Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turtle Visits

HI,today was an errand day. I had to go up to the Hermitage and deliver 2 paintings for the summer display. The Hermitage is a very nice nursing home here on the Shore. Then I went over to Quinby to get some photos of the bridge buildings. I have a commission and I needed to check out everything. It was raining and I stopped the car mid road and leaped out and took photos until I saw another car coming. :)  I even left the car door open. ha ha. I was just a few minutes and there was no traffic. I came home and have been working on my little landscape. The rain is soft and gentle just what we need for the gardens and fields.  A good day to stay home and paint..well what day isn't a good day to paint. talk to you soon,Diana --ps.. I had a visitor coming down the driveway a delightful turtle so I went out and got some photos of him. He turned and headed into the trees.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nice Weekend!

HI! We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I hope you did too. Friday ,my son and his girlfriend came home. Saturday morning we packed the car and headed to Barrier Island Center for the Art and Music on the Farm. It was a lovely show and I did well. I enjoyed seeing everyone there. Thank you all for the wonderful support you gave me. That evening ,we unloaded at home and then went to eat at the Island House Restaurant in Wachapreague.The food and view was delightful. The second photo is of my husband, my son, and his girlfriend.  I was on the dock taking pictures to paint. A gorgeous place !!Sunday we headed to Ocean City Maryland and walked the boardwalk,ate Thrashers French Fries for lunch--no thought to my diet.. ah well. and ate out again heading home. Monday they went home and we ate leftovers,sorry J.! ha. ha.. So I have some painting to catch up on. The little blue moon painting sold Saturday and the new hummingbird I finished and framed on Friday morning so both were in the show. take care. and thank you again so very much. Diana
ps. so many of  you said lovely things about my Daisy, Thank you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coming up...Art and Music on the Farm

HI, my class on Saturday was nice. We drew and painted hummingbirds and the gardens brought us a large bucket of gorgeous flowers fresh cut from there. I saw deep purple iris and thought for sure we would all be painting those but instead they each chose Red Hot Pokers to put with their hummers. We had a great time and they turned out some beautiful work!

Here are a few of my new pieces which I'll frame this week for Art and Music on the Farm at the Barrier Island Center in Machipongo,Va. This show is from 10am-4pm. They will have wonderful food,soda,local wine and beer,music,and beautiful local art.,It's on Saturday May 26th. Entry fee $10 in advance or $12 at the gate. Look up to the right for my show list for location and phone# to call for entry fee. Hope you can come!You can go to Barrier Island Center website for more info click here.

I've been painting on the porch, I wanted to do a little hummingbird with some flowers in my garden. Where I sit I can see the daisies I've planted by Daisy's grave. I know I will miss her forever. The first thing Sharon said on Saturday was I'm so sorry about Daisy. She was so sweet to say that! I'll go back to painting. Talk to you soon, Diana

Monday, May 14, 2012

Angry Chicken

Just was on the porch working on my new chicken. He's very similar to the other one but his cone goes the other way and of course the colors in his neck are different. I had such fun doing it and the next show is Art on the Farm at the Barrier Island Center in Machipongo. I've got a couple of weeks to do some more and frame too.It's on May 26th, this Saturday I have my class on hummingbirds at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I love to go there-- the gardens are so inspiring. Next I was thinking about the red pepper.. we'll see. talk to you soon.Diana
I love to read your comments- please do! thank you!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers'Day

HI! Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day! Filled with love,chocolate,coffee,sunshine and cheesecake!! Talk to you soon,Diana
 ps that's my new chicken watercolor beginnings. The blue flower goes to my Ma for Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bullfrog Watercolor

HI, I just put my finishing touches on my Bullfrog. He has an iridescent watercolor on him so he glistens and so does the water in front of him.It seems since Daisy has gone we are getting larger frogs,more lizards,you name it seems to be coming in the porch.

  I started a drawing of another chicken late last night and will start that now. It's breezy in the porch but so sunny so I'm painting there.

 I just sent out my email about my Hummingbird Watercolor class at Norfolk Botanical Gardens! Hope we get lots of students. talk to you soon, Diana

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Frog Watercolor

Here is the beginning of the new froggie painting. Daisy has been gone 1 month just an hour ago. I miss her so.. so sorry to keep bringing it up. take care, Diana

Finished Peach Iris

HI!I've just finished my Peach Iris painting. I added some darker lines, to the iris, some shading where the petals were too sheer and darkened the stems a little too. I used the #6 round for most of it and the colors I used to make the peach were cadmium yellow deep and red rose deep, I then added a touch of this thindigo violet for shading but mostly used the mix with less water.  For my green I used viridian green plus cad. yellow deep and ultramarine blue sometimes. I threw in a little of the blue as the wash was wet.. I love that color in iris stems!! Now what to paint... oooh I've got my eye on a bull frog.. will be working on that after I get my kitchen cleaned up.. talk to you soon,Diana

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Painting Peach Iris Watercolor

I took a long walk in the nursery this morning. Saw a puddle full of little tadpoles,beautiful bushes dripping with white blossoms..and the deepest red of Japanese Maple leaves. I had to visit the ginko row. I love those trees.. This afternoon I've painted in the back porch,working on the peach iris.( I was missing my Daisy).. so I'm going to prop my painting up and look at it tonight.What does it need? take care,dear friends,Diana

Friday, May 4, 2012

Here is an 8x10 I've done of a tall ship. We've got a special event in June coming to Onancock,Va. and Cape Charles. An art show will be held then as well as special tall ships coming,with tours and exhibits.. so I thought today I'd work on a little watercolor --painting on the porch(missing my Daisy). I still have to use my scrubber to clean up some sail lines..love the scrubber for little jobs! Hope you all have a nice weekend.Talk to you soon,Diana

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peach Iris Watercolor

Hi,I picked this peach iris and blue one on my walk today and had to paint one. So I've started here. I'm painting on the back porch. The air is so sweet with orange blossom(mock orange bush)and honeysuckle which grows wild everywhere here and also the American Holly is blooming.It's a tiny white flower where the berries are and so sweet..anyway I'm continuing to paint..talk to you soon.Diana