Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, April 30, 2012

Iridescent Irises and Tears..

The show on Saturday was great,tons of people came and left with lovely artwork. I sold 6 pieces which was wonderful. I am so sensitive..I wish sometimes I wasn't!~ I am I'm still grieving for Daisy,as you know. I was sitting here eating lunch(blueberry yogurt)today and had to grab my paintbrush to distract myself to keep my tears at bay. I have one iris left in the vase from Gran's yard.So I had a piece of hot press paper and started painting very loose iris. I'm not this loose usually but I do like it and I tried all my new iridescent paint too. I'll wait and see how it looks tomorrow. But I did feel a little better. I don't mean to be a downer I just miss her so much..she was always with me. Ok so now I'll try to go for a little walk..if you have any more ideas to help with my tears please let me know. Thanks so much.Talk to you soon. Diana

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eastern Shore Art League Paint Out

hi, We had a paint out..at Harborton,Va.A paint out with the Eastern Shore Art League is a day of painting together.We take dishes to share and eat lunch and today we were at Jennie's home in Harborton,a small fishing village on the shore. Her flowers were in bloom, her chickens and coop provided inspiration and her dear dog Emma( a yellow lab-like my Daisy) was there to welcome us. Her studio and home reflected the warmth of her character.I painted a little and enjoyed visiting with friends who kindly remembered my Daisy,so some tears were shared..It was a loving day. take care, Diana

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Watercolors for Show

HI, It's a rainy Sunday afternoon. I've just taken my photo to send out about the art show next weekend. I send an email out to customers,friends,students... to invite them to the art show and also attach a photo of one of my newest originals..Sometimes I take a group of new paintings. So here's the photo I'll send out. It's good to let everyone know and I've found- keep the message short and to the point and send it one week in advance.

Also I bought a new geranium yesterday at Lowe's(I want to paint it!).. and here's the little landscape I'm still working on. After I post this I'm going to paint. take care and if you are near Women's Club Juried Art Show next Saturday April 28 please stop in there will be wonderful art,gorgeous flowers and plants,food... Have a nice Sunday.talk to you soon,Diana

Friday, April 20, 2012


I admit it. Sometimes when I'm upset I start over. I decided the little landscape was OK.. but I could do better. So I took my paper out to the back porch and sat and drew it, then wet my sky and flowed in my thalo blue. I already like it better. It was hard to go out there to paint but amazingly Rudy,our 16year old kitty, charged out of the woods and lay in the sunshine in front of the porch.It was comforting to know Daisy was just at the edge of the backyard.And a little hummer flew up too as if to say keep going you aren't alone.

The flowers are from the nursery across the road from us. They have burst into color.Hope you have a great weekend and thanks so much for being there for me. Talk soon,Diana

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Little Landscape

Hi,I started just a little landscape. I got some new frames in last Wednesday when we were zooming up to the vet. Fred was kind-- he left them on the front stoop with a note he hoped Daisy was better. The landscape is of Willis Wharf,a small little fishing village here on the shore. So I've been painting on that today.

The flowers here were a gift--yesterday I judged an art show at Broadwater Academy. I went to school there -just a couple of years ago.. oh ok a long long time ago!The art show was delightful,their artwork was so good and very creative. The art teachers are true blessings to the kids there.Two other artists and I did the judging and they gave us these lovely flowers.

I was sitting painting at my art table and the first female hummingbird flew up to the feeder! They are here!! I've made a large pot of sugar water and will be hanging the rest of my feeders today.

My heart is still aching. I miss her so much.I think of Daisy every day so many,many times. Thank you all for your comfort and lovely words. Love to each of you,Diana

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Painted Paw Prints

Today was a difficult day. Thank you all for your lovely words of comfort and love.I finished my wisteria.. which was a struggle. Daisy had made muddy paw prints into the back porch on Tuesday, I wanted to preserve them so I sketched them in my sketchbook(cried)and today I painted them onto the porch..(cried)I miss her so much.. thank you so much for your support. love,Diana

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We love you,Daisy.

My Daisy is gone. She was so sick. She passed away last night.We miss her so much as you all know. My heart is broken.Diana

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daisy's so Sick

Hi,Daisy has taken a turn for the worse,my heart is breaking. I know you won't understand if you aren't an animal lover.I hear her bark..but she's not there.. She has been my constant companion for 11 years..yesterday we painted on the porch,working on my wisteria.She's in the animal hospital today. talk to you soon.please forgive my briefness,Diana

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Piggy and Painting late with Daisy

Happy Easter! My son's on his way back home,we're having leftover turkey for supper.Just whatever is in the refrigerator is ok with me. We had a lovely day,church was beautiful,lunch was nice.I took a small walk and painted a little after he left. After I posted last time,I decided Pork Chop wasn't what I wanted him to be... I felt he was too confusing with too many lines going thru the pig.. so I started over. Daisy has been ill. She wasn't feeling well moaning at night and I talked to Amy at the vets, she brought us some medicine for her,she is feeling a little better. You know how much I love Daisy, so when she moaned I got up with her and decided that would be a good time to start my piggie over. So I got my board that fits the recliner,and started. She stayed on the porch in the cool air then came back in and rested by my side. So here's the new piggy which I prefer. My husband likes the first. Which do you like? I'll keep you updated on Daisy. Talk to you soon,Diana

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter and Pork Chop Painting

HI,I've been working on this little pig watercolor. I put the pink checkerboard in the background to contrast with the pig.I think I'll name him Pork Chop.

I had errands to run in Exmore this morning,a small town just 7 miles away and guess what I got. More Wisteria. I've draped it over my art table to contain the blossoms. As I was walking in with it,I felt like a flower girl.Blossoms were dropping everywhere. Oh it smells so good.. So I've want to work on that this afternoon..

But I must do some cleaning-I'm so glad my son's coming home for Easter. Wish so much my daughter could come home too but she is getting ready for their opening of Vintage Karma Shop.
Wishing you all a blessed Easter and Passover. talk to you soon,Diana

Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting with the Generator Guys

HI,two generator installers were here today. While they were here I painted,I worked on the wisteria painting-the wisteria flower on my art table is quickly drying up but still smells heavenly.

Then I was going thru some paper and found this little piece and knew it was this rooster. I hope I just finished him. It may take another glaze to the background. We'll see how it dries. I need a title any ideas..

Thank goodness I found some soup in the freezer. I just popped that into the microwave for supper. I'm wiped out! ha ha.. talk to you soon!Diana
PS I ordered these paints from Jerry's about a month ago and yippee they arrived! I had to put the yellow on my rooster's eyes!