Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, March 31, 2014

Barn Owl Watercolor and Night Creatures on Eastern Shore of Va.

Little owl watercolor in works.

Sadie's napping... ah to rest so completely like this..
HI, You know I love owls. I only have one owl painting now available so I started this Barn Owl. I haven't heard any owls this week here. Frogs at night. I did see our two rusty colors bats that fly around the backyard at night during the summer flying last night. I've seen one flying squirrel too so far.. so anyway.. spring is coming.. I love hearing all the wonderful wild things in the night. We have no street lights or large lights outside so we can see thru the pine trees  to clear dark blue sky and so many stars.. This owl is the Barn Owl and I'm painting it on hot press fabriano 140lb paper.We are lucky sometimes and get to see an owl in our yard. Gorgeous!!

Here is Sadie being good for the moment. She has been a mess this morning..eating a pamplet from the pocket of my purse, getting plastic containers out of the recycling bag and running with them in the yard..me just slightly chasing and of course wallowing in some dark unknown substance that smells... oooh.. ah what a dog.( I do need to clarify that she was doing the wallowing, not me. ha ha..) How blessed I am to have her and to get to paint today.

Tell me what  you have been doing, love,Diana


  1. Ah, to nap Sadie looks divine.
    I'm keen on seeing how much lawn will be visible each day. Spring!

  2. That Sadie sure knows how to live!! I envy her. This owl is beautiful, Diana. It caught my eye even in the thumbnail.

  3. I love hearing the owls too. We live next to the woods so we hear them a lot - a wonderful, eary sound! Sadie and Sherlock are two peas in a pod, lol! :0)


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