Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Owl Changes and Menu

"Screech Owl",8x10,original watercolor,$99.
HI, I framed my Screech Owl and I made some changes. I went over the background with a deep dark black. My mixture for black is Ultramarine blue plus Sepia. I can control if I want it to be a cooler black.. add more blue or a warmer black add more Sepia. I just felt like all the orange around him fought with his detail. I've hung him on my gallery wall in my kitchen. I can enjoy him until the next show.

I'm zonked tonight. I've been cleaning for Thanksgiving.I put away my glass for framing,washed the bay window in the dining room,put up the clean curtain. I cleaned up my art table(not my painting table)  in the kitchen and organized my papers to make more room on it. I can keep them flat and up high so no Rudy walks on it. This is Rudy, she's 17 and unfortunately got beat up by  a feral cat the other night. She's ok. She mainly was sore,but has now developed a fear of going outside. It's difficult being a spoiled cat. :)

Still wishing for a puppy,but will wait. Tomorrow morning I go to the grocery store. We're having my parents and my son over for Thanksgiving. Menu so far is
                                            1. Roasted Turkey
                                            2. mashed potatoes
                                            3. baked pumpkin
                                            4. turnip greens
                                            5. giblet gravy
                                            6, homemade dressing
                                            7. cranberry sauce out of the can.. I love it!
                                            8.string bean casserole
                                            9.sweet potato biscuits with wheat flour
                                            10.french apple pie
whew.I'm making everything from scratch.. but the cranberry sauce I'm tired already.but we'll have tons of leftovers! ha ha. talk to you tomorrow. Diana -- tell me what you are having for Thanksgiving dinner.. and what you've been painting or sketching!


  1. You've been getting a lot done. Your Rudy looks a lot like ours, but our Rudy doesn't have the pretty white "trim". You're turnip greens are an indication that you don't live in the north :) - other than that, our menus are very similar. The sweet potato biscuits sound great.

  2. WOW! Diana, you are a busy woman this weekend! Preparing that meal alone is exhausting.
    I am sorry to hear Rudy met her match outside. I just got a good look at her coloring, and she looks so much like my Bug a.k.a. Pumpkin.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Those sweet potato biscuits sound yummy! Would you share the recipe?

  4. Dear Diana - I think I am coming to your house for Thanksgiving...it sounds like I will enjoy every bite. Your owl painting is beautiful and the dark background really does set him off...see you knew what was best all along. Don't work too hard and take a rest with Rudy. Hope you soon have a new Christmas puppy. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Thanks Debbie, We'd love to have you, come on! Thanks Sherry I put the recipe in the next post!Thanks Kathryn,Thanks Catherine, I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. You each are a blessing to me. and thank you! love,Diana


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