Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Because of the snow-- the Eastern Shore Community College Heritage and Art Festival has been POSTPONED... to MARCH 21, Saturday from 10am-3pm. Hope to see you then, Thank you for supporting my work, Sincerely, Diana

Snow, phoeey...

Sadie in the snow

hi ! We got what was supposed to be a dusting last night. It turned into 2 inches of wet snow. It is gorgeous, Sadie, our dog, and I went for a walk in the woods in our backyard this morning before anything melted. It was lovely. Each leaf was coated in glistening clumps of snow.

 Even though I'm not ready for bathing suit weather, I sure would like more sunshine, warmer weather, and clear roads. Tonight they say we may get 8-12 inches. This is puzzling, the Eastern Shore is known for 1 inch snows that melt as the day goes on. Sadie will definitely enjoy it and I guess I'll get some painting done.

We are supposed to have that show on Saturday. We'll see what happens each day, hope we can have it.

 But, Most importantly everyone stay warm and safe, sending warm hugs, love,Diana

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let it Melt! Let it Melt!

HI ! Well I'm tired of the snow as I'm sure most of you are. I've been painting Chickadees in the snow. We've had so many beautiful birds to our feeders. Cupcake -our kitty- has been so excited running and peering out at them. Sadie, our lab, has enjoyed the cold weather too.

I've frozen a few washes outside as we got down to 9 degrees one night. Just put the watercolor wash out as quickly as possible and run back inside. Always weigh them down so they don't blow away. Had that happen. Well John wants an omelette so it is lunchtime. I'll talk to you soon. Stay warm and well.love and hugs to each of you,Diana

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Got Snow!

Sadie watching it snow!

My new roses painting. I froze the background.
HI ,well we got snow. Did you? Six inches here. John and I just finished shoveling the sidewalk and sweeping off the steps. That's all the exercise I'm doing today. Sadie, our dear lab has been so excited. She loves the cold weather. A perfect chance to eat bird seed and chase birds, stomp in the little blue pool of ice, so many delights for her today. I caught her looking out the window yesterday at the snow. It was so cute. These are my valentine roses which are quickly dying. I froze this background Hope you can see the ice crystals. Today the Eastern Shore is pretty much snow bound. So I hope everyone is warm and snug, and sending you my love , Diana

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amaryllis Watercolor on Masa and Cupcake's Vet Visit...

My Amaryllis just bloomed, so I had to paint it.
HI, I bought this amaryllis bulb on sale after Christmas. I've never had one this color and just love it. I painted it on masa paper. First I drew it , then wet one petal added some color, using Red Rose Deep and Cad Yellow Deep for the peachy color and just Red Rose Deep for the pinker color.The green is Cad. Yellow Light and Viridian, and Cad Yellow Deep and Viridian. All  of these paints are Da Vinci Watercolor. I wonder if I should put a background to it. What do you think?? Hope you are warm and painting. love to each of you,Diana

PS Cupcake , our kitty, went to the veternarian on Monday for her first visit. She is a female, well ,and Dr. Bailey said "She's Perfect." She hid for the rest of the day and only came out when John got home, then would not look at me. I was the one who took her to the vets!! ha ha..

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Day I'll Never Forget.

My watercolor class yesterday at NBG.


and more!
HI, I had 14 students yesterday for my Roses Watercolor Class at Norfolk Botanical Garden. It was so much fun. We did silhouettes of roses, many exercises of petals, bananas (my ladies will understand).. and finally painted our red roses or from photos of the garden's roses.. which is huge! Everyone did a great job and I enjoyed them so much.

I was tickled NBG was also having an Wildlife Class/Seminar too at the same time. Betty Ann came and got us and we enjoyed seeing a Red Tailed Hawk released!!!(One of us had tears in our eyes, most were snapping photos and holding our hearts.. It was amazing!

 Then  Elizabeth called me out into the hall and there was a live Barred Owl. You know how much I love owls and nature.  Some of us gathered around and I touched it. Oh how soft. The eyes when he( Beauregard) closed them were covered in  velvet...or so it appeared !!!  We got to see a live Red Tailed Hawk.. and I touched his breast.. so soft. Talons of immense strength.. I was in heaven.  If you would like to look up the organization--one of them. The one sharing with us was --Sacred Friends, Inc.  www.sacredfriend.org , Katherine was the dear lady who shared Beauregard with us.

I will definitely be painting him. It is always inspiring to go to Norfolk Botanical Garden. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Palettes Full and Ready to Go!

Egg crate palettes, ready for class.
Tomorrow is Roses in Watercolor class at NBG, Norfolk Botanical Garden. I'm taking some live roses I bought yesterday to paint from and they will have lots of photos of roses from the garden there. Looking forward to it. I'm tired now. So is Sadie and John too. I'll show you what we do tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Stay warm and paint if you can. love to each of  you,Diana