Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dog Watercolor Class at ESO

My Class at ESO. Patsy and Nancy. They both did a wonderful job on their pet watercolors.
Hi ! I just got home from class at ESO. We had a good time. They both did great with their dog watercolors.  I enjoyed being with them so much.

My next class at ESO will be Chickens! That will be fun too. thank you and love to each of you,Diana

ps. It's raining but I have to go play ball outside with Sadie. Now! She just chewed up a magazine.. oh boy..


  1. It looks by the finished art projects of the students that you are a good teacher :)

  2. Oh dear, Sadie is a chewer. If you want a great magazine to read, though, this autumn Yankee Magazine is fantastic.
    All your students paint so well, their teacher is exceptional. :)

  3. I commiserate with you about puppies. Maggie has become an avid digger, as well as a shoe thief!
    Kathryn xx

  4. Dear Diane - yes they did do a great job. I am sure because they had a wonderful instructor. As for Sadie - I understand - it is Frisbee with Shelby - rain or shine - lol!!


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