Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daffodil Watercolor/Hoping for Spring!

Daffodil watercolor in works

HI. As you can see I started another drawing of daffodils and here is what I've been painting today. The other composition didn't work for me.. so I started over.I used ultramarine blue and sepia for the shadows on the white petals and I threw in a touch of thalo blue in wet spots and then a dash of red rose pink.. No white --I really don't use white unless it's an emergency in watercolor.I haven't decided on the background yet. I know I should plan ahead.. but ahh.. it's more fun to be spontaneous sometimes..Checkerboard in blue, or just blues or greens and yellows..??what do you think?? we'll see.

 Hope the sun is shining there... Thank goodness it is here and the snow is melting fast!!Sadie is napping by me while I paint.

Love to each of you,Diana 

 Have you got daffodils blooming nearby??or any spring thing?


  1. Beautiful! Greens with a touch of lavender?

  2. Nothing blooming here but these are just beautiful, Diana! No advice from me on the background; whatever you do will be beautiful!

  3. Sherlock is having a 'naughty day' today - generally being a pest! Ah well, it's not often... But yes, the sun is shining, hurrah!
    Your painting is already beautiful :0)

  4. Ah Diana - taking a break to read your post - love those daffodils...can't wait till mine bloom but am going to enjoy yours for now and enjoy I am!! Just so beautiful - can't wait to see your background - that is always so hard for me.


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