Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hummingbird Watercolor Class and Straightening Up

 Hi, How was your weekend? It was busy for me. I had my class on Hummingbirds and Rhododendrums at NBG. Here are some of my students. Our classroom was just outside the hummingbird garden. All of the vines and nearby plants and trees were planted just to entice the hummingbirds to stop by. We poured,did wash exercises as warm up and learned to draw our hummingbirds and flowers and then paint them with additions of iridescent paint and iridescent powder. It was a nice day. I'm blessed all my students are so nice.

 Here is a foxglove that was on the path to the door.. :)  It was so gorgeous. I love them. Hope to paint it sometime!!!

 Homecoming! Sadie and John waiting for me! It's always nice to be home.

 Sadie taking a snooze on the trunk in the den--this is where Rudy ,our 19 year old cat likes to sleep so Sadie decided to try it out.

 I just ordered some frames,can't believe it's Monday again. I need/want to straighten my art table out. I've just cleaned out my art bag. Sadie just got her first bath so she's wiped out. It almost wiped me out. Ha ha..  Hope you have a great week, love to you,Diana

Puppy news.. Kendra has new Chocolate Labrador puppies just 4 days old and new Brittany Spaniel puppies 2 weeks old!! I'll bet they are adorable!! Shore Fine Labs.


  1. Your class looks like a lot of fun, nice pictures.
    It is amazing how fast Sadie is growing.

  2. Dear Diana - your class looks great...I can see that each of them had a different way of capturing the hummers. I wish I could take a class from you. Of course I would have to spend some time petting Sadie if I visited (LOL) and I might not get much painting done! Have a great day and enjoy that sweet pooch.

  3. Oh what lovely photos and good news. Are the two on the left a couple? I think it is awesome when couples do things like this together. So glad they found a shared interest. My husband and I have a few but generally he drives me nuts. Love the way your house is nestled in the woods.

  4. I wish i could take a class with you Diana! I also wish we had humming birds over here. I've never even see one!
    Sherlock's chewing is getting a little less frequent now. We've found that if as soon as he starts biting hands, we just put him in a different room for 5 minutes and then let him back in - he seems to be getting the message. It's slow, but sure. He's also allowed out for a walk now which is lovely! We let him out for a wee once during the night now at about 3.30am and each week we're adding an hour. He hasn't had any accidents now for two weeks! They are so lovely aren't they? And Sadie is looking so well! :0)


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