Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Visit with Beth and Maverick

Beth, Sadie,and Maverick

Sadie and Me at Beth's
Sadie, as she snored the shoe moved up and down..

Pig and Corn
HI! Yesterday Sadie and I went to visit Beth,my dear friend, and Maverick,her black lab. He's 11 years old. We all had a wonderful time. Beth and I were enjoying drinking Chai tea and eating her wonderful brownies while we all sat on their lovely deck. The dogs had yummies! ha ha.. Their home is on the water and so very beautiful to see the sandbars and different colors of the water. We walked Sadie along the front yard to tire her out,she loved it.Here on the ES,when I'm painting water I use thalo blue with a touch of sepia, our sand too is yellow ochre watered down a bit. Wet sand has some ultramarine blue in it.. Amazing it's(meaning the colors of water/sand) different everywhere isn't it. So Sadie was worn out when we got home! Dare I say --YEAH! She slept and  I sat down and continued to work on the little pig in the corn field. I bought the corn just for this purpose. It was a lovely day. Thank you so much Beth !! We had a wonderful time.

 Tomorrow I teach"Hummingbirds",a watercolor workshop at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.I love being over there,it's so gorgeous. Our class room is right next to the Hummingbird Garden with a large window opening to it.

 John will be keeping Sadie again.. He keeps reminding me of that.. :)the rascal--him not her..

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I"m going to go get ready for class,and paint some more.

 love to you,Diana


  1. Hi, Diana! Maverick and I had a wonderful time yesterday, too! Thank you for coming and for my mock orange bush. I can't wait to see it grow. I hope you and Sadie will both come back again very soon! She is so adorable and growing fast. I was so happy that Sadie and Maverick got along so well - I hope they will be friends too! I can't wait to see your painting of the pig in the corn field completed. Have a great day tomorrow in the gardens and with your class! I love the Botanical Gardens.
    Love to you & Sadie, Beth

  2. It has gotten to the point that I only enjoy my four dogs when they are tired out. Sadly. Anyway, a beautiful start to your painting and your day sounds wonderful! I love your red framed glasses too!

  3. It sounds like all of you had a wonderful time! I would have loved to have seen Sadie snoring into the rocking clog. :)

  4. Hi Diana - thanks for your lovely wishes on my graduation!
    I have been reading your blog eagerly with news of Sadie and how it's going.
    We get our new girl puppy Bailey next week and I am a little nervous about it .. it's a long time since we had a pup in the house!
    From the looks of it Sadie has brought much joy ...
    love to you, Vicki x

  5. Dear Diana - catching up on my blogs...wow is Sadie ever growing. It is such a wonderful picture to see you holding her. Also I love the way you see the different colors and put a name to what you are viewing with shore and water. Looks like you and Beth had a great day.


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