Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Watercolor of Spring

Watercolor In progress...for show this Saturday.

Sadie sleeps by my feet as I paint.Good Girl!

Hi, I've finally started on this second painting I need for the art show on Saturday. I wanted to do Hellebores so they are on the left hand side and the title is "Color of Spring"( I can't ever think of what I'm going to paint so it has to be a fits everything painting title! Ha ha) so I wanted daffodils for yellow..too. However I found the bright yellow daffodils were too bold and over powered the Hellebores so here is what I have so far. Sadie has been a dear all day sleeping by my feet as I paint.. What are you painting or doing today?? Love to you,Diana


  1. Lovely painting. Its difficult in the photo's light to see everything. I find myself wanting more flowers. Its good to see your best pal snoozing away.
    I hope your weather there is much better than here, wind blowing snow in sharp little ice pellets.
    You're Sadie's best pal.

  2. It's such a pretty painting Diana! :0)

  3. You have such a beautiful, and delicate, hand, Diana. This is coming along exquisitely!!


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