Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finished Spider Tulips Painting

HI! Well I just finished. Here it is. I haven't signed it yet- will do that in a minute. It's propped up next to Daisy's rugs. I still haven't moved them. It's been 2 months and 2 days since she died. My sweet girl..

I'm so glad to be finished with this one. I hope she likes it. I'll give her a call in the morning. I want to wrap it in plastic and back it for her.

  I was surprised and happy to see my coneflowers. They actually came back and  are lovely in the morning light.. wow.. I may have to paint them.Are you painting things from your garden?

 The weather here is nice, which is a blessing as our air conditioner broke down this week. The part to fix it is coming in 10 days...It'll be humid and hot in the blink of an eye! :) hope not --ha ha.

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend..talk to you soon,Diana


  1. Hello Diana,
    I had a long read through your posts last week and saw you were going to the Tall Ship event for the weekend. Your display looks lovely.
    I enjoyed seeing all your paintings, I liked your frog with the fine brush. Hope you have a good weekend. x

  2. Diana - your tulips are sensational! Love the format you chose. As always your art moves me. Thanks for sharing and God Bless You.

  3. Diana, you tulips are stunning! It's not easy compose a floral in a long format, and make it so attractive - well done! I'm sure your client will love it. :)

  4. Beautiful work! I wonder how it will look framed. It must be great in this long format.
    The colors look strong. Great red and green.

  5. Thank you Milly. I love painting tree frogs!Thank you Debbie, God Bless you too. Thank you that means so very much. Kathlyn she did and got it today.It's always good to finish one. Thank you Jennifer. She's going to invite me over to see it when she get's it done.thanks for stopping by everyone! love to you,Diana


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