Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Watercolor of Day lilies.

HI, Today I have worked  on the lily painting. I added  a peach one. I have been baby sitting Sadie, John  had to go to Va.Beach so it has just been Sadie and Cupcake  ,the kitten and me. We all missed him.He is back now.  Sadie is doing well, she had her knee surgery 2 weeks ago. I still have to walk her on the leash each time she goes out. I haven't  decide what to do with the  background in the day lily painting.  I'm  thinking dark greens. What do u think?  Tell me about  your Saturday.  Love to each of u, Diana

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Painting Day lilies! !

 Day lilies from www.sterrettgardens.com .  Richard and Rikki gave these to me.

HI, I am still learning this tablet. This is what I am painting now.  The Sterrett Gardens had a presentation for the Garden  Club Tuesday. They gave me these afterwards and I have been painting  since.  You know day lilies only live one day but these have buds so each day it has been like opening a present to see what's opened.  These are cut. Go to www.sterrettgardens.com  to check out their website.  I'm going back for the 3rd one now. Hope u r staying xool, love to each of you. Diana

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Luna moth watercolor and Sadies knee

Hi, I just finished my little  Luna Moth watercolor.  Sadie is doing well.   I took her to the veterinarian  yesterday  morning.  He said keep  her quiet  for a few more weeks  but she is doing good.  We were happy about that.
This is her knee and the incision.  Sadie is now 2 years old and a Labrador retriever. So no running is a challenge  but jist one day  at a time.   Love to each of you. Diana

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Class and Sadie's Surgery--Healing

Norfolk Botanical Garden Watercolor Class on Hydrangeas and Spicebush Swallow Tail Butterfly!

The Japanese Garden at NBG. Our next subject in class there!
Hi Everyone,  Yesterday, I was in Norfolk,Va. at the Norfolk Botanical Garden teaching "Hydrangeas and Spicebush Swallow tail Butterflies." I had 10 students. Pictured above are a few of the students. We used saran wrap to begin our hydrangeas. I took some flowers from home too, I had some gorgeous purple hydrangeas and Daddy had some amazing Oak Leaf Hydrangeas. At lunch Renee and I walked to the Japanese Garden and she held onto the back of my shirt as I leaned into the pond to try to capture the amazing Lotus Blossoms and Water Lilies.. Gorgeous!!! I didn't fall in! We all had a nice time. It was a lovely day!

Sadie, our lab, as you know had surgery last week on her Cruciate ligament in her knee. So, it went well. She is starting to get her energy back. We are icing it and giving her her pain meds and helping her as much as we can. I have a photo of her on facebook  from after the surgery sleeping. She is coming along well.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Love to each of you,Diana

Monday, June 8, 2015

Yesterday, I
 volunteered  at The Stage  Door Gallery in Cape Charles. Well I could not get the door alarm  off so I was having a time. After that it was fine, but I sure did start off with a bang. While I was there I painted this little  Screech Owl.  I am adding more color to the background this morning. Sipping my coffee, a peaceful  day, have a lovely day.  This Saturday  I will be teaching  at Norfolk Botanical  Garden.  We will be painting Hydrangeas and Spice bush Swallow Tail Butterflies.   Talk to you soon, love, Diana

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sadie surgery ànd lily watercolor

Hi, here is a lily watercolor  I started today.  
I am trying to do this on the tablet . I thought I put  a photo on here. Ha where did it go.  Here it is.  A dear friend, Ivana brought me  a gorgeous bouquet for my birthday  of these lilies she grew in her yard.    Sadie is having problems with her knee. The veterinarian said she has torn her cruciate ligament. She is going to have to have surgery next Thursday.  Naturally I am worried. Love to each of you. Diana