Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sadie,Our Lab Puppy and a Pumpkin

Sadie ,our lab puppy and a pumpkin

After her attempt to bury the pumpkin, Sadie is exhausted..
Yesterday in the front yard with Sadie.. What a dog! love,Diana

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guess What! I Won!!

I won!  3rd prize in watercolor for Autumn.. the owl. I was surprized and so happy. Here Sadie is congratulating me as I got in the front door at home. It was a long day. First art show in Franktown. I sold 2 small and one large painting. Made some wonderful contacts,sometimes it's the smaller shows that work best.. John was a big help packing and unpacking my racks, paintings... and then to Cape Charles for the ESAL show.  I'm beat today but resting up. love to each of you, Diana

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ESAL Member Show Paintings

Here they are! I finished the owl last night at 9pm.( the framing too)  I've got to start earlier and make up my mind on subject matter very early! I'm so glad to have them finished. Today I have to go to Cape Charles and deliver them. I'm delivering Monelle's work and Gertraud too. Then to the grocery store.

As you can see I changed owls and leaves, totally started over. It's a barn owl in an old barn window with a vine and a floating leaf. The vine is from the lines of the pour inspired from my backyard's trumpet vine. I heard the Great Horned Owl in the backyard last night, the night before Sadie met a Screech Owl back there. She ran to the house. ha, ha.. Talk to you soon, Love,Diana

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hurry up and Paint...

HI, I'm rushing. I finally decided what to paint. Remember earlier this summer I actually held a Screech owl.. So I thought one of those and the leaves have been so gorgeous so I added those, and here it is the  beginning of the watercolor. A pour first in autumn colors, then the drawing of Maple Leaves and the little owl. Now to paint.Good grief I'm running out of time.. This is my 2nd entry to the ESAL show,which is this coming Saturday. Delivery is Thursday. Yes I have to frame them too.

 As you can see the Help(Sadie, our dear lab puppy) is not cooperating. I put the flea medication on her back and she squeezed under the couch. She had earlier in her puppydom torn the underlining...The tail really makes me laugh hanging out like that.. I've got to go get back to the painting. I'll start on the head of the owl. Worse comes to worse, I can stay up one night to finish the painting..

 love to each of you,Diana

 Please tell me what you think..at this stage I feel like tossing everything.. thanks!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Plein Aire in the Backyard!

Plein Aire

Sadie is trying out my chair to my art table..she would sit in my lap as a pup.
HI, I had a lovely class yesterday. It was small but we had a good time and enjoyed painting sunflowers. I did find some to paint from! I hurt my sciatica again-- or it continues-- now I have a numb foot up to my knee. My left side. I think all the carrying my supplies up the steps at the ESO (Eastern Shore's Own Art Center). The building is an old elementary school and it has so much charm but lots of concrete steps..I'm going to have to take it easy for a few days and I'm back to sitting on the heating pad!  This afternoon Sadie,Rudy--the 20yr old cat, and I went out in the backyard and I painted as Sadie pulled up roots,brought 7 foot branches out of the woods,(we were impressed), and ate as many crickets as she could find. 

I still haven't done my second painting for the ESAL Show yet. No worries.. it's due next Thursday.. ok I'm worried. Hope to work on it this weekend. What are you doing this weekend??

 Love to each of you,Diana

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tractor Painting,Done??

I'm almost finished with the tractor painting. Thank you for your comments. I was thinking about adding a chicken or another branch. Neither have anything to do with the other. The rooster would add a splash of red and the branch would satisfy me because most pines here branches go up not down. Although I've been out in the yard looking at the pines to see for myself. Sadie, the puppy, has been bored with so much painting. I keep telling her to go play with the cat. Sorry Rudy. ha.. love to you,Diana

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Do I keep Going ?? Ideas PLEASE!!!

Hi! The Eastern Shore Art League is having a member show. I have to paint 2 brand new never been seen watercolors for the show.(One of the rules..) I've named them.. 1. Autumn and 2. Memories. Thinking they can be anything .. because as of now I don't have a clue what they will be. I started the tractor painting the other day and have continued on with it... but I'm not sure if this is a possibility or not.It's from a photo of mine in Belle Haven,Va. What do you think?

I could just keep on going with it and see how it comes out.??? I've always loved to paint tractors especially old ones. To me they are so very honest and hardworking...I've also done some pouring in autumn like colors, Cad. Red, Cad Yellow, Opera, and Quinacrodone Burnt Sienna... I have a week and a half.. any ideas.. all are welcome..I"m out of ideas.. just like a grey fog in there.. totally..

Sadie is after a Grand Daddy Long Leg.. a spider with very long legs.. Here on the Shore legend goes that whatever you see a Grand Daddy Long Leg walk on you will get a new one..She swallowed it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are getting tons of rain.. which make the autumn leaves glisten. love to each of you,Diana

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Treasures Watercolor and Mona Lisa Sadie

Fall Treasures, 8x10, framed, $99.

Froggie visitor

A Wrapped Mona Lisa/Sadie
HI, I just finished the little watercolor of the leaves. That was fun to paint. I couldn't think of what to paint so I just lined up some treasures from my yard and painted them.  We had a nice rain last night. It was so very dry. A tree frog visited on the back porch. While I took photos of him ,Sadie enjoyed prancing in the rain! What are we going to paint today?? What are you thinking of? love to you,Diana

Monday, October 7, 2013

Gorgeous Peachy Colored Leaves

HI! I spotted these leaves in my backyard yesterday. In just one day the colors seemed to have turned this gorgeous peachy and golden colors. I had to go take photos. Somehow in my eyes it's so much more beautiful than it appears here. Are the leaves turning there?? I had to paint a few, I can smell that wonderful Fall leaf /woodsy smell as I paint them. I also had to paint a wild persimmon, they smell like citrus and peaches.. yum. Love the peachy color. I'm using Cad. Yellow Dark and Opera Pink mixed together. Sadie loves watching the leaves fall! That's my girl!

 love to each of you and tell me what you've been painting,Diana

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harvest Festival on Eastern Shore of Va.

Bayford,Va. ES Mini Landscape,8x10,$99

Some new little watercolors for the show.

The Newest Purple Moo/Bessie, 8x10,$99

Sadie eating Maple Leaves.
HI! I forgot my camera yesterday. Yesterday was the Harvest Festival on the Eastern Shore. It's always a big event. This year they did away with the BIG art tent and asked each of us to bring our own. Sooo.. I did. Thanks go to Willie Randall for unloading my car and Ed Kuhn and his wife Pat for helping me get the tent up. What blessings they were. When it was time to load up I had to do it all by myself.. with my back. I was so miserable last night and this morning.. it's getting better but that Sciatica is horrible.I"ve been sitting on a heating pack all day.

 However the day was sunny,warm, and a tiny breeze, food pretty good.. Being with my artist friends was a treat,
         1.- Ed Kuhn( carves beautiful fish and swans...) and his wife Pat,
         2.- Donna and Don Drew of Copper Creations--lovely copper art,
         3-Mama Girl( folk art, bright and bold!!),
         4-Billy Crockett( amazing miniature carver of birds) and his wife Laura,(murano jewelry),
         5- Glen Linton(carver and book author)
         6- Buck Doughty( metal sculpturer of wildlife--from old tractor parts)
         7,Lynn (jewelry),
         8- Dr. Vicki Koenig(carver and etcher of lucite blocks)..
 and so many more all wonderful artists.

I sold 2 little paintings, not much but there weren't many sales in any of us this year.. ah well. All we can do is keep creating.,right??Well I'm going to go sit on my heating pad! ha ha..

 love to each of you,Diana

 ps Sadie, the puppy, was so happy when I got home. She missed me but she did get to spend some time with John off and on during the day! :)