Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Art and Music on the Farm

Art and Music on the Farm  at Barrier Island Center  was yesterday, these are a few of the new paintings I took.

Hi, it has been  a busy week, well few weeks, I finished and framed 13 new watercolors for Art and Music on the Farm at Barrier Island Center  in Machipongo, Va. That show was yesterday,  it was a lovely day, I sold 11, visited with customers /friends. I was delighted to be near Perennial Roots Farm, and got to hold and kiss one of their little piglets.  Our son is home for a few days, which is a blessing. It is grey today but I did take some photos for painting,...of my parents backyard ..have a wonderful weekend, love to you,Diana

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Work and Ramblings

Iris, 8 x 10, 99 dollars 

Hummingbird and  Red Geranium, 8x10, 99 dollars 

 Hi,everyone, I have  not  been keeping in touch  like I mean to. I have been  painting as much as I can.  I went to the Opening at Norfolk Academy and that was lovely, I did sell one of my four paintings, the Angry Chicken.  This chicken painting  had a checker board tail. I have been painting just whatever  has inspired me, mostly  spring things. I love all the beautiful  colors popping out every  where. Next Saturday I will be teaching at Norfolk Botanical Garden. I always get ideas there ,it is so lovely.

You have heard me say we live in a forest,well, we are cutting the timber. This is a good thing but you by now know how much the woods and wildlife mean to me. I know it will grow back but it seems to hurt my heart when I hear the wind in the trees or just see how magnificent  they are. Silly but me...

Sadie, my lab, Jelly, our black kitten,and Cupcake, our cat,and all are well. Oops suppertime.  Gotta cook, love to each of you, Diana