Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Lab,Sadie's New Watercolor Portrait

Sadie's new watercolor portrait by me.
HI ! Thursday, I started painting Sadie as a demo. for class. When I got home I had to work on it and I had her to go by. I think this is finished. I just don't want to do a dark background and this one is for me .  This is the photo of her with the arches watercolor paper in her mouth.

The weather here has been gorgeous, and with the rain earlier we have wild mushrooms popping up everywhere. Sadie and I have been wandering in the woods this morning. I was looking and admiring the different colors and kinds of mushrooms. I found a "Man in the Woods" mushroom that is black and furry. So many colors and sizes but I won't eat them. I don't know mushrooms well enough. Sadie, doesn't pay any attention to them, thank goodness. Remember last year she was eating them, but she was very tickled to find a box turtle and then of course she rolled in a very horrible smelly I don't know what. 

Hope you are having a delightful weekend. love to each of you,Diana

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dog Watercolor Class at ESO

My Class at ESO. Patsy and Nancy. They both did a wonderful job on their pet watercolors.
Hi ! I just got home from class at ESO. We had a good time. They both did great with their dog watercolors.  I enjoyed being with them so much.

My next class at ESO will be Chickens! That will be fun too. thank you and love to each of you,Diana

ps. It's raining but I have to go play ball outside with Sadie. Now! She just chewed up a magazine.. oh boy..

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Screech Owl Painting, Pumpkins Galore, and Paint Out!

New Owl Painting, 8x10in. Framed $99. original.
Pumpkins and more at Appleseed Nurseries in Cheriton!

Beth, at Appleseed Nurseries on Monday, when she went with me to delivery my work to Stage Door Gallery.

Monelle in front and Lynne and another dear ESAL member, I can't remember her name. This was at the Paint Out this week.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two Owls,Two Pigs,Two Herons, and Three Frogs!!

HI, I am working on 2 little owls in a watercolor now. Monday is delivery day at the Stage Door Gallery. "Companions" is the title of the show. Which I find hard to fill as I mostly paint nature,sooo.. I'm taking 2 pigs, 2 herons, 3 frogs, and 2 owls if I finish them in time. I hope this fits "Companions".  Ha ha.. we'll see. Here's an owl from a painting I did a few years ago. This has always been a favorite of mine. I especially like the wet and bleeding of the paint. 

Sadie and I had a treat today, our friend Beth came over for coffee. Sadie jumped into her lap.. all 72 pounds of joyful Labrador. Ha ha. It was ok as Beth loves Sadie.

I'm tired again. I've been on the heating pad and my back is getting better. Thank you for all your kind words. love to each of you,Diana 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Art Show was Great!

Crabs, new original watercolor, sold at show on Saturday!

Sunflowers, new original 8x10, from lovely sunflowers at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

HI ! Well the Festival of the Arts was this past weekend. We had a good turn out of people. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. I did well and sold a few, around 6-7 originals. Friday night was lovely with wine flowing and the food was luscious. I had to pack up by myself in the dark that night which was a challenge. Ha.. John couldn't come... but I had a flashlight and quite a few other artists did too so we made out fine.  John did help me set up and break down on Saturday. I was so thankful he did. My back unfortunately is just bad. I've been hurting since the show and resting on the heating pad or walking slowly around the backyard to stretch it.

 I'm so thankful for such a lovely show and so many dear supporters and friends.
 Now I'll rest for awhile, Sadie was so sad this weekend when I left her. She loves John but she paints with me! ha ha..

 Wishing you a wonderful Monday. love to you, Diana

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunflower Watercolor Workshop

Saturday's Sunflower Watercolor Workshop at NBG.

More Painting on Saturday!
Hi! Yesterday's class was lovely. I had 14 students. The sunflowers were gorgeous. We poured, drew and painted. It was fun. Our class is right by the Hummingbird Garden and we had lunch outside to enjoy the flowers and hummers and a Monarch too. Such a lovely day!! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a wonderful weekend. love to you,Diana

Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Heron Watercolor in the Works!!

 New Heron Watercolor in the works..
Sadie helping by eating watercolor paper. It's Arches she has good taste literally.

Hi, I've been drawing and painting this new heron painting. I drizzled the blues and yellow ochre in the background first. It's not finished. I need to add more foot detail and decide if I add anything else. I don't want it to be busy. I've got it propped  up so I can see it.. sometimes walking by I'll see what it needs... what do you think??

Sadie has been restless, the last couple of days have been very hot and humid outside so we go out but she needs more exercise. That and she will eat anything. I had placed this paper in the rocker and she came and munched it up. Atta Girl... 

I'm going to frame some smaller paintings today. (They are easier!! Ha ha!) Next week is the art show at Ker Place so I've got lots to frame and I'm planning my Sunflower Class at NBG.. so that will be fun. Talk to you soon.   Love to you,Diana