Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need Some Advise on Puppy and What I'm painting today!

HI, I've been painting this watercolor of corn for a commission. A pour first then the drawing.. It will be a pig too. I finished the little hummingbird and hope to have that framed for my class this weekend. The class is on painting hummingbirds. We now have 2 males and a female Ruby Throated Hummingbirds visiting. Sadie ,the puppy,saw them last night for the first time. I don't think she was impressed like I was.

 Now Sadie is napping.:) Seems like it's the only time I have to get any painting done. Ha ha..but she is so much fun.except.. Anybody have any tips on how to get her to stop biting?? She's a sweetheart but thinks I"m her ma or sister and when she plays she chomps down on my hand.. yowl. As you know I'm a softy about hard discipline,so what am I to do... please-- advise would be great!

 love to you,Diana 
We've been having rain.. and it's chilly too.. I'm hoping for sunshine soon!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nice Show

hi! Yesterday's art  show was lovely. We had tons of artists and lots of customers and the weather was nice too. We all sold some things,so that was good. Here's the painting I had started before the show and hoped to have at the show(but I'll have it finished for the Art on The Farm).. I had picked some wild dogwood from our yard and the hummingbirds have come and are zipping thru the back porch so I wanted to paint them too.

 This is Sadie,from Friday night. I had taken her outside to do her bathroom duties,it was dark. She smelled some animal and hightailed it up the steps and to the back door. I was there with her and didn't see anything.. but poor baby she was terrified. She raced into the house and ran to the den and got as close to the cat as she could. Ha ha.. poor old Rudy,our 19year old cat.. ha ha..

What are you doing this weekend? Take care, love,Diana

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tippy Toe Framing Day and Polar Bear Bathrobe!

It's been tippy toe day here. I've framed and Sadie has taken so many naps and played by herself. She was wonderful. Of course this morning she found some very smelly and decaying stuff in the forest. I'll spare you but I picked her up and got it from her mouth.. and tried to walk out of the woods but naturally got my feet tangled in wild vines.. and me, puppy and I was still in my polar bear bathrobe-- down we went.. rolling in the leaves.. ha ha.No close neighbors thank goodness! :)

So glad to have the framing done.. Here's a photo from the Hospice Fundraiser, me in the top one and the sweet one in the bottom. love to you,Diana
Tomorrow we set up for the show! Wish me luck at the show.. Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Potato Masher Imprint in Watercolor and Zen Puppy

Hi, We've spent most of the day outside. It's warm and sunny, so nice! I took my paint out and sat on the steps and Sadie played as I painted a little. Working on this little blue cow. Remember the potato masher.. here is the imprint as her nose!! Ha ha.. I couldn't help it.. It just seemed to fit the cow.  I've still got so many to frame for the show but that's ok, and with Sadie,it seems it's do it at  nap time or never.(It's nap time now.) I have to watch her or she gets into things. I will tell you she is very Zen. Yes... really, :). We have a very large wind chime hanging from a pine tree in my flower garden, she heard it chime for the first time today, sat down and listened..ears perked up. Later she did the same.. it was adorable.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Show This Weekend and Sadie Got Stuck

HI, I just sent my email for the upcoming art show this Saturday, It's the Women's Club Juried Art and Craft Show.I finished the orchid painting by adding a male hummingbird and that extra line of orchids.-- This is the photo I sent with the invitation to the show.. There will be artists, food and lovely plants. I've got an inside spot.It's also the weekend of Garden Tour, which means bus loads of people coming to certain old or unique homes to enjoy touring the homes and gardens. Hope they all stop by for a cookie, plant and painting!!  :)

 Sadie will stay with John.. John's grumbling some. This morning she got caught underneath the kitchen cook stove.. I got her out,she was fine and didn't mind at all but I didn't want her under there with that large cord and plug.. She likes to chew on electrical cords.. We're working on that.. I made a mistake last night and pulled her up into the recliner with me and we both fell asleep all snuggled together.. so today she decided to get up there by herself. Oh my.. I don't want her to do that so I'll stop and get down in the floor with her to snuggle.. I'm not sure who is disciplining who.. ha ha. Talk to you soon, Love,Diana

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Benefit Last Night

Here's some photos of last night. I was taking the photos so none of me.. I did finish the painting. It's a landscape from a pour I did yesterday afternoon.  Here's Carol in the back and Lois in the front. They left early, I stayed until it was over. Painting the whole time, I started a new one of orchids. You know how I love flowers. Hospice is a wonderful organization and I hope they got plenty for our paintings. Here's our little Sadie.. Have a wonderful weekend. Love,Diana

Friday, April 19, 2013

Corks and Forks Fundraiser and Sadie

Butterfly watercolor finished and Sadie napping by me.
Sadie in my lap checking out the new cow watercolor!
HI, I have gotten some painting done but it sure has been busy with the new puppy. Sadie loves to play so it's been hard squeezing it in! Sadie had her first taste of coffee the other day.. you know how I love coffee and had a cup in the backyard with us and she stuck her whole nose in it.. she didn't like it at all.. hard to understand because she found a petrified frog and thought that was the living in.. I pried it from her mouth and threw it deep in the woods. Ha..

 I finished my tiger swallowtail  watercolor.( I saw one in the backyard yesterday! No hummingbirds yet though.) The butterfly watercolor has the iridescent glaze on it so it sparkles. Now I"m working on another little blue cow painting. I put the other similar one at the Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles. Each one of the paintings are different.

 Tomorrow night I will be painting plein aire at the Corks and Forks Fundraiser  at the Eastern Shore Country Club. This supports Hospice on the Eastern Shore. The painting will then be auctioned off. The view from the patio where I'll be painting- is lovely, a beautiful water scene. Two other artists will be there painting too, Carol Campbell and Lois Fawcett.
Talk to you soon.  Wish us luck tomorrow night! love to you,Diana

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiger Swallowtail Watercolor and Sick Puppy (fine now!)

I'm tired. We had a problem. Sadie was sick. Yesterday afternoon after I wrote you, she was hyper.. not napping, whining and crying and running, she did not slow down.. I called Kendra, and she helped and I called the dr. He said give her a benadryl.. she had had a shot yesterday and a worm pill at the vets.Our Poor puppy was miserable. so was I. Needless to say I slept( well sorta) next to her and she slept fitfully, Today she is doing fine. now she's sleeping on the job. I've been painting this butterfly and she naps beside me. So thankful that is over and she is fine!!!..  I love to paint butterflies and to see them to me is almost magical.. their beauty so ethereal. Talk to  you soon. Love,Diana

Monday, April 15, 2013

Class at Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Sadie

HI, Saturday I taught my Daffodils and Tulips Watercolor Workshop at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Oh my it was gorgeous over there. Yellow tulips everywhere, pansies, warm, soft breeze and azaleas and dogwood trees blooming. This first photo is just the walk to the door to the classroom.. gorgeous! We painted Daffodils and Tulips although mostly yellow tulips. Everyone did well and I hope will  frame what they painted.. I'm so proud of you!!  Here's a photo of two of the ladies in the class.

  A Photo of Sadie...Well you know I had to include Sadie. She stayed with John, they played hard, she napped and he got his work done and played hard some more. Here she's getting ready to go to the vet. She got a wonderful report.

I painted yesterday with her sleeping on my feet..:). talk to you soon, love,Diana

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sadie's Day and Watercolor Class

Hi, Sadie's had company most of the day. Dana came over, Beth, Monelle and Debra, she got a basket of toys and yummies and more toys, kisses and loves and played with so now she is sleeping under my art table. I'm zonked too but I'm packing up for tomorrows class.We'll be painting tulips and daffodils.. and pouring watercolor. John will take care of her while I go. I'll miss her.  Have a great weekend. Love, Diana

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sadie Comes Home.. such Joy!

Here we are at Kendra's with all the puppies. That is me in the first photo.. Kendra in the second and Sadie home chewing on her new toy. She is so adorable. We giggled as we ate dinner.. She was walking around with her rope toy.. so proud so cute. Talk to you later. love, Diana . ... what a blessing to have her.

 ps Rudy may take awhile to adjust.. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Puppy Clouds and Shy Moo

"Shy Moo" original watercolor 8x10 framed $99
Here's the "Shy Moo",checkered cow watercolor. I finished it this morning. It's busy but I really like it. I've always liked cows, their shapes and the warmth of their characters. I have no idea what to paint now. The weather was so warm, 72 degrees and sunny today I had thought to paint outside but didn't get to it. Tomorrow. I'll be outside painting tomorrow.. and Kendra just called. We can pick up Sadie earlier on Thursday. She said today they had all been outside.. everywhere she went she had a little white puppy cloud following her in the yard.. How adorable.. These crocus I planted by Daisy's grave, they are lovely. talk to you soon,Love,Diana

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Her name is... and a checkered cow watercolor..

HI! I started drawing this little watercolor this week and just now started painting..,I think I'll call it "Shy Moo." Here is another puppy photo if you are like me I can't seem to look at her enough. We've decided on the name.. here it comes... SADIE.. what do you think??  love to you,Diana

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Loose People in Watercolor and Wild Kingdom in the Backyard

Just a quick note. I've been trying loose exercises from Jean Haines first book today. These are on scrap paper. Loose people. It's fun. I admire her work so very much. When you do their exercises it seems to click for me, I can understand what they are doing better--The man with the watering pot is from a magazine. Always fun to try new things in painting

. Here is a photo from my backyard just now. The fox came and the stray mother cat came both friendly to each other. It's like Wild Kingdom out there.

  Puppy News. We go get her on next Thursday ,April 11th. I can't wait!! Tell me what you've been doing or who has visited lately, love, Diana

Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting in the Sunshine with Rudy!

Oh, it's such a sunny day, Rudy,our kitty and I went out on the front porch and we sat and painted for awhile. Remember where Daisy and I painted. Rudy decided to lay on the edge of the painting,silly kitty. Now she is nestled on the trunk in the den where she sleeps 90% of the time. I wonder how she'll feel when she gets a puppy nose up there with her.  :) Less than 2 weeks we'll have our puppy.  Here is the painting I'm working on. I was adding the blue glass lid and the jonquil in the foreground. Unfortunately the flowers have died-shriveled up-- not quite slimey but getting there.. so I've had to improvise. The last photo is of our visitor---yes 2 fox comes to our backyard most nights. Beautiful animals but they must leave before the puppy gets home. He was not fearful of me getting closer and closer to take this photo. I hope you had a warm sunny day today too. What have you done this April 1st..? love, Diana