Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, November 30, 2013

End Of Month of Blogging Each Day

HI, Well the art show at the Smiling Dolphin is over. It was lovely, lots of friends who are artists and plenty of cookies, a fabulous cheese and onion hot dip.. by Patsy.. wow.. I only sold one little painting but that was good. No fees.. Jenny generously let the artists set up  free.  John and Clay helped me take it all down,pack up and bring it home. Here is a picture of Sadie and a card I keep on my art table. I love Thich Nhat Hanh. His books are wonderful. He tries to teach the reader to enjoy and focus on the present moment. Try his books for a peaceful treat.

 Wishing you a wonderful rest of weekend. and today was and is my last day posting for the month of November. Tell me truely--do you think blogging is good to do each day for a month?? Did you get tired of it??I was afraid it was boring at times. .. let me know. I'm kind of glad to be done.. it is a challenge to blog each day for a month.. love to each of you,Diana

Friday, November 29, 2013

More Family and Turkey, It was good!

Sadie as a baby.. adorable!

Here I am..
Well the day after Thanksgiving was full of my sister's family, Terry, Grover(her husband) and Emma( their daughter. Son Jonathan couldn't come as he is with his fiance.. wow.. We all gathered at Mama and Daddy's for lunch of Turkey,salad... and lots of pie. It was a nice day. I'm zonked. Sadie, the dear had me leaping logs and chasing her down in the woods while the men were in the house.  Ok I didn't leap. I can't do much leaping anymore but I did get to see new parts of the woods.. Finally we got back home safe and sound. I fixed leftovers. The men had not missed us. Ha!! Supper is over. I did get to paint for awhile I finished a little landscape of Willis Wharf and framed it. I will take that to the show tomorrow. Wish me luck.. love to each of you, take care, Diana

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

HI Everyone,Wishing you a Beautiful Happy Thanksgiving!! or a Beautiful Day if you live somewhere else.. The turkey here is almost done. Still got more cooking to do. We're having roasted turkey, mashed white potatoes, sweet potatoes, giblet gravy, homemade dressing,baked pumpkin,string bean casserole, turnip greens,corn bread( my great grandmother's recipe) and my first attempt at cheesecake!  Mama,Daddy,our son Clay, and my husband John will be here,me too. Happy Thanksgiving.. I can't seem to add a photo.. wishing you love,Diana

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My pumpkin watercolor on masa paper. It's framed and now in the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock,Va.

Sadie, the puppy..
HI! It's been a busy day as I'm sure yours has been. I'm exhausted. It doesn't take much. I've made 76 chocolate chip cookies for Smiling Dolphin Open House on Saturday. I thought if I got it out of the way it would be good. No, I won't take them all. I made a cheesecake for dessert tomorrow. My first one ha ha.. I hope it is ok.. I put the plastic covered top of the store bought crust on and left the label in there so that stuck to the top of the cheesecake.. Ha ha.. I sometimes feel like Lucy on I Love Lucy. Remember that show.

 Sadie has been bad today. I awoke to her and John standing next to the bed.. Him hollaring DON"T EAT THAT.. and I reached over pried open her jaws and found part of a disposable Bic Razor in her mouth.. It was the blade part. No she didn't eat it but it was close.. oh my gosh.. He was following her in there and trying to get it out of her mouth.. It's raining here and windy and cold so we've been inside most of the day. She needs exercise..

I just heard our son is on his way home. Wish our daughter could come but she's having a big sale after Thanksgiving at the store.

I did throw a little water and color on a scrap of paper just to play a little this morning.. but other than that I've been cleaning.. and straightening.. and cooking. no painting.. maybe some sketching later tonight. I hope you each have a Happy Thanksgiving.. and if you live somewhere else may you have a wonderful love filled day. Love to each of you! Diana

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here's a Glimpse of Smiling Dolphin Open House Sat.

My lovely watercolors at Smiling Dolphin in Nassawadox,Va.

more of my watercolors there

Karen Pruitt's Lovely watercolors and acrylics at Smiling Dolphin!

Some of Jenny Floyd and Patsy Stiths' work.
HI ! I just finished setting up my watercolors at the Smiling Dolphin. I have 21 originals there. Karen Pruitt is next to me up stairs. Her work is lovely in watercolors and acrylic. Jenny Floyds paintings and birdbath/garden art are waiting for the show too. Saturday from noon..to 5.. Lots of wonderful artists and artwork.. hope if  you are near Nassawadox you stop in!!!  I'm home going to clean so Sadie, the puppy is plucking her mattress in the living room.. I may need Christmas Carols and Coffee!! Love to each of you,Diana

Monday, November 25, 2013

Frog and Being Together!

HI, I got the rest of my Thanksgiving shopping done, walked Sadie, and framed a little. Will get the rest of the framing done tomorrow am,then go set it up at Smiling Dolphin. Here is an old photo of Sadie as a baby with Rudy as her protector. She was afraid that night and ran to the cat for protection. A frog watercolor I did awhile back. I used the pour to shape the leaves and vines.and then negatively painted around them!. very simple but I liked it.. and it was so much fun. Talk to you tomorrow. Love,Diana

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Freeze Your Watercolor Washes!!!

HI! I finished the monarch butterfly, I've put it in it's mat and 3 others. I'll frame them tomorrow.. I'm putting it off can you tell? ha ha.. It's cold here 35 now at 5pm.. If the temperature goes into the 20's remember to try the frozen washes!! They are so beautiful.  You lay clear water on your paper.. then add color, just make it medium to dark so the crystals will show up.  Then put this on your porch,door step.. outside. Wait at least 2 hours and bring it in. Can you see the ice crystals.. It's amazing!! Allow this to dry ---no hair dryers.. and you have a great new idea for a background.. I love to do this. Hope you will try it and let me know how you did!!! Here are a couple of sketches I did the other night while John was watching tv.. notice he's asleep... ha ha.. and of course Sadie.. She is tired now.She's been very active in the house because I don't want to stand outside for any length of time.   So it's time to find photos and eat them off the refrigerator, things from the bookshelf that she can reach, that's my girl.
Stay warm and love to you,Diana

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Monarch Watercolor Continues and Smiling Dolphin Open House

Hi, I just got in from a romp in the woods. Sounds delightful ,doesn't it? Sadie the rascal,our lab puppy lead me thru some lovely brambles.. thorns.. I had her leash on her. I've got scratches on my wrists.and legs.. good grief... I had gloves on and a bright red coat. It's hunting season here(one of the reasons for Red)..Sounds like War sometimes.. ah well enough grumbling.. sorry.. Here's the monarch with a little more done. I am comparing as I paint to ensure both wings are the same size. I've still got more to do.

Next weekend,on Saturday I'll be showing my work at the Smiling Dolphin in Nassawadox,Va. Jenny Floyd owns this adorable framing shop and gallery which is upstairs. She also sells art supplies one of only 2 places on the Eastern Shore you can buy them. I've got to go on Monday or Tuesday and set up my work. I hope to finish and frame the butterfly and the others in the 2nd photo. That's what I sent to my email list inviting them to the show, hope to see them there.
Are you cooking Thanksgiving Dinner?? I am.Tell me what you've been doing.. love to you,Diana

Friday, November 22, 2013

Monarch Watercolor

HI, I started a Monarch Butterfly watercolor. You know, I only saw 2 of them this year. Isn't that strange? We normal have so many going thru on their journey. I was disappointed.. I thought I'd paint one. The colors don't show up quite right here, ah well.. Here's Sadie she's just woken up. She had a wonderful walk with her leash and me attached into the nursery this morning. We got to the center of the nursery and turned near the ginko trees.. I picked up a couple of leaves and I was delighted to see our friend,John S. biking by on the road when we returned. We both enjoyed seeing him.  Here is our road --our house is in the yard to the right and the nursery is to the left. I was trying to show you the gorgeous colors in the trees! Hope you have a nice weekend!! Love,Diana

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watercolors in the Sky

HI! It has been one of those days I haven't gotten much painted. I did just sit down and put the colors in the sky now on watercolor paper.. A quickie sunset.  It was fun watching the colors bleed together. I used Cad. Yellow Dark, Opera Pink, and Ultramarine blue, then a grey I mixed from Ultramarine blue and Sepia and a touch of Cad. Orange and Yellow Dark mixed right over the clouds as the sun was peeking thru.. Then for the silhouette of the trees, Viridian, Ultramarine and Sepia for the dark of the pines and Cad Yellow Dark and Yellow Ochre for the oaks( I think?) grey trunks and Sepia trunks.. anyway.. Sadie is napping.. Ohh.. she took me on a run today....I'm not going to think about it .. we are going to train on the leash..Have a great evening. Talk to you tomorrow.. I hope I'm not boring you to pieces!! Just 9 Days to go to finish the month. love,Diana

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Herons in Blue,Almost there

Here we go. I've worked again on my herons today. I like the abstract blues wandering thru so I think I'm almost done. What do you think?? I want the herons
to stand out but not be overdone. I"m going to look at it for a few days and decide. The blues here are ultramarine blue and thalo blue. Those are the only blues I use.  What blues do you like?? Talk to you tomorrow... Sadie, the puppy is sulking, she just got her flea med. put on her back..love to each of you,Diana

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heron Watercolor continues,A Smoother Day!

Heron Watercolor In Progress

Diana at Art Table,with Sadie
Hi! I worked on my heron watercolor a little more today.Today was so much smoother than yesterday. That is me at my art table, you knew- I love bright colors, and Sadie was just getting out of my lap. We have a lot of old country rockers that were in the family, that one beside me was in John's family. I have one that was my great -great grandfathers from Wachapreague,Va. I love them.. they creak nicely when I rock!

  I hope I get to paint much more tomorrow. I need to for my peace of mind.

 John had brought 2 huge bags of turnip greens and kale for me to cook for Thanksgiving.. I did all that this afternoon.When Sadie went out today we stayed in the backyard, to keep her safe..and will be there as much as possible.Monelle came over. She is painting a lovely surprise for someones Christmas.

 Tell me what you are painting or creating today. Love to you,Diana

Monday, November 18, 2013

Beginning of Watercolor and Sadie ran after a Tractor Trailer Truck!!

HI, I started another Heron painting today. I drew 2 herons onto my pour of blues and have started adding the color..but I didn't get much done because...

Sadie  ran into the road and chased a tractor trailer truck  and disappeared. I was running after her.. although I will admit the moment she took out after that truck I froze and can't say How I got running but I did.. I was terrified..Nowhere.. I didn't see her anywhere..oh my gosh.. I thought she was hurt and crumpled somewhere. I jumped into the car..as I was backing out of the driveway she ran from the nursery across the road into our yard. I hooked her to her leash and Scolded, and yes-- with a few taps to the backside. and Yelled.. poor baby but she has to understand she can't go into the road.. She's fine..she was tired and I washed her face and neck.. but she is fine. Beth, our dear friend came over and gave us hugs.. but we are fine.

Too much excitement for me. She has never done anything like this before.. I was with her..   I took her out on the leash later.. she hated it but I felt much better.

love to each of you and hope you had a calm day.. Diana

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Painting

HI, Wow I'm tired. I've just finished the little landscape and decided to play around with this coneflower. I love negative painting. I think I like the flower best. Leftovers for supper.. Clay's been gone for awhile,so he should be close to home. My daughter,Laura, just called from Illinois and said they had to go into the basement because of a tornado watch.. That's scarey!! But she said they are fine, thank goodness. Be safe and have a relaxing Sunday night. Love to you,Diana

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Landscape and Wow Look at That Sky!!

Hi, we've had a busy day. Clay,my son,is home. While he and John worked out I worked on this little landscape that I had started as a demo on Thursday. Tonight as the sun was setting I was outside walking Sadie in the woods.. I had to take a photo the colors in the sky are gorgeous.. Have a great weekend! Talk to you tomorrow.love,Diana

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Little Barn Owl Watercolor

HI, This is one of my little owl watercolors. It's an 8x10. I do love the owls. I haven't heard one lately at night here.  I didn't get to paint today. Our son is coming home this weekend. I've been cleaning and making chicken salad...I'm furious with Sadie, the yellow lab.. she ran into the road this afternoon and would not come to me. I could not catch her ...She is ok. I may not let her out until she is old now. ha ha.. just kidding.. but yes I'm still mad.  Hope you all have a great weekend. I'd better go put sheets on the bed! love to  you,Diana

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Their Kitchen Wall

HI, I now need new batteries in my camera,so this is not a new photo. Here is a photo of one of my customers walls.. She sent it to me. They have 5 of my paintings there. Wow.. I'm so honored and pleased.Which ones? The bottle of wine (I'm in the reflection on the bottle),the tomatoes underneath that...they are from their garden,the eggplant next to it, then way up top the lime green tomato and under the chef,the checkerboard cherries.

Class went well, a small group. Very nice ladies, we painted landscapes. Afterwards I stopped by my parents home to see my sister,Terry, she had come over from Richmond,Va.to spend the day.  Home to check on Sadie and Rudy, the kitty.I let them out as I was unpacking and the cat disappeared into the woods,then Sadie did. They paraded out,first Rudy, then Sadie in the back with a buzzard wing hanging from her mouth.... wonderful..good grief.. I got all but one feather.. and she swallowed that.

I'm so tired. Going to go lay down. love to  each of you! Diana

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Packing and Bad you know who...

I've been packing up and doing my lesson plan for tomorrow. I'm teaching at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. I've got 2 sketches of landscapes both of Willis Wharf.. a little fishing village and all packed up. Sadie has been especially bad today... John's hollaring for me to come quick.. she's plucking the stuffing out of her bed... Fun.. no... Not much to tell you today.. love,Diana

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Persimmons and Froggie in watercolor.

HI, Here are 2 Persimmon watercolors. The top one I did last year and the bottom I did last month,when I was looking for persimmons in the yard. I used Opera, my new pink.. very jazzy as my grandmother would say!, and Cad. Yellow Medium for the little tops I used Daniel Smiths' Lunar Black and Da Vinci Sepia. Lunar Black is granulated and so much fun..

The weather here has turned cold,we may actually have snow furries. I hope so. Sadie has never seen snow!! She's been very energetic today,and I've wanted to stay inside where it's warm. Stay warm tonight.

 love to you,Diana

 ps. It's my sister's birthday so I'll call her and sing Happy Birthday to her. My singing has only been loved or liked by one living creature. that was Dusty, Gran's dog! She liked anything!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Run Away Dog and Watercolors

HI! Today I went to Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles,Va. to pick up my paintings and Monelle's from the ESAL member show there. I also took 6 new watercolors, one is the Rhododendron Watercolor above, Heron Grace, and 4 smaller ones,Angry Chicken,Hummingbird,Last Hummer, and Bayford. These will be up for their Christmas open house this Saturday at 6 pm and stay there until New Year.

Sadie knew I was going somewhere as I was packing paintings,so she ran into the woods and looked sheepishly back but kept going.Gone, I couldn't see her.. I bribed, I demanded--Come,Sadie.. all to no avail..So I called Vera at the SDG and told her I was on the way but had to go into the woods to get my dog. I got her on the leash after climbing over downed trees,smelling the cool but wet smell of leaves..... and after some trying time for both of us.. got her in the crate in the house and got on my way. We have to crate her when no one is home. She could eat something..ok, would eat something.  Anyway when I got there everyone was so kind. .. the first thing they said was "Did you find Sadie..is she ok.?

Did you get any painting done today?? I drew  3 red carrots in my datebook.. I couldn't find the orange pen.. I'm tired.. have a restful night!! love,Diana

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Painting Roses in Watercolor

New photos!!! I got the camera sorta working. I'm not mechanically inclined. John's uncle, Uncle William used to wack anything that wasn't working correctly on the farm with a hammer. Sometimes that works. ha ha.. He was a dear man.  Here are the 2 roses' I've been painting the past couple of days. Very simple drawings onto a pink poured background, I really enjoyed painting them. Yes nothing else just the roses on the paper.

  What have you been painting??

 Sadie is enjoying a new bone.

Love to each of you,thanks for supporting me during this everyday of the month blogging., Diana

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Red Hibiscus Watercolor and How to Glaze in Watercolor

HI. This is one of my very favorite paintings I ever did. It is a red hibiscus.  I glazed each petal probably 5 times. Glazing is after the wash was dry I put clear water on the petal then added the colors where I wanted them onto the wet wash. Glazing can also be done by just putting a layer onto the petal with the color and water together.  I watched each glaze dry so I didn't have any back washes appear. If they did I simply glazed with clear water to get rid of them. I do like back washes sometimes..I really love them at  times but for this painting I wanted it smooth and voluptuous. I sold this to either a lady in Onancock or Jamesville, I can't remember..Reds do seem to require more glazing than other colors..to make them intense.

The bazaar was wonderful. I got up and went out there to the church this morning. I had made brownies too for the bake table,and took the sunflower watercolor for the auction. Everything looked lovely, so many Christmas decorations to buy and so many cakes!! I know they must have done well! I bought a huge radish,4 coffee mugs--tall and skinny for John--that's how he likes his mugs,a cup of coffee to sip as I visited and meandered,and a couple of books.

Tonight we are going to watch Taken 2-- a new movie on tv. Sadie, on her Serta, ha ha and Rudy, the cat, on John's lap will snooze the night away. Have a great relaxing evening. love,Diana

Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Church Bazaar

HI! Tomorrow is the Craddockville United Methodist Church Bazaar. I give a painting to the silent auction each year to help. The money earned is used to help local people who need their heating bills paid,electricity, have had a fire,an operation,need help in some way. It's wonderful how many people we can help. Craddockville is known for it's baked goods.. old timey wonderful homemade goodies !!!and quilts, just gorgeous work. I've decided this watercolor will be for tomorrow. Hope it brings a good amount for the Missions. Sadie has taken the pumpkin from the steps and eaten half of it. Hope that doesn't hurt her... oh my!!! That dog!.. love to you, and I started another rose painting..Going to go get some coffee and try to paint now. love to you all,Diana

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Heron Watercolor

Hi, Here is the heron watercolor finished, I think. I'll continue to look at it for a few days. Tell me what you think.. I didn't go with the hibiscus in the painting. I had seen cattails the other day in a ditch in Exmore , a small town 7 miles from here. I did not pick them from there I just used memory to add them to the painting..  It's been raining most of today. I couldn't decide what to paint so I painted a lovely rose.I'm still having trouble with the camera but maybe I'll be able to show it to you tomorrow!

 Sadie has been pretty good today. She still wants to play now-- I guess she still has some energy. I lost mine about 20 years ago. ha ha..but I do have coffee!. Talk to you tomorrow. Love to you,Diana

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One of those days..

Here is one of my heron paintings. I've been painting them for a few years. I love the gracefulness of the bird.  We see them all the time here especially when I go to town and cross Shield's Bridge. It's a tiny bridge but so beautiful there, the marshes and the water.. just lovely.

Well ,we've had a day. The camera still isn't doing right --that's why you can't see the new heron yet. I've added cat tails and water to the bottom of the watercolor.. Hope to show it to you soon. Right now the plumber is here working in the bathroom, he's replacing a heater.  Sadie stole, or rather thought it was hers anyway a half a chicken breast from the kitchen , while I was letting Webster in.. she was so excited to see him and Addy. I'd been making chicken salad for supper. Hope we have enough..  Of course everyone only comes to visit her, Sadie is a dear .. She also took 2 chocolate chip muffins from Monelle's purse this afternoon as she was walking up to the house..I managed to rescue the wrappings and most of the muffins.. oh dear. Well I'd better go check now we have banging.. here.. maybe I'll turn on the music for a spell. love to you,Diana

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good News!!!

I'll be teaching a workshop at ESO next week on landscapes.Nov.14th

Hi, Good News. Today after taking Sadie to the vet at 7:15 am,leaving her and going grocery shopping,returning home to have John tell me the vet called and said come get her.. she was ok. He said her teeth straightened themselves as her baby teeth came out!!! So back to Parksley ( a 30 minute drive) to pick her up,I'm so glad!!! No operation and I'm very thankful.  Needless to say I haven't painted today. With all that going on,however I was invited to join a Christmas Open House at the Smiling Dolphin in Nassawadox,Va. for Nov.30! I said yes and we'll have cookies and paintings and art!!! So that will be great!! I'm relieved about Sadie. Good News!~ Talk to you tomorrow. Love,Diana

Monday, November 4, 2013

Surgery for Sadie and Heron Continues...

Out my window

Sadie's baby photo.
HI! I did paint some on the heron this morning. Just a little here and there with colors, I didn't put in the grasses or anything with him. The painting definitely needs something in that corner. Maybe I can get some grasses, I'll look around.

Tomorrow am I'll be taking Sadie to the vet. She is having her 2 canine bottom teeth pulled. I'm nervous about it, I hope it doesn't affect her bottom jaw. They are in the wrong place and are cutting into the top of her mouth. Dr. did suggest braces.. but we can't do that. I started laughing when he suggested it and he was serious. So she'll be up there for that most of the day, she's such a sweetheart. I will miss her terribly but may get to paint more. I'll talk to you tomorrow. love to you,Diana