Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, December 26, 2014

HORRORS and Roses

My new Rose Watercolor... beginnings...

HORRORS...Sadie , my dog, was eating this under my art table... I managed to get these pieces out of her mouth.

Do you know what it is?? A Bic disposable razor. I gave her some Maalox tablets and looked in her mouth, and have been watching her.  She is ok. All razors are there. My heart was in my throat. What can she get into next... I think she's had too much Christmas...

Here is my new roses painting, I started today. Clay, our son, brought me pink roses. They are starting to droop so I've got to paint fast now.

 Hope you are continuing to have a great Christmas/ Holiday. love to you,Diana


  1. Oh, that Sadie!!! I'm glad she's OK

  2. Oh nooo.... !! Honestly you would think by now she'd be past that 'stage'. but you'll have to Sadie proof your house.
    She's such a little troublemaker. ! lol
    Love the start of the rose painting...
    Happy New Year D.

  3. Thank you BJ, I know she has calmed down but with the kitten, she is jealous. Thanks Carol. I know.. what a dog, right!! love,Diana


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