Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Peonies Watercolor

Hi, It's finished, I'm almost certain. My only thoughts are whether to add stems to the 2 bottom peonies. I tried it and prefer it without the stems. So I'm going to follow my own advice.. Stop when you like it. So #1 done for the art league show.. Now what.--one more to do.. ha ha.. I've thought about a pouring of rainbow colors with something on it,either butterflies, or giant radishes.--don't mind me... Oh dear. I'll look around and decide on something.

I got my watercolor paper I had ordered from Jerry's Artarama just a few minutes ago.(Arches 140 lp cold press and some Fabriano too.) UPS brought 2 huge boxes. Sadie,our lab, was so excited she barked and then literally threw herself on the storm door to see and greet the UPS driver. I think this was a new guy as he kept looking back and walking faster to the truck.. HA HA... Our regular UPS men know Sadie and love to pet her as she jumps in glee.. ok most of the time on them.. We're working on that.

Talk to you soon, love to each of you,Diana


  1. Beautiful painting .... STOP !
    How funny ... I had a delivery also .. Jerrys Artarama
    empty half pans,, and a few other doo dads
    but also Fabriano cp 140 lb. I've never tried it..
    I usually have some Arches around all the time..
    Great minds think alike... BJ

  2. Your instincts are spot on, Diana. This is a beautiful painting and one of my favorites. My dogs look and act like a freaking pack of wolves when anyone comes over. They love people but 3 of the 4 are so big that the "guest" is more than daunted.

  3. Diana this painting is so beautiful! I do love your flowers! Sherlock LOVES the postman - He especially likes to untie their shoelaces! :0)


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