Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, October 29, 2012

During Hurricane Sandy

We lost power at 2;20 am but it came back on at 10;30am. The generator came on.. it was wonderful. Here's our front yard now.. we are doing fine. Very thankful. I pray you all are too. keep safe. Please let me know how you are!

Love to you,Diana ..

 naturally I'm painting .. some of Daddy's Sugar Maple I picked 2 days ago.. stay safe!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stay Safe Dear Friends

HI, hope you all are safe and staying in. Here we've only gotten rain today and some wind. The wind is picking up now that it's night.. so far so good with Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe,love to you,Diana

This is my front yard, see the tiny rain drops!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I WON Best in Watercolor!!

Guess what!! I won First in Watercolor at the Eastern Shore Art League Member Show!!! The judge was a curator of Chrysler Museum in Norfolk..  I'm so tickled!! I feel like leaping up and down, can you tell.. :)

I had to cancel my class today. The Hurricane Sandy is coming up the East coast and we are in for tons of wind and rain. The wind has already picked up.. leaves are twirling everywhere. We have a generator--I didn't want it. To me it seemed like a big expense for something we wouldn't use much but J. wanted it .. and now it will come in handy. Wishing you all safety in this storm. love to  you, Diana

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zooming to Gallery and Appleseed Porch and Garden Shop

HI! I ran my paintings and Monelle's paintings down to The Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles(the first photo) I made it just in the nick of time. So tomorrow I need to make finger food for the reception.. and go.

 On the way home I stopped at one of my favorite places Appleseed Porch and Garden Shop on the highway in Eastville,Va. They are a garden shop and just delightful. Today of course they had tons of pumpkins and pansies. I bought 3 tiny ghost pumpkins(white ones) and a small container of Johnny Jump ups in orange and purple. I will have to paint them. I have painted so many of their beautiful flowers and things.It just makes me smile to visit.

take care and talk to you soon, Diana 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That's all Folks.

HI, I think that's all.. still love to hear your thoughts.. I worked out on the back porch. It's so nice and sunny and warm today. I couldn't help but glance over at my Daisy's rug. Last year this time we were out here together enjoying being together.I still miss her so. It's been over 6 months since she died. Bittersweet memories but I'm so thankful I had her in my life. talk to you soon. I'm going for a quick bike ride then.. on to framing. Diana
ps. I'll sign it after I get the mat on it..

Tell me your leaf ideas..

HI! I've added some leaves in a pale purple. I thought about green but it overpowered and clashed..I didn't get as much done yesterday as I had hoped. I had to send out  emails to clients/students about Friday's opening at The Stage Door and Saturday's class at Norfolk Botanical Garden. The emails take me a long time to send.. I need to find a quicker way to do that. My plan for today is to finish the Monarch and decide what to do with the purple leaves..

Tell me your ideas.. thanks.. I've got to finish the painting soon..talk to you soon,Diana

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Number 2 Entry..Canna Lily and Monarch

HI, well I've started the #2 entry. Here's the beginning. I'll have another blossom of the Canna Lily,smaller than the first opposite the Monarch Butterfly.  I'm going to put some leaves in too and am leaning toward the purplish kind with some negative painting to pull them out. I like the pour and want to use that plus I love negative painting! The paintings are due Thursday am..all framed.Sooo I'm going to have to frame both too...I've painted all afternoon and really enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about the leaves in the left hand bottom corner. I don't have to put them in.. anyway. Hope you are having a restful Sunday, talk to you soon, Diana

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finished Wren and Oak Leaf Hydrangea

I'm finished. I added some thalo blue down the middle ( as a shadow of a branch) to connect the blooms and then added a shadow by the upper flower. I've darkened under the wren with thalo and sepia to help him pop and hit the blossoms with more color even pushing in a little cadmium red medium at the end. I wanted more punch but I think I'd better stop. Tell me your thoughts.  Thanks, Diana

Ps.The kittens have not returned I hope they are ok..and find a permanent home.

Monday, October 15, 2012

More Watercolor Painting and Possum Chasing.

HI, I've been painting today.I used my palette knife on my leaves. Can you tell? I gobbed a little paint on, then flooded it with a juicy brush of water. It was fun! Wish I had more leaves.. well I do have one more. The kittens have moved on.. at least they are gone now. The mother cat took them away. When I looked out the kitchen window at 11 pm there was a big possum eating from the bowl of catfood. J. and I ran out on the back porch. I yelled and said ok --go get him.. and he said no..you go... so I did. I was concerned for the kittens! I just looked around and made a lot of noise. Possum was gone. After we were back sitting in the den I asked hubby.. being the man and all weren't you supposed to go after the wild critters. He said I'm building your character...hum.. :). Well I'm going back to work on this painting some more. I need to finish the blooms and do the last leaf, and I'm sure I'll see more. take care,talk to you later,Diana

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oak Leaf Hydrangea and Free Kittens..oh my.

HI, I've started a new painting. This one is of Oak Leaf Hydrangea and a Carolina Wren. In 10 days I have to have 2 new paintings --never before seen to enter into the Eastern Shore Art League Member Show. That's a new rule. Use to be only not been in the member show.. but anyway. I'm going to paint anyway. Of course we have to have names for the pieces.. not untitled 1 and untitled 2. I've done that. ha ha.. so I named them "Fall "and "Autumn". Ha ha.. well I don't know what I'll paint. I was driving up Mama and Daddy's driveway and there was the Oak Leaf Hydrangea.. so gorgeous.. the blooms are lacy.. so that's what I'm doing for 1 of them.Haven't a clue for the 2nd one.

I don't even know if I should tell you about the last photo. But here goes... Since Daisy, my lab died 6 months ago..hard to believe it's been that long.. we have been having all kinds of stray cats visit.( A farmer left many when he left his farm ..how horrible.) Well, I didn't want Rudy our 17 year old cat to be upset or bothered.. she's very delicate now,so I started putting food out for "Blackie" a black and white cat down the road in the crepe myrtle plantings.(So he wasn't coming here.) Really under the oaks there. Well the other day when it rained Blackie came up our driveway a few times which was strange. That night we discovered she had brought us her kittens. Two adorable kittens. So we are feeding them and J. put the dog house next to the porch for them to sleep in..with fresh pine needles.. We've talked and talked and can't keep them. Not with Rudy--3 more cats.. and you know I"m still hoping for a puppy soon.I've put signs up at the Post Office and Pet Store, called people.. we'll see what happens. I wish someone would call and want both or one kitten.. Anybody??

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Love,Diana

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Veggie Class

hi, I took this basket of veggies for us to paint at my class today. We enjoyed the colors. Did the split color wheel and 6 washes as well as everyone painted this. We're eating the tomatoes tonight in Bacon,Egg, Avocado and Tomato salad. Talk to you Soon, Diana

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I WON BEST IN SHOW!!! I was so excited. I'm like a kid when I win a ribbon for my art!! They took my photo at the show with the ribbon and painting and check( yes I won $200,too). It was lovely. As you know I put my heart and soul in my art and have for over 35 years so it means so much to be recognized for my work.Here I am at home today.I'm exhausted but happy.!!! love to you, Diana ..please celebrate with me!! --It was for my new Sunset Watercolor

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wrapped and Ready to Load

HI, Well Rudy thinks it's her table now.(Not what I want.) OH my, she's 17 and has arthritis and cries when she jumps up on something. I painted with her there today, just a tiny acorn painting. I'm better but am still going to rest after this. Tomorrow's show is at 10am-5pm. Here's the acorn painting at the top. No more painting until after the show...I've got supper on the stove. I heard from the lady with the pregnant lab.. she's thickening up and she 's pretty sure the dog is pregnant. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Here are some of my smaller fall paintings ready to go. Everything is wrapped and ready to load. OH MY. :)  Will let you know how it goes..have a great weekend, love to you,Diana

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hi! Well this was what was on my art table when I got up this morning. Rudy, I ate breakfast sitting in the chair and talking to her. I'm worn out. You name it and it hurts. Everywhere. My back,sciatica, ... it all hurts. Yesterdays show was nice, lots of people,so many friends but all the lifting and setting up by myself and breaking down by myself is truthfully too much for me. I sold a little, but am hoping some people will decide on a painting as a Christmas gift. Food was good , Donna Drew of Copper Creations, Mary(Mama Girl)--folk art and I walked around and gathered our lunch, crab cakes,fried flounder,corn on the cob,clam chowder,fried shrimp,and sweet potato pie. Remember it was an all you can eat event! I didn't go back for more food .. that was enough--it was delicious. I've got another show on Saturday. The Birding Festival in Cape Charles, I must rest up before that. J. will help me set up and break down. I'm so thankful,what would I do without him. talk to you soon, thank you all for your lovely wishes!! Rudy and I may lay down :),Diana

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Trip to Richmond,Va.

Hi, I'm running around trying to get things together for the Harvest Festival at Sunset Beach tomorrow. I've still got a few things to frame. I need to add some shadows to the frog watercolor. I wanted to have a pumpkin for the show! :)  We got away to Richmond,Va this weekend and saw my sister in law,Ann Henry, and David, hubby (middle photo) and son and husband(bottom photo) I'm taking the pictures.Also, Jeff,Jacob,Zack,Kate,Terry and Grover.(a lot of family). I found a few art supplies and we enjoyed visiting with family.. Well I'd better get rushing.. I always seem to leave so many things to finish the last day.. I've got at least 2 to frame..and supper holy cow.. wish me luck at the show..take care,Diana