Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eastville Inn One Woman Art Show

My art at The Eastville Inn in the main dining room.

More of my work there

Copper Creations Christmas Open House, my display there on Saturday.
HI Everyone. This Saturday I was at the Copper Creations Open House in Melfa with my racks. John helped me load and unload. We kept everything in the car because today I took my work to The Eastville Inn in Eastville,Va. for a month long One Woman Show. The opening is next Saturday and I wish each of you could come. It's from 6-8pm.

  The Eastville Inn is a Historical Building in the center of the town of Eastville.  It's a lovely place and a lovely restaurant. There is a beautiful old porch and of course the old brick sidewalks surround the building and an adorable herb garden in the back. I'm delighted to be there.

 So this week after resting for a few days I have to clean and buy all the Christmas presents. I'm not going to think about it now but just go lay on the heating pad with a cup of tea.

 Love to each of you. Diana


  1. Your paintings look so lovely all hung together like this! Good luck with the show :0)

  2. Dear Diana - amazing work my friend and every painting looks beautiful. So nice to be able to see your body of works hanging together. Hope you are resting up. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Oh online shopping is the best thing ever, Diana. I highly recommend it. Hope you feel better and I must say I love seeing all your paintings on display. They are just so gorgeous!

  4. Congradulations on your show, Diana. I hope it was a success for you! Enjoy that heating pad and cup of hot tea!!!
    Kathryn XX

  5. Thank you Catharina, Merry Christmas to you too!! Thanks Kathryn, just a couple of small sales but .. thanks Maywyn, Thanks Sherrie I've been hitting the local sales, one at a time slowly getting the presents, Thanks Debbie so much! Thank you Sandra, will let you all know how it goes. love and hugs to each of you,Diana

  6. Pretty art for a very pretty place.
    Merry Christmas to you Diana, I know your very busy so I'll say that now.. I too have friends coming in today from Biloxi.


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