Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas, Wren Watercolor steps

Here is  the progress of my Carolina Wren and dried hydrangea Watercolor.  I  always draw first. The super dark background  is last and if it is not dark enough  I glaze sometimes a few times.

Hi, I can't believe  Christmas  is close. The last show was good. Next show  is in February, so that is good and break.  My Christmas shopping is almost over, and I finished  the last cookie baking today. Here is our Christmas tree. So many cherished friends and our children  made the wonderful ornaments.  So many memories....Wishing each of you a blessed Christmas Or Holiday
 my love to you, Diana 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Copper Creations Christmas Open House Dec.10

Hi, next Saturday  
CopperCreations Christmas Open House 
in Melfa , Va . December 10
I will be showing my beautiful watercolors 
Donna and Don Drew's amazing  Copper Art
Mama Girl  wonderful folk art
Ed Kuhn Carvings 
Jim Laughing Dog Jewelry 
All original art
Homemade delicious  treats 
A Beautiful  Holiday  Time.

Looking forward  to seeing you, thank you for supporting work!

Sincerely , Diana

Here is some of my class yesterday at Norfolk Botanical Garden .

Sunday, November 20, 2016

HAPPY Thanksgiving, ESARTISAN Guild Holiday Tour at Ker Place

Goldfinch and Maple

Wren and Hydrangeas 
Hi Everyone ,  I am getting ready for Eastern Shore Artisan Guild Holiday Tour at Ker Place in Onancock this Friday Nov. 25 and Saturday. Nov . 26 each day 10 to 5 .We all set up on Wednesday , then I am cooking for Thanksgiving .  Mama and Daddy and Clay are coming ,  turkey and all the fixings .  Friday and Saturday  it is show time. I have been painting a series of new birds...as well as 7 other ones ... I had to have 2 laser eye surgery .  Sadie  scratched my eye and so the dR. found angle glaucoma , and did the iridotomy last week. I am blessed as it would have taken my sight if not treated. so I am tired but fine. and so thankful . Have a beautiful Thanksgiving ! love and hugs to each of you, Diana

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Franktown United Methodist Church Fine Art Show Saturday

Sunrise in our backyard. 
Hi, I am tired. Today I have been getting ready for Franktown United Methodist Church Fine Art Show and Bazaar.Sat. from 9:30 to 3pm.  I am trying to get a few small paintings finished for the show as well as everything else that goes with it. I planted 7 small Loblolly Pines. Hope they live in our empty once wooded lots. I am going to walk Sadie now, last night we heard a Screech OWL, so amazing.  Love to you, Diana

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Class at ESO, Mandalas....

Class at ESO in Belle Haven, Bill and Sandy.

Watercolor of Willis Wharf, I started this in class as a demonstration, They painted it too.

A mandala,  ginkgo leaves, acorns and moons.
Hi , well we made it thru the Hurricane MATTHEW.  Lost 6 trees,oaks mostly,  that is why I had acorns in the mandala. My class at ESO is finished, we had 4 weeks and it was lovely.  I will miss them this coming Tuesday. (our day of class).

The Eastern Shore Art League  is having our annual show. Opening night is Oct.22, Sat. From 5 to7 come if you can. It will be in the Onancock High School  and will continue for one week.

I have a class at Norfolk Botanical Garden on Sat. So it will be a busy day for me but a nice one.

I have been drawing mandalas for fun. It is relaxing. Have you tried it??
 The new brochures are out now for the Artisan Guild Holiday Tour 2016. Don brought  me some today.  I think he is going up and down  the whole ES delivering them. That show is Thanksgiving Weekend. I have 2 shows before that. Holy cow.

Well I had best start dinner. Talk to you soon, love to each of you, Diana

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Painting our Trees

My Snowy Woods, 16x 20 , $330

Painting on the porch with Sadie 

Sadie, napping 
Hi Everyone,  I have been painting.  New work in Lemon Tree Gallery in Cape Charles and new work in Red Queen Gallery in Onancock. I ordered 5 new brushes,rounds from Loew Cornell.  I always enjoy  playing with new brushes. I just finished painting the trees, since we had the trees cut I have really wanted to do this.

Sadie is doing fine, she and I saw 3 white tailed deer Thursday night at dusk, they were beautiful.  Sadie ran after them, I followed, she soon gave up. Thank goodness.

I start a new class at ESO in Belle Haven this Tuesday.  Wet in Wet. I am looking forward to this.  Well night ,  I am tired how about you, have a wonderful weekend, love, Diana

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monarch Butterfly Class and Enjoying the Backyard

Hi Everyone, These photos are from my class yesterday at  Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk Va. Monarch and Flowers.  It was a sunny day so we could walk outside and see all the flowers in the Hummingbird Garden  ( right outside our window).
The wind has picked up here, Sadie and I are having  iced Tea  in our backyard.  Yes, she just stuck here nose in my glass. She is our Labrador and as you know always with me at home. Football
season started so John is watching that. I would rather enjoy  the hummingbirds, Spice bush Swallow Tail Butterflies, and few flowers back here.  There goes a yellow Sulfur butterfly!  Take care, love to each of you, Diana
Three new watercolors.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Teaching at AHS National Convention 2017

hi everyone, I have been invited to teach at the American Hemerocallis Society National Convention in Norfolk, Va.
This will be in June of 2017.
I am honored and looking forward to this.  Check it out www.ahs2017convention.org
Click on workshops to see my information. 

Today Hurricane Hermione has passed nearby. We got a good rain and very little wind. Now Wachapreague has had some flooding and I am sure some of our towns near the water. I have been painting some.
Stay safe, love , Diana 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Opening, wedding and frozen pizza and lovely classes

To Red Queen Gallery in Onancock  today is Opening. 

Add caption

Emma and Austin 
Hi everyone, I still don't understand the typing on the blog with this tablet.  Maybe one day.This is a photo  I took at Emma's wedding. I was thinking about  you Maywyn, remember you said to get a picture of the cake. Emma is my sister's daughter. I took plenty of photos so look at my Facebook page too to see.

I have taught 2 classes since we talked. Pictured in the middle  is a group of nurses enjoying watercolor for the first time. They  did great. I taught a series, hummingbirds, pouring, eggplants and chickens classes, too.

Today from 3 to 6 pm I will  be gathering with a group of artists/friends at the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock for our opening.  I have 4 new watercolors up there. Have a wonderful weekend, I am picking up a frozen pizza on the way home.  Love to each of you, Diana

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Seaside Antiques in Wachapreague, A Wedding, Painting

I love this one. It is on 300# paper too.

Hi everyone, I am sleepy, almost bedtime, so I am spelling terribly,Ha..oh well.
I finished my Gladiolus watercolor and started  a painting of a Carolina Wren  and Cattails. I just taught a class at Norfolk Botanical Garden and they did not have any Cattails so I searched all over for some.  Found some at the bank, can you believe  it. They were so kind and let me cut all I wanted. Ha ha, I got my feet soaked in the cool mud... it did feel good on such a hot day.Sadie,my lab got over heated yesterday, it was so warm and we had been walking, she rested and was ok. It scared me truthfully, she was breathing so hard for a long while.
This weekend is my sister's daughter, Emma, wedding. I am driving my mother, this will be all weekend with all the dinners ...John will be here at home with  Sadie.  Love to you, Diana  ps the flowers  are from our yard  and my Aunt Pat s. I got to visit today. Check out Seaside Antiques in Wachapreague if you are nearby.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Painting Glads,Sunflowers

Still working  on this...

Hi, so hard to believe  summer is zooming by and August begins tomorrow. I am working on this watercolor of gladiolus and added the butterfly today.it needs  another  short flower on the empty side. The pink phlox are in our backyard and the butterflies really love them. I enjoy watching so much.The sunflowers  are in a field near Quinby, Va. I was up in Wachapreague  (near there) this week. It was such a treat to see them, I took  lots of photos  to paint  later. Wishing  you a wonderful  August, love to you, Diana

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Painting on the Beach, Sunflowers to Paint,Seaside Antiques

Wachapreague watercolor 

Teaching Sunflowers in Watercolor Class this Sat.

Plein aire on NC BEACH 

Hi, we went to NC for our family beach vacation.  Lots of good food,supply, sand,reading,being with family and me painting. It was a lovely time. Came home tired but that is the way vacations go.ha ha.

Tell me what you have been doing.
I am working  on a couple of small watercolors for Seaside Antiques, my great aunt shop in Wachapreague,Va.
She has local art and antiques, an adorable shop. I am going to make some iced coffee wish you were here too. Love to each of you!Diana 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Just keep painting

hi, I can't believe it is July already.  A friend of mine and I went to Evas for coffee one day. She has a tiny ,precious farmstead near Harborton, Va.  Her flowers that day were gorgeous, I brought some home, gladiolus were my favorite in the bouquet so I started  this painting. 
I had a show in the Red Queen Gallery. It was a dud,sold only a tiny one,ah well.On to the next show,right.
Sadie is doing great,well she did just try to eat something she wasn't supposed to but that is normal.The kitties are,doing fine too.my flowers are beautiful.  I am trying to root some hydrangea for the empty land.
I hope you are having  a wonderful summer.  Love to you.Diana 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Hummingbird Watercolor & Pig to come

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I am writing this on the tablet. Funny  I never seem to get the photos sized right or something, ah well. We have been working on the yard.me as much as I can. I planted 18 Loblolly pines across  the front of the empty cut land . Wat and Chris worked 2 days to get logs out of the side yard and clean up the yard  and it looks so much better we helped too,so I have been sore,ha ha. I haven't painted much this week. I did sketch a pig today. I will start her tomorrow,this is Roxanne she was behind Corner Bakery the day I painted in the window at Red Queen Gallery. There was a special parade of animals in town. Goats, black lab,and Roxanne  was in the parking lot. You know how I love animals. I was in heaven, so here is her photo with me. Hope you had a nice weekend.  I heard  a Great Horned Owl this morning.  Love to you,Diana 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trees and Thankful and Heartache

Hi,well here is some of the cuttings. We have land on each side of the house that is cut totally,but there are trees around  the house just fewer than I had thought  in some places.
but I need to focus on the blessings,  the men who worked here were so sweet and worked hard to save trees, each one was dear. I feel like they are my friends. And my other friends gave me tons of plants for my garden, look how pretty it is. Hummingbirds everywhere,a whippourwil in the woods tonight. So I have a lot to be thankful for.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Boats in Landscape

Here is the boat landscape. Today I taught  a class at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Calla Lilies, gorgeous huge white ones,everyone did a beautiful job. My class  has their beautiful paintings hanging in the Education Hall.  I am so proud of them.

The loggers are just about done with the cutting in our yard. They are very sweet men. It is amazing how many birds are coming into the cut trees. I am trying to see the good ,more light....

I ll show you photos from class soon,have a great weekend, love to each of you, Diana, ps thanks for being there for me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Landscape in Watercolor

Started a landscape, yesterday I drew it and today I  have started the painting. 

Sadie and I both have been upset today.

The loggers are here. John and I chose to do this but it tears at my heart each time I hear the saw ,then crash. The 2 cats sat on my art table as I painted, Sadie panted and panted. I talked to a dear friend  tonight and he recommended looking at the good that will come out of it. John suggested planting sunflowers, I would like that.

I am teaching at Norfolk Botanical Garden this Saturday, Calla Lilies will be the subject.

Talk to you soon, more painting with Sadie tomorrow, love,Diana

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Art and Music on the Farm

Art and Music on the Farm  at Barrier Island Center  was yesterday, these are a few of the new paintings I took.

Hi, it has been  a busy week, well few weeks, I finished and framed 13 new watercolors for Art and Music on the Farm at Barrier Island Center  in Machipongo, Va. That show was yesterday,  it was a lovely day, I sold 11, visited with customers /friends. I was delighted to be near Perennial Roots Farm, and got to hold and kiss one of their little piglets.  Our son is home for a few days, which is a blessing. It is grey today but I did take some photos for painting,...of my parents backyard ..have a wonderful weekend, love to you,Diana