Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, June 4, 2012

Flower Patch and Hummingbirds

HI! I just wanted to show you my flower patch in the backyard. I enjoy it so much. There is no order to it just random spattering of whatever my eye likes. I've been collecting wild daisies from the fields and planted them in here too.

The hummingbirds zoom thru my back porch all the time. This is fun -- they almost seem to try to get as close as possible. I took this photo yesterday as the little male was eating.(sorry about the dog pen in the picture.. Daisy never would get in there.. ) We only have the Ruby throated Hummers here but they are magnificent.. so very delicate. Do you have hummers where you are? What kind?

 take care and enjoy your day, Diana

  Going to paint outside now with my coffee and some chocolate...I'll need an extra extra large moo moo for the beach! Ha Ha...


  1. I love the natural look of your garden, Diana. And that really looks like a happy hummer at your feeder. :)

  2. Diana, how lucky you are to have the hummers. Honestly I have yet to see them at this place. That makes me sad.. because I had them in my other house (in the woods) just 20 minutes from here.
    Love your garden patch, and I can barely see the bird .. but I do.. Hey I live on Hummingbird Place. Can you imagine? and no hummingbirds. LOL ! oh get an extra muu muu for me too... Just had lunch with a friend at an all you can eat pizza place.. OMG! hugs,D
    from BJ


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