Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wack it With A Hammer Kind of Day and Franktown ART SHOW THIS SATURDAY

New Watercolors for Franktown UMC Art Show this weekend.
Have you ever had a "Wack it with a Hammer" kind of day?? This is the kind of day when if a hammer is near it would be lovely to wack the computer or whatever isn't working with it. Of course you have. We all have and this is one of those for me.   Oh Boy!.. I tried to get on blogger to find my address had been deleted from the computer. Then I got that straight to find my photos were where??? I had changed the batteries in the camera -- I don't know why but I couldn't find the photos... well you understand. Just took these new photos for the show this weekend. I'll send an email as soon as the email starts to work again! HA... I send an email to my friends and customers with a new photo of my newest work before my art show. I usually do it one week in advance with the information about the show. 

Here is my new sunflower painting finished. Remember the cherish the day post,well the top little painting is other treasures I found with Sadie's(our white Labrador retriever) help, of course, and painted on masa paper. My newest crab watercolor, my lotus blossom, my 2 owls, and my newest the eggplant with Raina's tomato and Daddy's Sugar Maple leaf. John, my husband brought me this eggplant this past Friday and I had to paint it first, then yesterday, I made ratatouille. Yes, actually I'm a good cook.

The Franktown UMChurch Art Show and Bazaar is this Saturday from 9;30am-3;30pm. I will be there with other artists and the bazaar too will be going on so gorgeous art and tons of homemade baked goods will be featured. I hope you can come if you are nearby. Franktown,Va. near Nassawadox,Va. on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Thank you and love to each of you and I'll be visiting your blogs soon. love,Diana


  1. Ah Diana - sorry about your computer difficulties - you are absolutely right we all have them - sending you a hug - hope things get better. Speaking of better - your art just couldn't be any better. So beautiful. I bet you are a wonderful cook. Never made Ratatouille before but if you invite me I will certainly stop by and sample yours :)!! Take care - hope your art show is wonderful.

  2. Good luck with the show...
    and yes I know all about the photos disappearing ...
    I nearly had a heart attack !
    Wonderful paintings... and ps. leaving tomorrow for my first ( about time LOL!) ever workshop..
    hugs, Barbra Joan
    love to Sadie...

  3. Wishing you lots of luck Diana! Computers annoy me too... always crashing! I lost about three holidays worth of photo's once when I forgot to back up... I was so upset because I'll never get them back! I suppose that's the down side of digital technology - do we print things anymore? Anyway - have a great day :0)

  4. When it rains it pours kind of day. I have lots of 'em lately. But no losses here, Diana. You are getting it figured out and these paintings look gorgeous!

  5. You sound like you had a bad time with your computer! Sometimes I get so frustrated with the contraption, I'd like to fling it out the window!
    Diana, have a very good and successful show!!! Look forward to reading about it.
    Kathryn xx

  6. Thank you Kathryn, It was a good show. Thanks Sherrie so much, Thanks Sandra, I know. It's great but when it's not..,Have a ball BJ I know you will, I am looking forward to hearing about it. Love,Diana Any time Come by Debbie I'd love it. Ratatouille is easy, just put a cut up eggplant, cut up tomatoes, onions, green pepper and garlic and just keep cooking until it get's mushy. It tastes good . Thanks so much to each of you, love,Diana


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