COME ENJOY,  thank you for supporting my work, sincerely Diana M.Davis 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Buddy and Sadie

Hi here is Buddy, a commission  I just did. He is a precious little fellow.and here is Sadie, my girl. She and I took a long walk in the Forrest tonight it was beautiful.  Sleep tight. Love to you, Diana 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Painting at Alanton Garden Club in Virginia Beach

Painting I did of Barbara Tierney beautiful flower arrangement. 

Me, and 3 of the ladies of Alanton Garden Club in Virginia Beach, Va.
Hi Everyone Wednesday  I went to Virginia Beach  and did a demonstration for this lovely club. It took over 4 hrs. To finish  the painting.  I had kidding and said I may have to sleep over but thankfully  I finished the watercolor. Thank you Barbara, Jo  and everyone at the Alanton Garden Club in Virginia Beach for having me. They bought 9 little originals while I was there too. Great. It was a lovely afternoon with lovely ladies. Good night everyone, love, Diana
Ps. This Saturday I teach at Norfolk Botanical Garden,  Azaleas and Rhododendrum and Hummingbird . 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Painting a hummingbird

Hi Everyone,  I have been sick with a cold but am getting better.  A dear friend of mine brought me a pot of chicken soup with rosemary it has been yummy. Here is my newest hummingbird and Hollyhock painting. We haven't seen any hummingbirds but some have.  This Friday I deliver my art work  to Norfolk Academy for their show. The opening is Saturday  APRIL 28TH FROM 6TO8PM Please come if you can.

NEXT WEDNESDAY I will be demonstrating my painting at the Alanton Garden Club in Virginia Beach and then have a CLASS at Norfolk Botanical Garden Saturday.  APRIL is busy, wow, well everyone stay well, and my love to each of you, Diana 

Friday, March 30, 2018


My Dragon drawn at Norfolk Botanical Garden in class.

 Hi Everyone,  here are some photos from my CLASS this past weekend.  Everyone did a beautiful job. This was a hard CLASS, drawing a dragon,  palace,and a goldfish  floating in the pond outside  our windows.  I am so proud of them. NBG is having a special  program called Lantern Asia.  The halls are filled with handmade kimonos made of lace papers. The gift shop is full of beautiful things.it was a lovely day. Bobbie, Renee and I walked around after CLASS. I stopped at Starbucks,  my kids give me cards and I enjoy their coffee so much. Then I needed more flowers and went to McDonald's Nursery for inspiration of flowers.  Exhausted when I got home. Such a wonderful day.love and Easter blessings to you all, Diana

Monday, February 19, 2018

NBG Watercolor CLASS, Heritage Festival this Saturday

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Here is my CLASS at Norfolk Botanical Garden this past Saturday.  We painted pansies and dahlias and they turned out beautiful  paintings. We did the dahlia by drawing a mandala first. Using the center as the center of the flower and adding layers of petals which fell into place with the guide of the mandala.  After CLASS WE enjoyed  the beauty of handmade kimono, made from pieces of rice paper in every color.  Glorious. This is for Lantern Asia,an amazing  light and Art display.

This week I am getting ready for the Heritage Festival 10am to 3pm at Eastern Shore Community College this Saturday.  40 local artists, antique tractors,  By the Bay Alpacas,  so many things to buy or enjoy. Take care! Love to EACH of you,Diana