Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Opening, wedding and frozen pizza and lovely classes

To Red Queen Gallery in Onancock  today is Opening. 

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Emma and Austin 
Hi everyone, I still don't understand the typing on the blog with this tablet.  Maybe one day.This is a photo  I took at Emma's wedding. I was thinking about  you Maywyn, remember you said to get a picture of the cake. Emma is my sister's daughter. I took plenty of photos so look at my Facebook page too to see.

I have taught 2 classes since we talked. Pictured in the middle  is a group of nurses enjoying watercolor for the first time. They  did great. I taught a series, hummingbirds, pouring, eggplants and chickens classes, too.

Today from 3 to 6 pm I will  be gathering with a group of artists/friends at the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock for our opening.  I have 4 new watercolors up there. Have a wonderful weekend, I am picking up a frozen pizza on the way home.  Love to each of you, Diana

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Seaside Antiques in Wachapreague, A Wedding, Painting

I love this one. It is on 300# paper too.

Hi everyone, I am sleepy, almost bedtime, so I am spelling terribly,Ha..oh well.
I finished my Gladiolus watercolor and started  a painting of a Carolina Wren  and Cattails. I just taught a class at Norfolk Botanical Garden and they did not have any Cattails so I searched all over for some.  Found some at the bank, can you believe  it. They were so kind and let me cut all I wanted. Ha ha, I got my feet soaked in the cool mud... it did feel good on such a hot day.Sadie,my lab got over heated yesterday, it was so warm and we had been walking, she rested and was ok. It scared me truthfully, she was breathing so hard for a long while.
This weekend is my sister's daughter, Emma, wedding. I am driving my mother, this will be all weekend with all the dinners ...John will be here at home with  Sadie.  Love to you, Diana  ps the flowers  are from our yard  and my Aunt Pat s. I got to visit today. Check out Seaside Antiques in Wachapreague if you are nearby.