Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow again and Violet Card

Snow again.. Seven inches yesterday and last night. Sadie, our lab, is so very excited. She's been running and running. It tires her out!! I'm so glad!.. She and John are shoveling the sidewalk now.. ha ha. I've been working on a simple little card a friend wants for her friend. I may add some iridescent. Making some tea for John and the kettle is whistling. I want to paint  a watercolor of some snowy something this afternoon. Stay warm and dry. Do you have snow now?? Love to you,Diana

Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Of Course I Kept Painting!!!

HI, I know,remember I said I was going to stop painting at the first branch...well.. I kept going. I added the other branch and then just had to add the chickadee. I like it, although I think it was best with just the one branch. What do you think?? It's still very cold here and so gray today almost like a snow or storm is coming. I've been baking most of the day for a church service tomorrow. Sadie is playing here with her last squeeky.She adored the chunk of ice from her water pail outside.. She really enjoyed playing with that.. Rudy, the old kitty is enjoying my chair and blanket. Wishing you a cup of good coffee,a good book and nice blanket or painting supplies and still the nice blanket. Love to each of  you,Diana

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frosty American Holly Branch Watercolor

Hi, day two of snow, John's going out to work,he hopes. On the back roads here we get drifts and the snow plow may or may not show up for days,so I hope he makes it to the highway.

 I've been working on painting this branch of snowy American Holly. We have so many of these trees and they are gorgeous. The blues in this piece are Thalo and Ultramarine. I've stopped for awhile, this will give me a chance to decide if I keep going or stop. I may stop.I think it's pretty much done or I'll twiddle it to death.. (overwork it). I'd love to do a landscape in snow.. I'll bet in 2 days the snow will all be gone. (It's really good to go so quickly!! ha ha)

 Here's my view from my art table window,so snowy now and of course my Sadie getting in the pool. Ha ha.. She was chewing on the pool in yesterday's post.

 I tried the Dr.PH.Martin Liquid Watercolors in a freezing wash last night. Didn't work like I had hoped it's ok but very very granular. I prefer just the regular watercolor washes to freeze.  Hope you all are staying warm and dry and in. Love to you,Diana
My class was cancelled today but I just signed up for another art show.. so that is good!!! Take care!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day--Yep, We are Snowed in!

Sadie biting her frozen pool.

Snow Day. WOW.. we got probably 4 inches and today it's been cold near 20 degrees. On the ES we don't get much snow and if we do it's gone by the next day. However this is supposed to stay around for a few days. Sadie,the puppy, was so excited she galloped and ran and just had the best time.(Of course we had 5 gloves and she ate one. None match.. this is creative Right??!! ha ha please don't ask about the sock matching.)Poor Rudy,our kitty went out once and I told John that's it.. she stays in

Here is my art table this morning. I've painted watercolors of  snow all day, played with the blues, some negative painting... and had a good time.

The last photo is of our front yard. Hope you all are staying warm and dry and have your electricity.

 love to each of you. Are you in the snow too?? Diana

My Class at ESO in Belle Haven has been postponed due to the Snow. Check the listing on the right for classes..it will be next Thursday. Thanks so much!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Paint, New Watercolor,Sadie on the Treadmill

Geranium Nosegay, 8x10, $99 framed

Christmas gift, LOVE IT!!

Sadie exercising the way I do.
HI, Here is my Geranium painting finished. My daughter Laura and Ainslie gave me this lovely gift certificate to Blicks. This is what I got today. I've been hoping Sadie would be worn out so I can experiment in peace.. but she's still going strong. So much energy in a puppy,isn't it. I did add this color to some wet paper and love the concentration of it and boldness, it's going to be fun to work with!!  Talk to you soon, love to you,Diana  ps Have you used this watercolor before?? If so what have you done with it?? Blasted Sadie just had a tack in her mouth, I got it.. just now..

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Painting Geraniums

HI, I did finish my Lemons and Limes painting and framed it and took it to class on Saturday. Here it is, I added more ultramarine blue in the left upper corner to carry it over. This one has some of the ice crystals in the pour. I wanted something simple so I started this little geranium painting. I've enjoyed the bright colors and am almost finished with it now. I painted this morning with my coffee. Sadie and I just did the treadmill. I walked on it for just a few minutes, but it's a start. Sadie ran round and round the treadmill. She exercised much harder than me.. but it wore her out!! What are you working on now?? love to you,Diana

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunset Class at NBG was Saturday.

NBG January Sunset Watercolor Class Taught by Diana

HI, Yesterday's class was nice. I had 8 students and we studied painting sunsets in watercolor. We did basic washes first, then did a small sunset painting to warm up and try and last a larger sunset. They did a beautiful job as you can see from the photo and some were first time watercolor painters!!

 My dear friend, John Shire, let us use his photos of sunsets. His photography is gorgeous and the photos were taken in his backyard , which is 3 miles from my home.You can find his work at John Shire Photography.

The day of class was grey but warm and on the way home we had some heavy rain and wind storms. I really enjoyed being with everyone. A lovely day. 

 Hope you are having a great weekend. Love to you,Diana

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Paintout of ESAL

Grace,Gail,and Susan

A demo I did of iris, painting the shadow with water,then dropping in the color.

One of Susan's dear dogs. She is 14. She doesn't eat her toys like someone we know.
HI, Today I went to the ESAL paint out in Onancock. It was so warm (friends together) and delightful. Everyone brought good food to share for lunch and we painted at Susan's dining room table and other tables thru her home.

 Susan had beautiful iris in her kitchen
again, so I had to paint them.. and I showed them how to paint the shadow of the flower with clear water and then drop in the color. Sadie was waiting for me when I got home.  The living room smells like oranges as she had fetched one I had thrown out in the woods and brought it in.. ah that's my girl..

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lemons Watercolor Continues and Heat Spell!!

Lemons and Limes watercolor continues..

Frozen washes in watercolor from the Arctic Spell here!

Sadie's attempt at lap sitting. I get to snuggle.
HI, I 've been working on the lemons and limes watercolor. Deciding what to place where and what color it should be, it is not finished yet but I don't want to overwork it so I stop and sip my coffee. I ran Sadie around the backyard a few minutes ago playing ball. It's warmed up to 33,a heat spell!! Ha ha.. She brought in another chunk of ice from her tiny swimming pool, into the house this morning. Hope it is warmer where you are. Talk to you soon,love,Diana 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lemons and Limes Watercolor

Beginning of Lemons and Limes watercolor.. notice the frozen wash in the background!

I added a hummingbird to this one in the right corner. This is now on display at Stage Door Gallery.

My Sadie
HI, Here is a quickie post,showing you the new lemons and limes watercolor I've just begun. Temperatures here are in the teens... But Sadie loves it. Walks around with large chunk of ice in her mouth!! I've been freezing washes today and enjoying the lemons and limes. Talk to you Soon.love,Diana

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bluebird on Frozen Watercolor and Happy New Year!

HI! I did have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did too. I've had some problems with my website,which has been frustrating. I don't know how to do a website and it was gone..so it was just a stirring mess for awhile which is much better now.Advice-- make sure you have all your information!! the numbers you need to have- to find it... I thought I did but did not...

Here is a new little bluebird I painted  yesterday. I was tickled with the background. The blues on the edge of the wash formed into the ice crystals. Here's how== Clear water on your watercolor paper, then drop the color onto the wash, then place it outside to ice up, and here I did it at the edges. I'm going to experiment with this edging ice today as the temperature is supposed to drop into the teens,perfect for placing your watercolor washes outside to freeze. We do have some strong winds so it may be a challenge. ha ha.. If you try it let me know how it goes!! We've had some snow,just a touch. Here on the Shore we don't get huge amounts so it's always exciting to see Snow!

I hope each of you is staying toasty warm, painting, and enjoying your New Year!! love to you,Diana
Yes, Sadie,my dear puppy, loved the snow, but not the wind so much. We lost 2 lob lolly pines on the edge of the yard last night.