Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Posting every day in November

HI, Well I've tried to sign up for the NaBlopPoMo. Catherine is doing it.What is it-- Blogging every day for the month of November..Naturally I don't know what I'm doing to hook up the blog to the group or put the cute little sign in the corner but it matters not. I'll going to blog everyday for November. She said it's not quality it's quantity. So here goes.

I've added a few more leaves to the painting so far and am thinking of adding a chickadee or two or something. I do plan paintings sometimes others just seem to evolve.Do you feel your planned paintings are better than your unplanned? I don't, sometimes they are ... it just depends. 

We've had kitten visitors again and I'm happy to say my son is going to come get them this weekend. They are adorable and now come bounding into the house whenever we open the door and they are around. Unfortunately we've had 2 possums each night too which we scare off, they are huge and come for the food. So we try not to leave food out at night,the possums are cute too. Puppies-- I went over to see the Mama dog, and we hope there will be puppies in a week and a half. If so and I can believe me I'll be taking photos. The owner,Linda, said Molly,the mama dog,was thin before her last puppies. I'm praying for one. Silly I know.

J. wants homemade, wheat, sweet potato bisquits for supper. The dear man,I'd rather work on the painting but I'll go start them. I may grumble while I'm cutting them out. Take care and talk to you tomorrow. Diana


  1. Diana - go to this address and fill in the form. It will put you on the blogroll so people can find your blog.


    Oh - I can't remember how I got the badge that links back to the BlogHer site. I'll look into that.

  2. The autumn leaves are beautiful, Diana. Thanks for the update on the puppies.

  3. Diana, this is all GREAT news!!! ANd your autumn leaves are looking so very beautiful - love the painting!

  4. THank you Catherine, I did it. thanks so much, Thanks Sherry, keep your fingers crossed about the puppy. Kathryn thanks so much, love to you all,Diana


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