Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heat Wave

The art show yesterday was Hot.. It was lovely sitting on the boardwalk, the colors were all bright with the umbrellas, colors of blue of the water, the tan of the sand, and all the people in various beach outfits. The show was diverse with potters,jewelry, painters and other forms of art and the music was lovely. Suzanne was the director, organizer and she was there all day-- She is such a nice person, so were the wonderful beachevent people, Ginger gave me breaks throughout the afternoon to help with the incredible heat.. It was 105, high humidity,we did have a breeze which changed the way I set up -- No rack covers, large paintings on the bottom of the rack to help weigh it down and bungee everything. J.'s weights to hold us down!! Ann D. came which was so nice, she designed my website you can go to www.notyourmothers.com to find out more information if you like, She brought her daughter and her granddaughter. We ended the show early which was wise as the ambulances were coming and going all day for heat exhaustion and other heat related problems. Unfortunately sales were not good... but what do you do. I did lose 7 pounds due to the heat.. I drank water constantly.. so we are resting today and wiped out again, I feel like Daisy hahah.. talk to you soon, Diana The photos are of my finished painting of the sea and the small one is Storm Coming..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shells on Yupo

HI, today I spent getting ready for the show on Saturday.. the 17th Street Art Festival in Va. Beach,Va.I finished painting this painting of sea shells on yupo. Yupo paper is fun but definitely different. The paper doesn't absorb the paint like traditional watercolor paper does and it glides on and sometimes moves after painting.. until it's dry. I framed 6 paintings too.Framing is not my favorite thing to do-- I have 2 more to frame tomorrow and some art errands. We're going to pack the car after supper tomorrow night. I think it may storm tonight dear Dusty is very upset. Oh we had a 5 foot black snake in the porch yesterday.He didn't bother the dogs or cat. Take care, hope you can come to the show Saturday.. Did I mention the Dairy Queen is right next to the show and the cheesecake blizzards are fabulous. The artwork is fabulous too!!!. Talk soon,Diana

Monday, July 19, 2010

17th Street Art Festival in Va.Beach,Va.

HI-- Ok I couldn't help but put one more photo from the family vacation.. Here are a few of the family on the beach.. I with all the rest of us-- was on the other side-- taking the photo.. Ha Ha you don't get to see me in my lovely beach garb...... also wanted to let you know I will be showing my watercolors in the 17th Street Art Festival and Chalk the Walk in Virginia Beach,Va. this Saturday July 24th from 10am-4pm. Come -- it will be on 17th st. right on the boardwalk by the large Dairy Queen. Hope to see you there.. Pictured is my original "Hummer and Calla Lilies" which will be featured there along with more originals from our week at the beach... I've got 8 new paintings to frame.. Hope to see you there... Diana ps I added one more photo of the beach... too!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here comes the Sun....

We had a wonderful week of vacation at the beach in North Carolina. We went with my husband's family and it was so much fun. I painted on the beach everyday-- this is the beginning of my water scene with a couple of the shells near the top.....We sat on the beach right on the ocean with the huge magnificent waves roaring.We enjoyed swimming,singing, watching the sunset and the sunrise, the smell of the salt water was a constant reminder of the peacefulness of the week. We played corn hole,played rook, ate seafood and cake, waded in the sound, picked up pieces of rippled shells..it was wonderful being together.. I can still smell that wonderful water.....talk soon,Diana

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Luna Moth on Masa

Here is my new watercolor of a luna moth and blue hydranea on masa paper. Try this technique, take a piece of masa paper which is 90lbs and crumple it in your hand put it in a bowl of water, then gently stretch it out and using Elmers school glue and water coat a piece of 140lb cold press then apply the masa, gently, removing all bubbles. This must dry and usually takes a day. The next day draw your sketch and paint.. This technique gives a wonderful batik look.. Here is the luna moth I sketched the painting from. I save my findings of butterfly and moth wings. I do hope you get to see a luna moth. They are incredible.. So large and almost transparent ..This one was in my yard one night... I'm getting ready for the Virginia Beach 17th Street Art Show which will be July 24th, Going to the beach for the day to get some inspiration, hope the salt, sand and sun helps. talk to you soon, Diana

Monday, July 5, 2010

Checkerboard Peaches

HI, I just finished this painting of peaches in squares.. I've painted it again with the background in black and white, it totally changes the painting.. and I like it better. What do you think? Somehow it seemed soothing to do little squares in a little painting..I wouldn't like this in large painting though.. talk to you soon, Diana

Friday, July 2, 2010

Homegrown Tomato Watercolor

HI, I painted this while sitting outside today. The weather was perfect. I did grow the basil but the tomatoes I didn't. They were grown right down the road from here near Pungoteague, a place called Puddin'Hill. So far I have one green tomato in my flower patch which if it doesn't ripen soon will end up fried and very delicious and that is fine with me! talk to you later, Have a Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Diana