Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tree Frog and New Tiny Brushes

HI, This morning Hampton Roads Wholesalers came by at 8am. Fred is the owner and delivers here on the Eastern Shore for them once every 3 weeks. They bring supplies and frames for $8 and deliver right here at my house! He delivers all the way to Chincoteague,Va. which is 30 miles north of here.

 I,then, went to the grocery store and got home,fixed an iced coffee, and headed for the back porch with the zooming hummingbirds.I finished the little frog painting. J. had ordered me some tiny brushes(Amazon had them) and I got them today. They are so tiny!! They'll be perfect for butterflies and cutting around edges.. but I can see now-- I enjoyed trying some of them out on the froggie.. got to be careful. I must use Large Brushes too so I won't tighten my work up anymore.. we'll see what happens..

I love these sweet little tree frogs they cling to the side of the house at night sometimes and have the largest voice for such a tiny creature. I held one one day. It was such a dear moment.

Well ,can we have leftovers again?? It's almost suppertime.  talk to you soon, Diana


  1. Yes, go ahead have leftovers (again) ..
    Your painting is wonderful, what can I say you are a fantastic artist ..
    We have those little critters here too. I just love them.. they are the cutest, except for the time one surprised me when it jumped, onto my arm.. LOL ! BJ

  2. Your frog is adorable, Diana. I love listening to the frog chorus at bed-time, too.

  3. great painting!
    we have toads..also sweet

  4. WOW~ your work is gorgeous, Diana. I was just perusing your blog and looking at all your beautiful paintings and they are amazing.
    I just started painting with watercolors a year or so ago... I'm not even going to mention how bad I am at them, but it's fun to see what kind of mess I can make sometimes. :)
    Leftovers rock around here... it gives me the day off from the kitchen amd more time outside!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi~ please visit anytime!

  5. Your tree frogs are absolutely adorable!

  6. thanks BJ. Did you jump when he did? :),Thanks Kathryn, I do too. I like to hear the whippourwill too.Thanks Yvette,thanks for stopping by!Thanks Paula, thanks for coming by too. keep painting! it's so much fun.. Thanks Kathy. Thank you all for coming by and please come again! hugs to all,Diana


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