Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daffodils again..

I wanted a freer daffodil painting. This is what I've been working on this afternoon. The daffodils are quickly dieing.

Rainy day today. Daisy has enjoyed the stove,so have I. Stay warm,Diana

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painting Star Magnolia

I started the chickadee in class Saturday and the branch. Got the flowers drawn and have painted some today. I'm feeling better all the time. I realized this morning I have to do 2 paintings for a show in 2 weeks!!! oh boy.. new ones about spring.. take care,Diana

ps. here is my art table.. I was trying to just show you the flowers that I have to paint!! but you get all the clutter too. I'm going to have to straighten up a little ...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Star Magnolia and Daffodils...

HI,my class Saturday at Norfolk Botanical Gardens was wonderful. I had 8 students.Chickadees,star magnolias of different varieties,lenten roses,were some of the subject matters we worked on. It was inspiring and so lovely. Even walking to the door there were lovely sweet flowering bushes..to inspire us. These are some of the flowers we had there. As you can see the star magnolia is fading fast but is so gorgeous. Works beautifully on thalo blue and burnt umber washes.. So I'm hoping to get some flower paintings begun. I've got the enthusiasm if I can get this cranky body to do it. Rested all yesterday. My back and head are much better today..take care.Today I slipped to Cape Charles,it's painting change day. A new show is going up. The March Madness Show in Stage Door Gallery. All art is priced under $100. I took 4 little watercolors! Talk to you soon, Diana

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gesture Drawings of Daffodils

Today I've been getting organized for my class on Saturday at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I've got the paper cut for the students. I usually wait and make the palettes for them on the day of the class but I'm going to try and do it early.(meaning here at home and take them) The best idea I came up with were Styrofoam egg cartons.. what do you think? I supply their supplies for this class. We will be painting flowers and birds. I've been checking their website to see what is blooming over there. It's different than here. Only an hour and half away but they usually bloom quicker! Here's some gesture drawings I did of some daffodils. I try not to peek. So it's put my pencil down,keep it down, and don't look at the drawing just look at the whatever you are drawing.. until you are finished.I did the yellow ones after the gray ones. I think we'll do this as a loosening up at first.Its sunny today. Makes me feel like spring will be here soon. take care, Diana
Last night I loved that one daffodil I found in my yard yesterday so I wanted to add it to the daffodil painting. I think I got carried away I put it in 3 times. So I'll take out 2 I think! and now I see my jar needs a lot of straightening and some darker definition. It helps me to put it prop it up and look at it during the day! take care!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Finger Painting in Watercolor-tell me what you think!

Hi,I've worked on my daffodils a little and then experimented with finger painting. It was fun. Tell me what you think. I just put my fingers in warm water then touched the paint and placed them on the hot press closed my eyes and tried to feel the paper and paint and just ta da.. this one I like, what do you think.. now tell the truth please... I would like to frame it and call it dance.. because it looks like three dancers to me.. try this.. and tell me how it comes out. have a great weekend. I've still got this blasted headache -- 13 weeks on Monday. I can't stand it much longer.. take care,Diana ps the candy kept me going today. My son's coming I needed to get his room ready= move paintings...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love to you,Happy Valentines!

Sometimes, not often enough
we reflect upon the good times
and our thoughts always center on those we love.

And I think about those people
who mean so much to me
and for so many years have made me
so very happy.

And I count the times I have forgotten to say,
thank you and
Just how much I love them..

This is a song by the Carpenters.. This is my valentines to all I love. Wishing you and yours a very lovely Valentines. love to you,Diana

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow Day

Well, I started the last painting over. Ha! You know how I love coffee.. well I got up from my painting,yesterday, and had my coffee cup in my hand and spilled it all over my painting to be. I got up and rinsed it off as quickly as I could but-- I missed some of the coffee drizzles, and then the colors started bleeding into the sketch-- so I said phooie and decided to start over. So this painting is now the beginning of my jonquil painting.. and so far I'm keeping the coffee on the other side.. WAY Over there.. You know it seems like when I start over it's always a better sketch and I feel like this is.

It started snowing last night and we got 2-3 inches. So no church today,just a stay at home Sunday.It gave me time to start this one again.I cooked some lentils and that simmered. We had some chocolate coffee in the afternoon.A nice day.Hope you had a cozy day. talk to you soon,Diana

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Beauty We See!

HI, Look what I found,aren't they gorgeous!They were from Gran's yard. I asked my husband to look the other day and he said no I didn't see any flowers over there. It reminded me of the time I asked my son about the flowers at a wedding he was participating in. He said,"No Ma I didn't see any flowers.. there". I later asked a lady at church who had gone. She said," Oh Diana, You should have seen them. They had 2 fields planted of sunflowers on each side of the wedding.Flowers everywhere.It was glorious."But my boy didn't see them then, and neither did my husband the other day. ha ha.. It's what's important to each of us! ha, ha.

So I decided to put them in a mason jar and paint them. I've started anyway.They smell so good.-- I usually rearrange the flowers as I go to fit the composition. Do you do that or do you have it ready before hand? Talk to you soon.Diana

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Happy Daffodil

HI, Here's a quick daffodil watercolor. The only one I had blooming in the yard.Naturally I had to paint it! Love that happy yellow! Talk to you soon, Diana

Friday, February 3, 2012

Guess Who's Birthday--

It's Daisy's tomorrow. She's 11..here is her baby picture and no that is not my leg. :)ha ha
Talk to you soon and have a great weekend, Diana