Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2

Hi, What a day.. I ran some errands..first thing this morning. Then back home,fixed lunch. Monelle came this afternoon to paint. She's working on some adorable animal.

Tomorrow I'm teaching at the Norfolk Botanical Garden-landscapes of the garden so I've been getting ready for that too.We will be doing this exercise in class tomorrow. Just wet, then paint a 2 inch strip going horizontal of different colors,let them blend as you go. Go back in after it dries .. as you can see I was rushing but you can draw first or just wing it and paint. Negatively around tree forms and see what appears. It's fun. Do you see the trees?? I was using a line of oak and loblolly in the forest opposite our house to go by.

 I've also made 6 lbs of chicken salad, my sons coming home for the weekend.

  take care and I'll be talking to you tomorrow. This is day 2 and it's hard! ha ha.. Diana


  1. Yeah, it is tough but we'll get through it! Can't believe we're two days in though =)

  2. I do indeed see the trees; love that colorful autumn background already. I think you've just answered a question of my own in your post. Thank you!


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